16 Aug

The Rise of Email Marketing

Posted in Small Business Advertising on 16.08.16 by John Meloche

Yesterday we talked about newsletters and why businesses need them. Newsletters feed directly into an otherwise new and unique marketing medium. Online newsletter have incited the commencement of email marketing. This form of marketing entails businesses sending promotional emails to thousands of recipients.

Businesses generate leads and discover people who would most likely be interested in purchasing their products. This in turn has fueled another industry in lead generation, but we’ll get to that another time. Email marketing has skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years. According to a recent survey from Ascend2, 82% of B2B and B2C companies that took part in the study used email marketing technology. Every type of business is now finding use for email marketing and is fully utilizing it to reach new clientele.

There are a lot of reasons why email marketing is becoming so popular in today’s business world. For one thing, it’s inexpensive and it reaches thousands, or even millions, of people. The mass reach is crucial for the success of email marketing. A small percentage of people actually open the email; a 2% response rate is usually good. But since you’re emailing thousands of people, that 2% turns into a decently large number. Email marketing gives you the potential to achieve such a large return from little response numbers; getting more with less. Email marketing provides an inexpensive means to reach an immense number of potential clientele and thus has surged into the modern day business world.

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15 Aug

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Newsletter

Posted in Small Business Advertising on 15.08.16 by John Meloche

Businesses are relying more and more on technology for success. For good reason too, as technology has been proven to improve internal efficiencies, reduce cycle times, and enable businesses to grow their profits. Technology can now permit businesses to discover and keep new clientele. This is where newsletters come in. Newsletters are becoming more prominent in today’s business world. Why you ask? Well here are 4 reasons why your business needs a newsletter:

  1. Customer Relationships. We touched upon this in the paragraph above. Newsletters help you create valuable customer relationships. They enable you to create connections with new clients. When you send out newsletters, your company is sending someone something of value. Not only that, but these newsletters often feature special discounts and thus increases the perceived value of your products. When consumers use these discounts they see themselves getting a greater bang for their buck. Thus the customer becomes more satisfied with your company and a relationship is formed.
  2. Information. Newsletters allow you to keep customers up to date with any important new information from your company. This may include a new product, promotion, or event within your company. Newsletters serve as a great informational tool that keeps consumers updated with your all of your company’s actions.
  3. Improvement. Newsletters are also special because they provide a forum for customers to voice their grievances. These complaints can lead to more efficiency and effectiveness within your company. You can build off these customer complaints and discover how to make your company better. Hence a feedback option can improve your business and enable it to become better for future clients.
  4. Sales. Every businesses’ main objective is to sell. Newsletters do exactly that. According to Jay Baer at Convince and Convert, 44% of email newsletter recipients made at least one purchase in 2012 based on promotional email. This continues to be the case as more people are becoming “impulse buyers” and are shopping from their emails.


Newsletters just further enable businesses to expand their client base and create more loyal followers. It’s a great tool for brand loyalty and brand connection. E-newsletters enable businesses to reach more people and make them committed customers. These things all come together and further enable businesses to achieve their primary objective: increasing profits.

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17 Jul

Doing Cost-Effective Marketing Right

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.07.13 by John Meloche

cost effectiveAs a small business owner, you live day to day with one burning question on your mind. How can I effectively market my business? No doubt, you’ve come up with many ways in the past. Some may have worked to your liking while others may not have. One thing that binds business owners is their need to promote their brands without blowing big budgets.

At Synergy Marketing, we know this all too well. Our clients are made up of Canada’s most savvy entrepreneurs. They not only know what it takes to boost their businesses, but they know how to save money while doing it. Promotional gifts offer business owners the ability to truly connect with their clients. Our gifts are signs of appreciation that don’t go unnoticed.

When a customer receives a gift, he or she is generally appreciative of the sentiment. “It helps them to feel valued,” commented one of our clients this week, “They like knowing that we actually care about them. These are the people that keep coming back with their friends saying ‘I told you this place was great’. Of course, that gives us a good feeling.” Helping with those good feelings is the saving of money.

Compared to traditional modes of advertising, promotional gifts are incredibly cost-effective. And as mentioned earlier, the act of saving money while promoting your business is of major importance. On SocialMediaToday.com, Kay Singh writes that “how to market effectively is one of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs today.”

He provides an extensive list of effective marketing strategies that entrepreneurs can use to their advantage. As we like to do, here on the Synergy Marketing Blog, we’ll be taking a look at this list over the next couple of days in an effort to pinpoint some ways that you may grow your brand without spending a bundle. Of course, it takes money to make money. But how can it be used most effectively?

Make Sure Your Website Can Deliver Results. It’s important to have an attractive website in order for your business to come off as professional, says Singh. It’s all about functionality though. Customers should be able get the information they need easily. You may also want to ensure that they can find your contacts if they are unable to buy directly from your site. Look for an affordable website service to make sure you’re on point.

Make Blogging a High Priority. The Synergy Marketing Blog is updated daily. Blogging makes for an excellent marketing tool. Set aside time regularly to provide your readers with interesting and useful content. As Singh point out, “Studies show that businesses that blog regularly are more than two times as likely to generate leads via their website as businesses that don’t. It also builds trust in your business.”

Start Building Your Email List From Day One. It’s important to take advantage of the email marketing. Like blogging, this may take some of your time, but not necessarily your money. Singh notes that simple email sign-up forms on your website can help you to greatly expand your reach. In your emails, write informative yet interesting newsletters to engage your readers so that you build interest in your brand.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we continue to examine Singh’s list of effective marketing strategies.

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