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3 Marketing Ideas for Independence Day

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 04.07.16 by John Meloche

A few weeks ago I proposed some marketing ideas your business can use to make Father’s Day a success. Well since another statutory holiday is upon us, we decided it’s fitting to develop another list of ideas to help you capitalize on that additional holiday demand. Like mentioned before, holidays create spikes in transactionary demand and typically serve as days where businesses generate more revenue than usual. That being said, this additional revenue is only incurred through additional promotional efforts, so let’s look at some good marketing campaigns for this Independence Day Weekend.

  1. Independence Day Themed Content. This is huge for all those businesses that rely on E-commerce. Independence Day is a cherished day for all and is followed by large celebrations all over. With these celebrations come additional demand for Independence Day themed articles, reviews, etc, all on search engines. Independence Day is a very trendy topic and people will be very interested in finding anything related to it. So if you want to make sure your website is really seen this Independence Day then amp up your Independence Day material on your website and help your SEO.
  2. Patriotism. If your selling tangible products then this may be the ideal campaign for you. The whole point of Independence Day is to celebrate the freedom you gain from being a part of a strong, independent, sovereign state. We’re celebrating how awesome our country is. Independence Day is a day of patriotism and pride in our country. So why not take that patriotic position with your store and potentially expand your clientele.
  3. Social Media. We’ve expanded on social commerce this whole week and we still haven’t done it justice. Social Media is just such a critical component of modern day business operations. It could be the most effective advertising medium in terms of mass reach and mass customization. Independence Day just gives you more opportunities for your business to be noticed. Independence Day will surely be trending over social media, so if your business posts relevant and timely patriotic Independence Day information than there’s a good shot you expand your audience and increase your sales.

The whole Independence Day weekend serves as a great 4 day span for mass purchases all over the country. It’s a prime opportunity to hook more consumers to your business. However you only get these additional consumers if you promote your company the right way. So explore social media and keep your patriotic content coming, it’s only going to help your business. Happy Independence Day!

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