24 Oct

RIM Hopes Free Apps Make Up For Outage

Posted in News on 24.10.11 by John Meloche

In a couple of last week’s blogs, we discussed the overwhelming popularity of smartphones such as the BlackBerry and the iPhone, and how much these handheld devices have become mandatory requirements for most people. This was evidenced most clearly when just over a week ago, a BlackBerry “outage” caused a major disruption in the lives of many owners of the gadget.

“I was incensed,” one of our Synergy reps admitted, “When you pay for a service, you expect it to be readily available to you. It was quite annoying not being able to get in touch with people using BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). I must say, however, that the outage did make me realize just how dependent we’ve become on smartphones!”

Research In Motion, or RIM – the creators of the BlackBerry phone – seem to completely understand just how important their devices are to those who own them. Although the outage disrupted service in Canada for less than a day, RIM has announced what they hope will be a remedy to the frustration experienced by so many of their customers.

Last week, The Canadian Press reported that the Waterloo-based company would be releasing a number of free BlackBerry apps to users, in an effort to compensate for the unexpected shutdown. The report reveals that the “iSpeech DriveSafe.ly Pro” was made available last Wednesday morning.

This pretty nifty app usually runs for about $19.99 US. Now free, the “iSpeech DriveSafe.ly Pro” reads texts and email messages aloud for drivers so as to not distract their eyes from the road. RIM has also announced, that in addition to this app, at least a dozen more will be made available, offering savings of more than $100.

The Canadian Press states that these apps include some of the more popular mobile phone games such as Sims, Bejeweled, Texas Hold’em Poker and Bubble Bash. BlackBerry users will have until the rest of the year to take advantage of downloading all of these free new apps.

But will the free apps make up for the email, texting and internet shutdown from just over a week ago? “It’s a nice gesture,” responded our once frustrated rep, “I’m sure the savings from getting the free apps will more than make up for the cost of losing a day of service. But it all depends on whether or not those apps mean anything to you. I probably won’t download most of them!”

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