18 Nov

Provide The Personal Touch With Your Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 18.11.11 by John Meloche

Gift giving is one of the most popular practices of the holiday season. And at Synergy Marketing Consultants, the holiday season lasts all year round. Well…not really. But we certainly enjoy the business of providing the best promotional products and corporate gifts that the industry has to offer!

As we mentioned in the past few blogs of this week, giving out the right gift to the right customer is of paramount importance. On PRNewswire.com, Kate Perkins explains that to truly wow your customers, you must personalize your gifts. Get to know the members of your target audience and provide them with the type of promo gifts that they can really put to use.

In turn, you will be keeping your business regularly on their minds. This practice has worked for our clients for years, as their promo gifts have encouraged both repeat business from their favourite customers and referrals that bring in even more of them. One of our great Synergy reps spoke to this point earlier today.

“Several of my clients are in love with our key chain flashlights,” he revealed, “Because they are multi-functional and can literally be used everyday, they find that their customers keep coming back more often. I asked one of them how he knew his gifts were the reason for all of his repeat business and he was only too happy to explain.”

“They keep coming back for more!,” he explained, “Not only do they like getting the key chains but they insist that it’s impossible to forget about a business when every day you go to grab your keys and there is the name of the company right there on the product. They are some of our most sought after items, and I can see why.”

“Now when people come into his store, this owner takes the time to ask about their personal interests. That way, he gets a better idea about what promo gifts to hand out throughout the year. And during the holiday season, he definitely takes advantage of the surge in business by handing out more gifts than ever!”.

Of course, this type of success can be achieved by any business owner. As Perkins writes: “When shopping for promotional products during the holiday season, be sure to keep it personal, thoughtful and relate it directly to the business. Doing so leaves a lasting impression and builds business and personal relations.”

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