19 Oct

Promotional Gifts Provide Positive Results

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 19.10.11 by John Meloche

At Synergy Marketing Consultants, we specialize in promotional products and corporate gifts. Our many years of experience have proven to us that when business owners hand out practical and useful gifts to their favourite clients, it helps to develop stronger relationships fostering a growing customer base.

Promo gifts help to keep your business on the minds of your clients regularly as they can be used each and every day. Pens, mugs, hats, sunglasses and key chains are among our most popular gifts because these items are used so regularly. With your company name and logo affixed to these gifts, they make for very cost-effective advertising tools.

The relatively low cost of our products is one of the biggest benefits of using them. At least, this is what many of our clients tell us. When comparing the price of our gifts to your average promotional campaign, one can easily see how rewarding it can be to put in an order for the items that best suit your business.

Here, at Synergy, our energetic staff is trained to discuss with business owners the various ways that they may use these gifts to promote their businesses. Sure, they can hand them out to every customer, but that probably wouldn’t be the wisest bet. You want to pinpoint special members of your target audience.

These should be individuals who would most appreciate your gift and who would be most likely to pass on the news about their great experiences with your company. Keep in mind that there are so many different opportunities to make your promotional gifts work for you.

For example, with Halloween around the corner, you may want to hold a festive event at your location and present your gift as a “trick-or-treat” item. Encourage customers to come into your store and take part in the event by having a contest, perhaps. Remember, advertising your business and getting more customers doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking.

Contact one of our reps today and talk to them about the promotional gift that would best suit the needs of your client base. Find out just how cost-effective and efficient these gifts can be when it comes to helping you grow your customer base. In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll also take a look at a few other ways you can spread the word about your company – for free!

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