07 Oct

Getting Your Business Off To A Good Start

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 07.10.13 by John Meloche

9458216-runner-at-starting-lineThree wins. No losses. How’s that for getting off to a good start? It sure seems like the Toronto Maple Leafs are doing their best to help Toronto get the bad taste of the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays out of its collective mouth. Undefeated after their first three games, the Leafs currently sit as the only team in the NHL to win three games and have six points. Here’s hoping this is a sign of things to come.

Perhaps, we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves. After all, there are still 79 more games to be played before the season comes to an end. But you’ve got to think that things are looking pretty good in Leafland these days. It’s important to ride the momentum when things are going well. When you’re starting a business, you can only hope for things to go so greatly.

But then again, that doesn’t mean that you should expect them to go badly either. Winmark Business Solutions believes that the mark of a successful business owner is found in how well-prepared he or she is to run a business. Having industry knowledge, adequate capital, a lot of experience and an original idea will all help to attain success. There are a few other things to consider in order to get your company off to a good start.

Background Steps. Winmark Business Solutions insists that before you begin running your business, you make a list of all of the important steps that you’ll need to take. This includes establishing your business goals and deciding upon a good location to set up shop. You also want to assess your financial situation to make sure that you can afford to get your business off the ground.

Business Transactions. You’ll also need to make a list of the business transactions that are necessary to take. For example, you’ll need to hire a lawyer. You should also establish a line of credit for those times when you’ll need extra working capital. How about getting business insurance? It’s important to have some of these emergency necessities set up.

Pre-opening Steps. Before you open your doors to the public, there are a few things that you’ll have to check off of another list. Have you reviewed the building codes? You will also need to obtain business licenses and join professional organizations, insists Winmark Business Solutions. Being well connected to other industry professionals will help your brand to reach further in a quicker period of time.

Getting Assistance. Business owners are generally proud people. And they certainly deserve to be. It takes quite a lot to start and run a new business. But that doesn’t mean that one can always do it on his or her own. Winmark suggests that you “choose a professional to assist you in starting your business (in order to) gain insight on how to assess your needs.”

Build A Business Plan. There are a number of things that need to be part of your business plan. You should address what your business plan truly is. It’s important that you accurately determine what it is you plan to accomplish. As well, be clear about why the plan is essential for your new business. It pays to be thorough. Be sure to cover all necessary ground.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to take a look at some ways that you can get your new business of to a good start.

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26 Jun

Online Marketing Done Right

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 26.06.13 by John Meloche

Types-of-Internet-Marketing-2The internet is popular. We’re willing to bet that the first sentence of today’s blog would win an “Understatement of the Year” contest. As we are all aware, today’s world is a digital one. Who rents movies from a video store anymore? People are most likely to stream films online or view an on-demand flick using their cable connections. We live in a world that makes it easy to get what you want fast.

Naturally, that means that your business needs to utilize the power of the internet. Many a Synergy Marketing blog has been dedicated to the concept of promoting your business online. We’ve discussed the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and the power they have in connecting you with the rest of the world. But how can you ensure that you’re connecting with the right people?

On Webs.com, Brian Spero writes that companies need to ensure that their brand images are supported by their marketing campaigns, and that those very campaigns are supporting their brands. In other words, it’s important to send the right message to the right people. Using the internet to promote your business is not as simple as sending out random tweets. Spero lists a number of tips to help you use it the right way.

Define Your Mission. What is your business all about? Spero suggests you have this question answered before unveiling your marketing campaign. Your target audience should have a good understanding about your company’s identity. You’re not just selling products and services. You’re selling an image. Your message should hit “the sweet spot with your demographic,” says Spero.

Bring Your Plan Into Focus. What are your goals and who do you want to reach? Your branding will be determined by what you say and how you say it. The tone of your campaign should be clearly outlined in your game plan. It’s important to list your long term goals, as well. Your marketing campaign should focus on serving your customers for the long haul.

Carefully Choose Outlets. What avenues best serve your needs? “Be choosy about the social media outlets you engage,” says Spero. You should also be clear about the types of advertising that you wish to invest in. Most business owners are concerned about overspending on advertising. This, of course, is one of the chief reasons that promotional gifts make such great investments!

Brand Content by Design. How impactful is your company logo? As Spero points out, some companies have iconic symbols to represent them. Think Apple and Coke. Making sure you have a memorable and easily-definable logo will be a key part of your marketing. It should be included in literally everything that you release, whether it’s through social media posts or paid advertisements.

Test and Adjust. How are you measuring your data? Perfecting your online marketing efforts means continually staying abreast of your progress. Encourage customer feedback, monitor their responses and identify what is and what is not working about your brand messaging. Learn how to make changes, when necessary, to grow your brand and provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

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