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7 Methods Of Establishing Brand Loyalty

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 19.02.14 by John Meloche

Brand LoyaltyMarketing your business is important. And, if you’re a business owner, you know full-well that that’s the biggest understatement of all time. Marketing your business is essential if you want to run a business at all. So, over the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been offering marketing tips courtesy of Smarta.com. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our view of this list of tips.

Run a competition. “Give something away and get people talking about your business,” recommends Smarta.com, “You could run a competition from your shop and advertise it online. This could get more people visiting your shop: more people will see your awesome products and ultimately buy from you.” There’s nothing quite like creating a competition to generate excitement. Why do you think the Olympics are so popular?

Offer to write for a trade magazine or website. If you can write a blog for your website, like we suggested yesterday, then there’s no reason that you can’t write for another publication. Doing so will help to expose your expertise to an audience that otherwise may never have heard of you. As the website puts it, “it’s another way of getting your business known and makes you look even more reputable.”

Try to win an award. You may be surprised to know how many award opportunities are about there. Smarta.com reminds us that sending in applications can be a fairly easy process that can provide pretty big payoffs. Winning an award, or at least being nominated for one, will help you to get some well-deserved press. Naturally, it will increase the buying public’s confidence in you as well.

Form a partnership. Most business owners approach their marketing strategies in such ways that they look to outdo their competition. And they should. But it doesn’t have to be a non-stop battle. Joining forces with like-minded business owners is another great way to strengthen your company’s image. As the website points out, partnerships help you to gain access to a whole new network of customers.

Help out a local charity. Goodwill is always a good thing. When you support local charities, you are placing yourself in high standing within your community. Helping those in need is a great thing to do, no matter what. But it goes without saying that your local contributions to your community will also help for your business to be regarded in a favourable light.

Ask experts to write on your website. Writes Smarta.com, “just like you, thousands of other businesses and people are looking to market themselves. If they’re relevant, why not allow them to write a comment piece and post it on your website? Regular updates help your website to climb the Google rankings and guest posts are great link bait: your blogger will tell everyone they know to read it!”

Use promotional products. This particular tip is one that you’ll always find on the Synergy Marketing Blog. Cost-conscious and constantly effective, promo gifts create personal bonds that help for your brand to develop strong senses of loyalty among its clients. Call us today at 1-877-748-9884 to order the promotional gift that is perfect for pushing your business and establishing brand loyalty.

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