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Practical Items Make Best Promo Gifts

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 23.02.10 by John Meloche

We have been well aware for a long time now that promotional gifts do wonders for businesses all across Canada and the United States. Dan Toombs, the Managing Director of CompuGift Limited, has found quite the same success for his promotional gift business in the United Kingdom. Toombs agrees that the promo gift is the ideal alternative to expensive advertising practices that most small business owners cannot generally afford.

In a recent article on EzineArticles.com, Toombs was gracious in sharing his expertise with entrepreneurs who may not yet know what promo gifts would work best for their businesses. He presents his top ideas as to what gifts work best, especially for those business owners who are looking to spread the word about their companies around their respective towns.

His first choice is no big surprise. Toombs considers promotional pens to be ideal as they are available in every price bracket. His recommendation is to invest into a number of good quality plastic pens. Don't go too cheap, he says. You want to ensure that the pens write well so that people will use them often.

Writes Toombs: ?By offering printed pens with your logo and contact details to your customers, you are giving them a product they need often and will use. Each time they do, they will see your details. If budget permits, it may also be a good idea to purchase a small quantity of executive metal gift pens to give on occasion to your key customers.?

Promotional mugs are another of Toombs' favourites. He notes that they are among the biggest selling promo gifts throughout the world. They are great marketing tools for those in your community, as opposed to sending them out through post which can be somewhat difficult, if not expensive.

As Toombs points out, ?Almost everyone takes a coffee or tea break during the day. If they are using your mug, they will be reintroduced to you each time they do.? Mugs are evidently quite practical as they are used so often by so many people. The practical use of an item is always something to heavily consider when deciding what item may be right for your business.

As a result, key chains ? or what Toombs refers to as ?keyrings? – always make great promo gifts. These items, of course, become attached to someone's house, business and car by virtue of their simple function of holding and keeping keys together.

Says Toombs: ?By offering your customers good quality plastic or metal promotional keyrings, you can rest assured that your details will be with them every day wherever they may travel.?

We encourage you to peruse this very website to find out which promo item would be best for your business. Don't forget that we have The Great 2010 Calendar Giveaway still going on with both pens and key chains as part of the promotion.

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