17 Oct

Another 6 Great Ideas For How To Grow Your “Baby”

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.10.14 by John Meloche

Having snackBusiness owners love their businesses. Most of them do, anyways. For many, they see their businesses as their “babies” as they helped to create them. Not only that, but the hard work that they put in day in and day out helps for those businesses to grow into greater successes. It can be fairly said then, that businesses are not unlike babies in that they need nourishment, care and attention in order to thrive – not just survive.

So how can a business owner help his or her baby to grow? Reader’s Digest has many ideas. And over the past two days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been taking an extensive look at a list of tips found on the publication’s website. As we often like to do, we’ve been providing our own insight on many of these tips. In today’s blog, we will conclude our look at these ideas on how to better your business. Here are six more great ideas for how to grow your “baby”.

1. Take breaks throughout the day. As we’ve been mentioning over the past couple of days, stressing yourself out and taking on too much responsibility isn’t bound to help you meet your bottom line. When you take breaks, you allow yourself to properly recharge and refocus. “It will help clear your mind and relieve pressure,” says Reader’s Digest, “Something as simple as going to the water cooler for a drink may do the trick.”

2. Don’t stew. So what else can you do with those breaks? Sometimes, doing nothing at all is a good stress reliever. But then again, doing absolutely nothing can be a waste of time. “Instead, take it out on a small ball you keep in your desk,” reads the website, “Squeeze it, throw it in the air, or even take it outside and bounce, throw and catch it until you feel better.” Anything to relieve tension and loosen up will be beneficial.

3. Use a monthly calendar for short-term scheduling and a 6-month calendar for long-range scheduling. Another key theme to Reader’s Digest’s list of tips is organization. The more organized you are, the better your chances are of getting things done right and on time. “Pencil in all things that pertain to your goals, including classes you want to take, regular exercise sessions, social events, and family time,” the site advises.

4. Set aside a half-hour toward the end of the day to worry. Another key theme to this list of tips is freeing yourself of stress. But it’s a lot easier to say “don’t worry” than it is to practice it, isn’t it? The site acknowledges this and insists that you set aside your time to worry. In fact, it reports that “psychologist Roland Nathan believes that having a formal worrying time cuts down the amount of worrying you do.”

5. Make networking with others in your field a priority. “Schedule some time to meet for coffee or lunch or keep in touch via email and social networks,” suggests Reader’s Digest. Not to mention, it is important to be active on social media as well. Take time to tweet, comment, follow and add friends to your social network. As you likely know by now, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular ways to communicate with people all across the world.

6. Be patient. One way to keep worry to a minimum is to be patient about the way things are going. This doesn’t mean to rest on your laurels, of course. It simply means that since things take time, it’s important to not get too anxious about the time that things are taking. “Nothing happens overnight,” Reader’s Digest reminds us. So be confident in the steps that you are taking, and you just may see yourself climbing the ladder a lot quicker than you expected!

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15 Oct

6 Tips To Help Better Your Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 15.10.14 by John Meloche

winner 6Running a business is hard work. And no matter how long you’ve been a business owner, there are always new things that you can learn. As times change, so do the needs of your customers. So it’s important to be up on the latest trends within your industry. At Synergy Marketing, we strive to help for business owners to market their companies in ways that build upon their customers’ senses of loyalty.

Our promo gifts have proven to be great ways to develop and maintain strong customer relationships. Our experience has taught us, however, to be successful in any industry, a business owner must possess a certain number of traits. It takes more than just promoting a business for it to be deemed one that is successful. On the Reader’s Digest website, a list of tips is provided to help business owners improve their businesses. In today’s blog, we’ll review the first six.

1. Be a more efficient time manager by using the rule of two. “Focus on the two most important tasks in your day, and you’ll become more productive,” reads the site. A great piece of advice, it speaks to the fact that many of our nation’s entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the amount of work that they have to complete on any given day. The key is to focus in order to be sure that each task gets checked off the list one by one.

2. Start a filing system and toss everything you don’t need. “Eliminating will make it easier to locate the important papers,” says Reader’s Digest. De-cluttering is such a good idea. This is why so many companies have moved to paperless environments. A type of “hoarding” ensues when one doesn’t throw out papers that are no longer needed. The neater you keep your work area, the more organized your mind will be.

3. Limit your work-starting routine to 15 minutes. Too often, business owners and their employees alike start their work days by getting “getting coffee, settling in, reading e-mails, checking messages, or looking at newspapers”, the website reminds us. Because “you are often at your freshest and most productive at the beginning of the day,” you want to avoid the habit of wasting the majority of your morning with tasks that are unproductive.

4. Write two to-do lists. The key to good organization is to write things down. Many times, when we do not, we simply forget them. Again, this has everything to do with staying focused. According to Reader’s Digest, the first to-do list “should contain everything that you need to get done soon” and “the second to-do list should be what you can reasonably expect to get done today, and today only.”

5. Take a few moments to assess the day’s emotional challenges. Part of what makes running a business so hard is that the overwhelming responsibilities that come with it can really get to a person emotionally. It’s important to be prepared each day, says the website. That includes being ready to handle “tough phone calls, boring meetings, challenging customers, frustrating red tape, infuriating rush-hour drives, droning detail work, and other challenges you may face.”

6. Visualize your day. “Try starting each day by closing your eyes for 10 or 20 seconds and visualizing how you want it to go,” Reader’s Digest suggests. It’s important to take mini-breaks here and there, as well. The last thing you want is to burn yourself out. Make sure that you see the finish line of your day at the very beginning and know all of the tasks that need to be completed in order to get there.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue our look at ways to improve your business.

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21 Aug

6 More Tips On Conducting The Perfect Business Meeting

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.08.14 by John Meloche

Audience Listening To Presentation At ConferenceIn yesterday’s blog, we addressed a very important issue within the business world. And that would be the business meeting. All companies conduct them, right? But are they effective? Are they really getting employees on the same page? Are they moving companies forward in a way that is productive? According to Louise Balle of Chron.com, “Business professionals waste an estimated 31 hours a month at unproductive meetings.”

So how can they go from being unproductive to productive? Balle lists a number of steps that she advises business owners to take to make the most out of their business meetings. Yesterday, we covered the first six steps on her list. Many of them highlight the need to stick to a schedule. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at that list in hopes that it will assist you with conducting the best possible business meetings with your staff.

1. Follow your agenda closely. Speaking of sticking to a schedule, Balle insists that you don’t veer off of the order of issues that you plan on discussing. Many business meetings falter by allowing for too much time to be devoted to one subject, forgetting to address numerous other important points. “Appoint a parliamentarian–sort of a neutral mediating party when discussing issues–to help you keep the meeting on track if necessary,” she writes.

2. Prohibit chaos. This may be one of the harder tips to pull off. Balle reminds us that there are times when meetings become a little heated and emotional. It’s clearly very important to prevent meeting participants from insulting others, interrupting those speaking or raising their voices to overpower other individuals. Meetings aren’t meant to start fights. Those who are disruptive should be asked to leave.

3. Don’t backtrack. Once you’ve completed a point, it’s time to move on. Don’t go back to that point. Instead, be sure to transition to the next item on the agenda. This entails being a pretty diligent moderator. “Moderate the meeting if necessary by giving each member the go-ahead to speak his mind on the issue. Ask each person to limit her point to two minutes or less,” recommends Balle.

4. Leave time for questions. It can be argued that no meeting is productive without attaining feedback from its participants. It’s important to know how your team members feel about each of the issues. Make sure that there is time at the end of each meeting for a short question and answer period. This way, you’ll be able to clarify any points of confusion. You will also allow people to voice relevant points that can add to the proceedings.

5. End your meeting on a positive note. It’s very important to inspire action with each meeting. And one of the best ways to do that is to have your team members leave the meeting with upbeat and positive mindsets. You may want to summarize what each member is required to do moving forward and offer some motivational words to encourage everyone to accomplish the goals outlined in the meeting.

6. Give out promo gifts. If you think that we just snuck that last tip in there, you’d be right! But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t relevant. Promo gifts are very often used to reward job performance. And acknowledging jobs well done publicly is a great way to motivate your team members to perform to the best of their abilities. Select promo gifts that you know your staff would like and use them to reward your top producers at each business meeting.

To get your hands on the perfect promo gift, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884.

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20 Aug

6 Steps To Conducting Business Meetings The Right Way

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.08.14 by John Meloche

Mixed group in business meetingRunning a successful business requires the cooperation of several people. In some cases, that may only be two people. And in others, it requires the unification of a large group. No matter the size of your business, teamwork is an imperative part of making it grow and prosper well into the future. And how can you ensure that all of your staff members are on the right page? It’s important to conduct business meetings the right way.

Now, this may seem like an easy task. And it may also seem like a no-brainer piece of advice. All business owners know how to hold business meetings, right? But are they holding them in a way that promotes productivity and efficiency? On Chron.com, Louise Balle writes that “sometimes a meeting isn’t productive due to the lack of well-established rules.” She goes on to offer a number of steps to help guarantee a worthwhile outcome.

1. Start on time. A lot of business meetings get off to an unproductive start simply because they do not start on time. Balle insists that you call your meeting to order at its scheduled start time regardless if people are running late or not. Latecomers, she says, will simply have to catch up during or after the completion of the meeting. This will encourage everyone to show up on time. Those who consistently do not will require some feedback about their tardiness.

2. End on time. Sticking to a schedule is important. Remember that all meeting participants have jobs to do and keeping them in meetings longer than expected can inhibit their plans to meet deadlines on projects that they are working on. Keeping your meetings within specific times will help you to address all of your concerns effectively. “If you can’t cover all of the points within the allotted time, move it to the agenda of the very next meeting,” suggests Balle.

3. Take minutes. It’s important to be able to recall the points made at your meetings. This will be the best way to follow up with your team to ensure that they are following suit on the various plans that you’ve set forth. Having a record of what was discussed will keep you on track. “Ask a secretary or other meeting participant to take minutes at every business meeting so that everyone will recall what was discussed and decisions made,” advises Balle.

4. Pass out a written meeting agenda. To clarify the direction of your meeting, each participant should receive literature covering the major points to be covered. Balle writes that it should also cover how long each point will be discussed during the meeting while allowing time for discussion about these points. As well, she notes that the minutes from the last meeting should be handed out as well. This will keep everyone in the loop about the company’s progress.

5. Introduce guests before the meeting begins. Sometimes your meetings will call for a guest speaker. You may know some industry experts who you’ve had the opportunity to meet over the course of your career. Perhaps, you could hire a motivational speaker who is an expert at boosting employee morale. Don’t leave your speaker or your meeting participants hanging. Start the meeting off with a proper introduction.

6. Summarize the purpose of the meeting. Balle suggests that when the meeting begins, you inform your staff about the various points you plan on covering. You’ll notice that her tips insist upon being very thorough and forthright with your employees. Ensuring that everyone knows what will be discussed is an important step in getting the meeting off on the right foot. Then begin with the first item on the agenda, she advises.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we unveil some more tips on how to conduct the perfect business meeting!

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18 Apr

Reigniting Your Passion For Your Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.04.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_26651271_xsAll week long, we’ve been discussing the concept of business rebuilding after a major slump or slow period. Inspired by the poor effort shown by our hometown Toronto Maple Leafs during their final stretch to make the NHL playoffs, our blogs have focused primarily on the various tasks that business owners can undertake to get their companies back on track.

But what if the business owners themselves are the ones who need to get back on track? Many hockey fans blame a lack of passion for the reason that the Leafs faltered late in the season and missed a playoff berth. Have you lost the passion that you once had for your business? Maybe you’re the one who truly needs a boost in order your for your business to get back to its winning ways. On EliteDaily.com, Stephen Edwards explores this concept.

“For many of us, it is hard to stay passionate about a venture for an extensive period of time,” writes Edwards, “Each passing day without noticeable progress seems to set back your interest further.” He encourages business owners in this situation to not give up hope. Additionally, he provides a list of tips that he believes can help reignite the fire they may have lost for their businesses.

Focus on the future. It’s hard to remain passionate when things aren’t going so well, admits Edwards. And that’s why you have to focus on the future. Stop reminiscing over the wrong turns you’ve made and how bad things have been lately. Focusing on the negative won’t help you. Can you remember why you were so committed to your work when you started your business? Recall what made you so passionate to begin with and go from there.

Try to learn from your failures. “The faster you are able to embrace failure as an unpreventable result of certain situations, the better off you will be,” writes Edwards. Often, this entails taking different routes to finding the success you want. It could mean working with new individuals or even changing locations. No matter what, it’s important to see bumps in the road as opportunities to learn how to drive yourself forward in new ways.

Take action. There’s nothing worse than procrastinating when it comes to overcoming bad moments in your history. When you don’t see the results that you want to see, it’s impossible to get them when you’re not working to achieve. Don’t dwell on your failures. See them as learning experiences that now make you a better business person. Make a schedule, suggests Edwards, set reminders and complete tasks daily.

Remain optimistic. Attitude is everything. Life will always get better, Edwards reminds us. A positive mindset is integral to you getting ahead. Keeping yourself in a bad place emotionally will only serve to limit your progress. You can’t get ahead by feeling sorry for yourself. This isn’t always easy. Take some time – a short time – to deal with your frustrations. But understand that things will improve.

Stick to your inner circle. Part of making yourself feel better about things is surrounding yourself with positive-minded individuals. “The key is to find a group of individuals that are not only a great fit personality wise, but also a great fit professionally,” says Edwards, “What use is 2,000 friends if none of them can contribute to your work life or personal life in any facet?”

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10 Jan

3 More Branding Tips For Staying On Top

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 10.01.14 by John Meloche

Stepping Away from the Mainstream HorizontalYou may think that business is going well. And we certainly hope that it is. But no matter what business you’re involved in, things could always be better. That’s because as time goes along, the needs and wants of your target audience change. Technologies improve and people are getting access to information quicker than ever before. So there’s no way that you can remain stagnant and expect to stay on top.

In yesterday’s blog, we explored a few ideas about how you can boost your brand image now that 2014 has started. Taking a look at an article on TheGuardian.com by Doris Clark, we reviewed such ideas as sharpening your narrative, rekindling old ties and seizing emerging trends. Be sure to check out yesterday’s blog for our take on these ideas. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at Clark’s list.

Learn one new skill. This is a task that many people find pretty hard to accomplish. “When will I find the time?” most would likely ask themselves. Consider the time you put into learning something new part of your job and you’ll get it done. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much. “Choose one specific new skill and make a commitment to master it this year,” writes Clark.

Clark herself admits that before the beginning of last year, she had never conducted a webinar. You know – a seminar conducted on the worldwide web. One year later, she has run nearly 20 of them! It’s a pretty good idea, we might add, to consider the use of the internet in learning your new skill. Considering its continuing rise in popularity, you may want to familiarize yourself with ways to market yourself online.

Start creating content. One way to market yourself online is to post regular blogs. As you can tell, we practice what we preach. We post blogs each work day of the week in order to provide our readers, clients and potential customers with content that is both informative and interesting. Most importantly, the blogs help to keep our website active in search engines.

Providing the world with such content showcases your expertise, says Clark. It’s the best way to ensure “inbound marketing”, which she describes as the type that encourages people who come to you instead of you having to go to them. “Content marketing” refers to the expertise you show through your blogs, for example, that encourages people to contact you.

“You’re always in a stronger position to negotiate terms and conditions when someone comes to you, rather than when you go begging at their door,” writes Clark, “There are no excuses anymore; starting a blog is free thanks to sites like WordPress.” And if you don’t like to write, there are bloggers that you can hire through such companies as MeloTel.

Promotional Products. We doubt that there will ever be a time when promo gifts don’t make our “marketing tips” list. Although Clark missed it on her own list of tips, the giving out of promotional items is a proven strategy. It’s a good thing that Synergy Marketing offers the best promo gifts around! For more information or to place an order, simply call 1-877-748-9884.

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09 Jan

3 Marvelous Marketing Moves To Make In 2014

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 09.01.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_25582973_xsRunning a business is more of a 24/7 versus a 9-5 type of job. It requires your attention at nearly every point of your day. That’s because even during the so-called “off hours”, you’re required to represent your business. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, how you look and how you act reflects on your brand. So how do you plan to represent yourself in 2014?

Undoubtedly, you’ve been considering ways to improve your business. Which business owner hasn’t? Especially during the holiday season when you may have had a little extra time (probably not) to consider your next move, thinking about business-improving strategies is important. With a new year starting, there are a number of opportunities to help your company turn over a new leaf.

On TheGuardian.com, marketing strategist, Dorie Clark lists a few. Speaking directly to those who wish to step up their careers paths, Clark’s tips can work wonders for the entrepreneur. It’s important to consider the image that you are portraying to your audience. So perhaps no new line of products is necessarily needed at your store – just a new way of promoting them. Let’s look at her ideas.

Sharpen your narrative. Too often, when people are asked about they’re up to, they mindlessly respond “not much”. That’s a wasted opportunity, according to Clark. It’s important to always contribute to conversations. This shows that you are staying current and are interested in new challenges, she writes. A good idea would be to always have a quick list of things in mind to discuss when you meet people.

Consider the many things you’ve done, both for your business and your personal life, and add them to the conversation. You can discuss the charity you’ve volunteered for or an interesting project at work, suggests Clark. These conversations are also great opportunities for you to hand out your promotional gifts containing your company name and logo. You knew we had to throw that in there, right?

Rekindle old ties. Do you have a colleague in your industry that you haven’t spoken to in a while? You may want to reach out to that person. Not only will you be initiating a kind gesture, but you just may be accessing some new and interesting information about the business world that will benefit your brand. Reaching out to old friends can be a great way to start rebranding yourself.

As Clark points out, your old ties may have picked up some new contacts and networks in the years that they’ve been out of your life. They may even be willing to help you implement your new ideas into your business planning. Think about those who you may have lost touch with and do your best to reach out to them. This is one of the greatest aspects of social media.

Seize on an emerging trend. Speaking of social media, it’s a trend that is only growing in popularity. Clark writes that you should explore such trends. Have you already set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts? If not, there’s no reason to hesitate in getting them going. Each social media platform is free to join and they have been proven to work wonders in the advertising of businesses.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll look at a few more of Clark’s branding tips.

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06 Nov

Embracing Change Will Boost Your Brand

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 06.11.13 by John Meloche

FreedomThis week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focused on the concept of turning businesses around when things aren’t going so well. As we’re all well aware, the Boston Red Sox were able to do that quite extraordinarily by winning the World Series just one season after finishing dead last in their division. And although this occurrence is bad news for Toronto Blue Jays fans, it’s a great sign for business owners.

The point, of course, is that anything is possible and it’s never too late to turn things around. At Synergy Marketing, we have a lot of experience working with business owners who have successfully grown their businesses by adopting new marketing strategies. And if things could use some improving at your company, the same can happen for you!

As Ann Houlihan writes on ElevatedLeadership.com, “many business owners and managers report that their industry is changing rapidly, and they feel that it’s more difficult to do business today than it was just a few short years ago.” So what is the key to not just surviving, but succeeding? Embracing change, says Houlihan. And she lists a number of ways in which this can be done.

Focus on what you already have. Although focusing on what you already have doesn’t sound like “embracing change”, perhaps doing so will represent a change in your way of thinking. Many entrepreneurs think that they need to begin with clean slates in order to change the directions their businesses are headed in. But Houlihan reminds us to focus on your existing customers.

It’s easier to promote your brand to your existing customers in order to gain their loyalty than it is to advertise to people who have never supported your business before. She suggests that you survey your customers and find out more about their needs. The key is to find out other ways to service them so that they are never tempted to approach your competition for their needs.

Do a sales analysis on your current customers and clients. In order to truly meet the needs of your current customers, you should organize your client database by industry and do some research, recommends Houlihan. What you’re looking to discover is what industries are growing and which ones are down. This will help to determine what opportunities you may have with your clients.

Recognizing these trends will help you to come up with ways to better service your customers. Many times, the smallest tweaks in your approach to doing business are all that is necessary to turn it around. When you figure out what you’re doing right and eliminate the things you are doing wrong, you end up in a much better position to succeed. Perhaps, you don’t necessarily need new customers at all!

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to examine Houlihan’s list of suggestions. You’ll notice that her tips don’t involve any drastic changes, but instead a re-examining of the practices you are currently employing. As always, the Synergy Marketing staff is available to help you with marketing your company to your customers. Our promo gifts offer personal touches traditional advertising cannot. Order yours at 1-877-748-9884.

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05 Nov

4 More Strategies To Turn Your Business Around

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 05.11.13 by John Meloche

handshake isolated over business  backgroundIn yesterday’s blog, we began examining ways that business owners could turn their businesses around during trying times. Admittedly, we’re still perturbed by the fact that our hometown Toronto Blue Jays finished last in the American League East this year, and their division rivals Boston Red Sox won the World Series. There is a chip, as it were, that we’re still trying to remove from our collective shoulder.

More importantly, the staff at Synergy Marketing (not all of us are baseball fans, don’t worry) remains steadfast in its insistence to assist Canadian business owners with growing their businesses. Our top-quality promotional products have been helping entrepreneurs across the country for many years. But what happens in those situations when business isn’t going as well as planned?

On Intuit.com, Susan Johnston borrows some advice from entrepreneur Grant Cardone who insists that business owners focus on revenue when things aren’t going their way. That is how you “identify the real problem”, he says. However, that is only the first tip on a list of strategies to help business owners turn things around. In today’s blog, we’ll further examine that list.

Stop discounting your products or services. Quite often, business owners feel that to increase sales, their prices must drop. But people don’t generally make decisions based on price, insists Cardone. What they want is value. So instead of discounting your products and services, increase their value by bringing more to the table. For example, don’t just repair cars, offer workshops on how to change oil.

Fill up your pipeline. “Having more orders than you can handle is a much better problem than having employees sitting around waiting for customers. Move past the latter problem by encouraging employees to become proactive,” writes Johnston. Cardone goes on to encourage entrepreneurs to get in touch with their previous customers and increase your opportunities to make sales.

Focus on dominating, not competing. Sometimes an attitude shift is necessary to change a company’s direction, says Cardone. When you focus on winning, and not just getting by, you’ll end up going a lot further. One way to do that is to look into the things that your competition is not doing. Find that “space” and dominate it! You will be providing a value that no one else can in your marketplace.

Make personal visits. One of the reasons that promotional products work so well is because of the personal connection they help business owners to make with their customers. It’s important to not overlook the power of the personal touch, says Cardone. So, when possible, make personal visits to your customers. This is a perfect strategy within the restaurant industry.

Visit patrons at their tables yourself and offer a free drink or dessert. Hand out flyers in your neighborhood. “People still want to buy from people,” insists Cardone. And, as mentioned, our experience has proven that offering free gifts truly helps to establish greater senses of loyalty amongst your customer base. To get your hands on the perfect promo gift, call us up at 1-877-748-9884.

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02 Oct

5 Essential Steps For Business Success

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 02.10.13 by John Meloche

4-steps-networking-levelSo our Maple Leafs are off to a flying start! Having beaten the Montreal Canadiens last night by a 4-3 margin, Leafs fans in the Synergy Marketing offices are all in high spirits today. Here’s hoping the flying continues against the Philadelphia Flyers, as our hometown heroes play their second regular season game in as many days tonight! Of course, we probably shouldn’t be getting too excited.

But after a miserable showing by our Toronto Blue Jays this past baseball season, you’ll forgive us for celebrating the early successes of the Maple Leafs. Speaking of early success, it isn’t always something that is so easy to achieve. In fact, as most entrepreneurs know, getting off to a flying start is nearly impossible. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance to steer a new business in the right direction.

On Entrepreneur.com, Brad Sugars writes that there are some essential things that business owners should know about running a business. He says that start-up success or failure really comes down to knowing how and why you take each action that you do. It’s important to be clear about each step you’re taking. Let’s take a look at some of those essential steps, shall we?

Offer what people want to buy, not just what you want to sell. “Too often, people jump into a business built around a product or service they think will be successful, rather than one that is already proven to have a market,” writes Sugars. You may have your heart set on pushing and promoting what you feel is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But is it truly what the public wants?

Get cash flowing ASAP. It’s important to stay on top of the “lifeblood of business”. And that means having a cash flow to feed your bottom-line profits. There are many ways to do this, says Sugars. Ask for deposits for your work up-front if you run a professional services business. Be sure to add value to your retail items by ensuring on-time delivery. And then insist upon payment the same day.

Always find new ways to keep costs low. Making money has a lot to do with saving money. As Sugars points out, “all the cash flow in the world is worthless if it’s not positive cash flow, which means you have to bring in more cash than you pay out.” One way to do this is to furnish your office with used items of good quality. Pay vendors up-front so you can better negotiate better prices as well.

When planning, always overestimate expenses and underestimate revenues. Being good with numbers is essential to good business. Do your best to gauge what it will cost to advertise and don’t sell yourself short. Arm yourself with information that will help you to earn a lot more than you spend. By being a bit conservative, you may find yourself attaining greater success than expected.

Focus on sales and marketing manically. Writes Sugars: “In business, nothing happens until a sale is made. From the jump, you’ll need to find a good way to get leads, convert leads into sales, and make sure you keep getting repeat sales from your customers. The way to do this is to find or create a marketing and sales funnel system that you can work, test, measure; one that anyone in your company can utilize.”

Be sure to check our tomorrow’s blog as we examine a few more essential steps to business success!

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