26 Nov

Ontario Bracing For Winter

Posted in News on 26.11.10 by John Meloche

Generally speaking, Torontonians have the ability to brag that they have shorter winters than the rest of Canada. Sometimes not even getting a drop of snow until the new year, parts of Southern Ontario are thankful for their geographical position in the country known as the “Great White North”.

This winter, however, Toronto residents and those from the surrounding areas may not be so lucky. Today, Liem Vu and Tamara Baluja of The Toronto Star report that “Old Man Winter” is heading to Ontario and bringing upwards of 30 to 40 centimetres of snow along with him!

As Vu and Baluja write, “A snow squall watch is place for Barrie, Orillia, Midland, Muskoka and Parry Sound, with Environment Canada predicting 30 to 40 centimetres of snow. The snow flurries come with winds expected to reach more than 80 kilometres an hour. The Ottawa area and eastern Ontario will get another day of freezing rain, with Southwestern Ontario getting snow squalls and white-outs.”

Today, outside of the Synergy Marketing Consultants headquarters in Toronto, heavy snow flurries could be seen swirling around in the parking lot. “Oh no!,” exclaimed one of our reps to the laughter of some of his colleagues, “Last year the snow barely came at all, I loved it!”

“Not me,” responded a fellow rep, “I love winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, so the more snow the better!”. Naturally, her winter-hating co-worker had to remind her that you generally need to leave the city of Toronto in order to enjoy such activities. “If only winter could exist outside of the city, that’d be perfect,” he suggested.

Knowing full-well that such a request is nothing more than a fantasy, Torontonians will be bracing for temperatures as low as 4C this weekend. This isn’t actually too bad considering that today’s thermometer was closer to the freezing mark. Meanwhile, most of the rest of Canada is already being covered in the white stuff.

Just in case Southern Ontario gets its own share of snow this early in the winter season, Vu and Baluja remind drivers to take extra precautions when they’re on the road. In their Star article, they quote OPP Sgt. Dave Woodford as urging motorists to remain calm and careful on the road during slippery conditions.

Said Woodford: “One of the most common things drivers do is jam on their brakes and grab their steering wheels. Once you apply the brakes, you actually lose control of your vehicle and you’re in the skidding motion. By easing up on the accelerator and not applying the brakes, you can easily gain control of your vehicle. But look where you want to go and steer to where you want to go.”

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