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Rewards Build Long Lasting Relationships

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 10.07.13 by John Meloche

longlastThis week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been taking a close look at an Aaron Lee blog that can be found on his website. The blogger lists several great suggestions on how business owners can reward their customers. Customer rewards, he contends, are great ways to grow your client base into a large and loyal following. We wholeheartedly agree. For decades, business owners who have rewarded their customers with promo gifts have reaped countless benefits.

“It gives customers a great feeling to know that the people they buy from actually notice,” a member of our team offered this week, “Business owners need to look at their customers as friends or family members. They need to consider their feelings in all of their actions. This is what helps for a brand to gain popularity and a lot of favour in the general public.” In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at Lee’s suggestions on how to reward your customers to help you gain that popularity.

Reward Programs. Who said that providing a reward should happen only once in a blue moon? Perhaps, your best bet is creating a program that encourages customers to keep coming back. Naturally, the more they shop with you, the more they should be able to get from your program. Reward programs are well known for building brand loyalty among customers. They increase the value of each purchase by ensuring more will be received down the line.

Make Brand Ambassadors. Lee suggests that you take it one step further and see if some of your most loyal customers would be willing to do some legwork for you. Perhaps you could begin a referral program where customers will receive perks such as discounts or free items whenever they refer new customers to you. It needs to be highlighted that the best type of promotion is word of mouth promotion. Find ways to encourage that.

Don’t Try To Sell 24/7. Your customers can actually be your friends – legitimately. Building honest relationships is good not just for your business, but for your personal life. We all make friends at work. There’s no reason why getting to know people who shop in your store should stop at the owner/customer relationship. This doesn’t mean that you should force a friendship on anyone. Just remember that being you and not trying to sell your brand can actually help you sell your brand.

Get Customers To Play A Role In Your Business. You never know who your customer base is made of. They could be amazing graphic designers, writers, singers and business people who may be able to push your brand for you. The more you get to know them, the more you may be able to find new ways to work with them. Utilizing the skills of people who already support your business is also a great way to save time and money.

As you can tell, the ways in which you can reward your clients are practically endless. Keep in mind that it’s all about relationship building. Focusing on creating strong bonds is actually more beneficial than trying to grab the attention of as many people as possible. You want your success to be long lasting. To do that, you need relationships that are long lasting. Find ways to reward your customers, and you will find long lasting success.

And as always, Synergy Marketing is here to help. We provide the best promo products in the business and have a wide array of gifts to select from. No matter the industry, no matter the size of your company, we have the right promo gift for you. If you’re looking to grow your client base and build new, long lasting relationships, it’s time to hand out promotional gifts as rewards. Call up one of our sales reps today at 1-877-748-9884.

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