20 May

Promo Gifts Work Even During Holidays

Posted in Promotional Products on 20.05.13 by John Meloche

SG-306_BIG-500x500Happy Victoria Day Canada! We hope that you’re all enjoying the long weekend. This is just a reminder that although the Synergy offices are closed for the day, we’ll be open bright and early tomorrow morning to serve you. Our promotional gifts, on the other hand, never take a day off. While you’re able to take the opportunity to relax today, your promo gifts are still at work.

For decades, business owners across Canada have been using promotional products to advertise their businesses for that very reason. They don’t take days off! Promo gifts are useful and practical items that do a lot more than simply advertise a business. Pens, key chains and mugs, just to name a few, are items that are used each and every day. So even on holidays, they go to work!

Think about the impact that your gifts have each day when they are being used by their recipients. Not only do they remind your customers of where to shop, but they clearly come in handy as well. This is why promo gifts are so much more effective than your average advertising method. Television commercials last only thirty seconds long and, these days, are generally skipped right through.

Billboards and flyers are lucky to get passing glances. Promo gifts, however, actually stay with your customers. They remain in their homes and are put to use on a frequent basis. Think about it. What is more useful? A pair of sunglasses or a business card? Put your advertising budget to good use by investing in promotional products to advertise your business.

In Toronto, we are having a gloriously sunny Victoria Day today. People can be seen jogging outside and enjoying relaxing times in the park. Many of them are carrying their water bottles with them. Hydration, as you should know, is very important to good health. So why shouldn’t they be using water bottles that bare the name of your company?

Holidays or not, your promo gifts are always working. And did we mention how cost-effective they are? Compared to those traditional advertising methods that we commented upon earlier, promo gifts are incredibly inexpensive. Be sure to peruse through the many items that we have available on our website to check the prices out for yourself. Pick the gift that best suits your business and give us a call in the morning!

We know that, as a business owner, you are likely at work anyway. Entrepreneurs are known for their “never take a day off” spirit. But your promo gifts will give you the opportunity to have more time to yourself. That’s because while you relax, they work. Your promo gifts are truly long-lasting advertising tools that have worked wonders for a long time.

Our Synergy sales reps are experts at selecting the right gift for the right brand. Give them a call tomorrow at 1-877-748-9884 to discuss which one would make the most sense for you. After all, it makes sense for you to advertise your business in ways that both saves you money and works well into the future. Hand out promo gifts to your clients and build your client base – even during the holidays!

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