06 Jul

The Synergy Team

Posted in customer satisfaction, Customer Service on 06.07.16 by John Meloche

Charitable acts reflect well on your company. They enhance your brand image and show the altruistic and caring side of your business. Nothing sells more than a commitment to the community. Not only are these acts the ethical thing to do, but they also aid your business by improving your image all around the neighborhood. With that being said, we have our own little story to tell.

Right now there is a local soccer team representing their country in an international tournament. They’re playing in Turks and Caicos (Lucky, I know right!!!) and going up against teams from all over. Well we here at Synergy might’ve provided some team SWAG. Not only that but we helped design a new jersey for the team just for this tournament. We made sure that they were equipped right and wore colors that showed what country they were representing.

Small things like this can really help your business. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also enables you to expand your clientele. When you help people, they want to support you. It’s these kind of acts that create loyalty between people and businesses. Sometimes people just want to see the human side of a business and want to know that your business doesn’t just care about profits.

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15 Aug

Small Business Promotion On The Cheap

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 15.08.13 by John Meloche

Small-Business-Cost-Effective-Marketing-TipsBusiness promotion is at the heart of what we do, here at Synergy Marketing. We know that advertising your business can be an expensive venture, and this is why we’re so proud of our line of promotional products. Not only are they of high quality but they cost so much less than the traditional modes of advertising that we’re used to. If you are a working with a tight budget, promo gifts are for you.

Of course, there are so many ways to promote your business that can be added to the handing out of your promo gifts. On ConstantContact.com, Susan Solovic writes about some “tried and true marketing strategies that can help you market your business on a shoestring budget.” You may have heard some of these ideas before, but it never hurts to revisit them.

Craft an elevator pitch. “You should be marketing all the time — wherever you are,” insists Solovic. Your elevator pitch is your 6 to 8 second spiel that you should be able to deliver at anyplace at anytime to anyone. She insists that generally, you will only have about a minute to truly impress someone new that you are meeting. So invest some time in creating a “killer” elevator pitch.

Leverage your community. It’s important to think locally, says Solovic. After all, what good is your business if the people living in its surround community do not support it? Invest in such ventures as sponsoring a neighborhood little league team or area-run charity event. “Print bookmarks and leave them at the local library,” she suggests. It’s all about getting to know your “ideal customer”.

Collaborate. Cross-promoting with another business is always a good idea because it costs you nothing except a little bit of effort. Use your social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to promote other businesses while they agree to do the same for you. Of course, you may hand out their flyers and coupons and even bundle promotions as long as it is reciprocated. This will help you reach so many new people.

Network. Networking shouldn’t be restricted to social media, of course. It’s important for you to get out in the world. Introduce yourself to people, shake hands and be social. Remember that you are the main representative of your brand. This requires your time and patience as the dividends will pay off in the coming weeks and months. Strong networking is a hugely productive trait.

Give a speech. You may not like public speaking, Solovic acknowledges, but it’s always helpful to your target audience to hear about your expertise. Providing information about yourself and your knowledge is as good as presenting a live commercial for your brand. “The more you do it, the easier it gets,” she reminds us, “Plus, it positions you as a credible authority in your field.”

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to examine Solovic’s list of ways to market your small business on a shoestring budget. Keep in mind that all of these tips work excellently with the handing out of promo gifts that bear your company’s name and logo. To get some help choosing the right gift, call up one of our experienced and friendly representatives by dialing 1-877-748-9884.

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