20 Jul

#Hashtag 2: How Do You Use Hashtags?

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media on 20.07.16 by John Meloche

Now that we know what hashtags are, and how they work. Our attention now shifts as to how we can use them to optimize our posts’ reach. Let’s look at how we can use hashtags in an effective manner:

  1. Posting Relevant Hashtags. We mentioned before hashtags categorize tweets. They act as a social media organizer. Well when you make a post with an irrelevant hashtag, you’re essentially putting it in the wrong category. All that does is create confusion within the audience you’d like to reach. A disengagement is formed between your posts and your audience, and as a result you harm your reach. Moral of the story is, when your posting something, make sure you use appropriate and relevant hashtags. You’ll create more genuine interest that way and increase your reach.
  2. Not overusing Hashtags. While it may seem like it’s beneficial to use a lot of hashtags, it’s actually been proven to be detrimental to a post’s reach. Too many hashtags can send a poor vibe to your audience. Sometimes when people see an absurd amount of hashtags, they see it as a pathetic or desperate attempt to reach a lot of people. It can reflect poorly on your social media efforts and company.
  3. Use Hashtag tracking tools. There are now websites and apps dedicated to determining the effectiveness of your hashtags. These tools are designed to allow you to pick the most relevant and popular hashtags. They allow you to be more efficient and effective with your hashtags. Some examples of hashtag tracking tools are hashtagify.me, RiteTag, Tagboard, etc.

Hashtags can be extremely effective when used properly. There a couple of blatantly obvious things that you should avoid when using hashtags. However, with all the advanced social media tools present today, #hashtag optimization has become more realistic and easy to achieve.

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18 Jul

Why Do #hashtags Matter To Your Business?

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media on 18.07.16 by John Meloche

One of the most amazing things about social media is that you have the ability to reach millions simply by typing one word. Of course that word would have to proceed a pound sign, or hashtag. But how do hashtags allow you to reach these people? Let’s take a look at how hashtags can amplify your posts’ reach.

Hashtags start by making your posts more searchable and easier to find. When you enter a hashtag on your posts you’re essentially opening up your post to a variety of people. Hashtags are used to categorize tweets and let people see all the tweets pertaining to a particular category. Usually you’ll cover a major topic relevant to your post. Ideally you’ll use a hashtag that’s covering something that’s trending and thus will open your posts to an immense audience. When these stories become trendy, people then become more interested and want to know as much as possible. This means that they’ll look at every post that relates to that popular topic and hence will look at all the posts using that trendy hashtag.

Hashtags are even more powerful now as users can now look up hashtags. This allows users to have easier access to posts about new, trendy topics. Before these posts would be revealed after clicking a hashtag from a post, but now it is much easier to deeply explore prominent topics.

Hashtags are a very powerful tool; they can help open doors to millions of people. When used properly, they can be your best friend. So keep the #hashtags rolling, and amp up your social media presence.

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20 Feb

Using Promo Gifts To Boost Your Social Media Status

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 20.02.14 by John Meloche

Social MediaReaders of the Synergy Marketing Blog are well aware that we enjoy discussing the many ways in which promotional products can help boost businesses. This blog is also known for championing the use of social media to spread the word about your brand. It all adds up. The use of both promo gifts and social networking sites are inexpensive ways to significantly increase awareness about your company.

But can they work hand in hand? The obvious answer is “of course they can!” But how can one take advantage of promotional gifts and social media at the same time? Can they truly work in conjunction with each other? Carla Frogatt certainly thinks so. On SearchEngineJournal.com, she writes that “a promotional gift lasts longer than a tweet or a status.”

This is because “they are concrete, have utility and are a less disposable marketing tool than many assume,” she continues, “You can use the longevity they offer your brand campaign to increase traffic to, and awareness of, your social media efforts.” So, in other words, using your promotional gifts to enhance the popularity of your social media profiles can greatly elevate your company’s prestige. But how?

QR Codes. Also known as “Quick Response Codes”, these obscure-looking square designs can be found on nearly everything these days. They enable consumers to use their smart phones to scan codes that generally lead them directly to company websites, social media pages or blogs. Once you have one designed, you can have it attached to one of your unique promo gifts.

The benefit to placing QR Codes on your promo gifts is that they are bound to last longer than if they were printed on flyers. As you know, promotional products are useful items that can be used daily and last for many years. The more often they are used, the more often people will think about your business. In today’s internet-crazed world, a promo gift that directs people to your website is bound to grow your popularity.

Frogatt suggests you take the idea another step further. “Incentive your recipients by using the QR code to direct them to a competition,” she suggests. This is a great idea considering that promo gifts are often used as prizes for contests. And contests are always great ways to generate excitement about your business. Consider starting a contest and using your promo gifts as ways to promote it!

Hashtag Campaign. Hashtags are all the rage these days. What was once known as “the number sign”, the hashtag is now a popular way of underscoring a topic of conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. A few examples that would make sense to use in this very blog entry are #promogifts, #socialmedia and #SynergyMarketing. As Frogatt points out, hashtags are ways of tracking topics or trends on social media.

She suggests that you “devise inventive hashtags to create a buzz around your company or campaign. Puns and humorous phrases work particularly well; keep it light, fresh and ‘social’.” And what better way to promote your new hashtag campaign than to stick one on your new promotional gift? In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll delve deeper into how this concept can help grow your business.

To order your promotional products, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884.

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18 Dec

Boosting Holiday Sales Through Twitter

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.12.13 by John Meloche

Cute blue christmas bird with speech bubbleThe holiday season is a fun time for a lot of people. And business owners are no exception. This is the time of year when shoppers are looking to spend more money and purchase more items than at any other time of year. This also means that business owners need to step it up in order to ensure that shoppers are not going to the competition for the products and services that they see as great gift ideas.

There are tons of ways to promote your brand during the holiday season, and we’ve been looking at many ideas over the past couple of weeks. But this week, we’re taking a look at how using the hugely popular social networking site known as Twitter as a means of advertising can be beneficial. On SocialMediaToday.com, Krista Bunskoek offers an array of ideas on how to use Twitter to boost sales. Let’s look at a few more today.

Seasonal Hashtags. If you’re familiar with Twitter, then you are certainly familiar with hashtags. Very often used in tweets, these hashtags help to spread your messages that much further. Simple hashtags including #giftideas, #lastminutedeals, #discounts, #coupons, #holidayshopping and more can help for your tweets to become part of conversations that involve a great deal of people.

People often research such key words on Twitter in order to get in on some these conversations. You may be surprised at just how many new people will discover you thanks to the hashtags you’re including in your comments. Bunskoek even reports that Google is now including hashtags in their searches. Therefore, “using seasonal hashtags can get your tweets found beyond Twitter.”

Share your @mentions. “Use @mentions to connect directly with customers and partners,” writes Bunskoek, “Use it to respond to people who’ve tweeted to you, or used your brand or campaign hashtag. Use it to send out messages to people about your sales or events.” Now a lot of people who use Twitter may not know this, but when you begin a tweet with an “@mention”, it only appears to the person you’re mentioning.

Bunskoek points out that in order for all of your followers to see your tweet, you should include words in front of your “@mention”. For example, write “Thanks to” or “Happy Holidays” before the person’s handle in order to both communicate a message to that person as well as allow your list of followers to see your tweets in their timelines. This is a handy tip that will help to increase your brand’s popularity.

Personalize Your Tweets. As we have previously mentioned, you don’t want all of your tweets to be strictly business-oriented. In fact, the more you show your “human side”, the more likely it is that you will gain new followers. This is because people have shown that they enjoy reading tweets that they can relate to. The more people you can relate to you, the more likely it is that they will buy from you.

Use personal tones, advises Bunskoek. She suggests the use of pronouns like “you”, “me” and “us”. She also reminds us to include photos in your tweets that highlight the personality of your brand. Tweeting photos of your happy and friendly staff will go a long way. The pictures will present your business as one that is inviting and enjoyable to visit. This will help increase your holiday traffic.

Check back for tomorrow’s blog as we reveal some more amazing Twitter tips for the holidays!

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