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Sweet Tips For A Scorching Summer

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.06.12 by John Meloche

In yesterday’s blog, we took a look at a Steve Strauss article from the Bank of America’s Small Business Online Community website. In it, he writes about a few ways that entrepreneurs can promote their businesses throughout the summer months. For some business owners, the summer is the most lucrative time of year.

However, for others, their companies tend to do less business during the summer. What this means is that either competition will be stiffer, or business will just be plain harder. No matter what, it’s a very important time of year to do something different in order to spice up interest for your company.

So what can you do to get noticed? Yesterday, we advised that you hold a special summertime contest in addition to getting yourself some press. Getting involved in the community, and thereby getting your community involved with your business could never be a bad thing, right? So, how do you do that?

Send reporters or producers who cover such topics emails. Be sure to follow up if you don’t hear back within a couple of days. Sometimes, persistence is what is needed for your plans to pay off. But what else can you do to have your most successful summer of all time? Don’t worry, Strauss has other ideas.

Create a summer rewards program. Writes Strauss, “many major retailers give customers rewards card to get discounts and deals. They help attract customers, especially when business would otherwise be slow. So, if it works for them, why not try it yourself?” People seem to love attaining points when they spend. It makes them feel that their purchases have greater value.

Strauss suggests that you give your customers a card or some other interesting way to track their spending. If you provide an incentive for them to continue shopping with you throughout the summer, they are a lot more likely to keep coming back. Their “points” should enable them to get special discounts, giveaways and other offers. Again, you are adding value to their experience.

Don’t forget to have an expiration date on the program, reminds Strauss. Remember that this is supposed to be a summer promotion. Your objective is to get customers to take advantage of the program all throughout the summer so that they are rewarded by its end. In the end, you will be rewarded as well.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we complete our look at these ideas.

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