24 Nov

Remain Memorable This Holiday Season

Posted in Uncategorized on 24.11.10 by John Meloche

With the holiday shopping season fully upon us, it goes without saying that business is set to pick up. Retailers everywhere are undoubtedly prepared for the holiday rush as customers clamour into stores looking for the best deals on gifts. Naturally, this is the perfect time of year to promote your business.

With all the extra customers bound to file in to your store, it provides you with ample opportunities to generate more business for the long term. You will want to ensure that all of your new customers leave your store satisfied and, as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, “wowed”.

We’re pretty sure you know what we think is a great way to wow your customers. Our promotional items have been wowing our clients for years. Especially with it being the holiday season and all, we highly recommend our Christmas card and CD combo. The perfect holiday gift for any customer or colleague, the gift is bound to put a long lasting smile on any recipient’s face.

Prerna Malik of Suite101.com agrees. The Vancouver-based website which is dedicated to answering your “101 questions” writes that “holidays are the perfect time for small businesses to develop customer relationships and boost holiday sales. Holiday cards are a great business promotion tool.”

Malik goes on to specify that small business owners have profited greatly by investing money into personalized holiday cards. She lists a number of reasons why sending out these thoughtful gifts have been so effective. Among the most obvious reasons is that customers are a lot more likely to remember to do business with you again.

Like all promotional gifts, the key to the Christmas card is to build customer relationships. When you personalize the card, it adds “an element of warmth” while at the same time, presents your company as professional and courteous. During the holidays, people take extra care in handling their mail so as to not discard cards that celebrate the season.

Therefore, your holiday card will not be treated like the average mailer or flyer that is generally used to promote a business. Instead, your gift will be opened, read and remembered, assures Malik. Being remembered is an obvious factor in developing customer loyalty.

Malik also reminds us that holiday cards are cost-effective measures of growing your client base. She recommends that you buy them in bulk. Naturally, we advise the same. Our cards and CDs offer a design that includes your company information so that you are never forgotten, each and every year. It’s the gift that you give that keeps on giving back to you!

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