29 Jul

5 Ways to Increase Your Reach Over Google+ Without Paying

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media on 29.07.16 by John Meloche

To conclude social commerce week, we’re going to talk about a social media outlet that most people neglect. While Google+ isn’t exactly as well known as the previous 3 mediums that we’ve covered, it still boasts a large audience and contains many perks. According to DMR stats, Google+ has 300 million monthly active users. So there’s definitely a significant audience present and its connections with Google itself open up many SEO opportunities. Here are 5 ways you can increase your reach over Google+:

  1. Add People to Your Circle. The first step of developing a network is actually getting people to join your network. Adding a lot of people to your network also offers SEO benefits as well.
  2. Optimize your Posts. Speaking of SEO opportunities, a larger circle means you have higher chances of being recognized over Google searches. One of the greatest things about Google+ is the ability to come up on the first page of Google searches. How it works is that if someone from your circle searches something up on Google, and you’ve already written about it on your Google+ profile, then it will show up on the first page of their search. So if you add a lot of people to your circle, and post regularly about things people in your circle might look up, then your SEO will go through the roof!
  3. Create or Join Communities. Communities are like Google+’s version of Facebook groups. This allows you to optimize both the reach and selectivity of your social media efforts. You can join or create a group that features other people or businesses within your industry or potential clientele. It’s a great way to increase the effectiveness of your posts while at the same time developing relationships with potential fans or allies over social media.
  4. Let Others Know how you Feel. Go out and find posts relevant to your company’s niche and industry. Share your positive opinions. Not only does this make people more interested in your business, but it makes your business come off as an actual person with actual interests. People respect that, especially over social media where identities become one huge enigma.
  5. +1 Posts. +1’s are like the Google+ version of likes. Now this tactic stays consistent over all social media platforms. People appreciate it when you like their stuff. It makes them feel better about their content and makes them more generous. This newfound generosity often leads to a follow back or in Google+, another person in your circle. Not only that but a +1 gives people clarity on your interactions. They want to know that your going to interact with them, +1’s help clear that dilemma up.


Well it’s clear, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or even Google+, social media sets businesses up with great opportunities for success. They exponentially increase your reach, help reach new clientele, and expand your user base. Social media is becoming the advertising tool of the future and for good reason. So make sure your business starts operating across all these mediums and follow these rules. Once that happens, then the followers, likes, and customers will all come together.

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31 Jul

4 Ways We Use Social Media To Build Our Brand

Posted in Social Media on 31.07.14 by John Meloche

Social Talk BubbleHere, at Synergy Marketing, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re not exactly social media experts. After all, we spend the majority of our days speaking to business owners from all over Canada on the good old telephone. Having said that, we’re still very much aware about the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is why we remain active on both of our accounts on a daily basis.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we place links to each and every one of our blog posts on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since we adopted this practice, we’ve noticed that our website has been getting a lot more attention. This is the main point of communicating through social media. It helps to deliver traffic to places you want it to go. Naturally, the more people that visit our website, the more opportunities we have to encourage them to call us.

At Synergy Marketing, we specialize in providing the best promotional products in our industry. We know that promo gifts work wonders in helping business owners to make good impressions on their customers. Promo gifts have long been known to secure customer loyalty, encourage referrals and increase overall sales. But our social media posts have been known to intrigue a wider range of potential buyers.

There’s a trick to using social media properly. It’s not so much of a trick as it is an appropriate way to utilize the sites. It’s important to keep in mind that social media is all about being social. It’s important to engage your audience so that they don’t feel like they’re being blatantly advertised to. Instead, we work to engage them in conversation. Here are four ways that Synergy Marketing communicates its messages through social media.

1. We ask questions. Every time we post one of our blogs, we ask a question to intrigue our reading audience. The answer to the question can always be found in the blog post. So, it is our goal to spark the interest of online users so that they want to know the answer to that question. Not only do we hope our friends and followers click on the link, but we encourage them to like and comment upon the post as well.

2. We utilize more than one site. Facebook and Twitter are arguably the most popular social networking sites out there. So those are the ones we are focused on at the moment. We believe that it’s important to update both – not just one – so that we can interact with the most amount of people possible. Since we started posting our blog links on each page, we have increased our number of friends and followers, but we are still looking to grow our reach.

3. We offer follow backs. Part of being social is interacting with those who have become your friends and followers. People like having followers on Twitter just as much as they enjoy following accounts that interest them. So we offer a very simple, yet effective approach to growing our followers on Twitter. If you follow us, we’ll follow you back. Here’s hoping we increase our Twitter followers by offering that promise in today’s blog!

4. We stay consistent. We blog daily. So unlike some other websites, we make sure that the Synergy Marketing website is constantly kept fresh. With so much content, we give online users ample reasons to visit our site daily. This, of course, allows both our Facebook and Twitter pages to remain fresh as well. Our hope is that with daily interactions, we’ll continue to grow our fan base.

By the way, just because we’re active on social media doesn’t mean we don’t want to speak with you directly. Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-748-9884.

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