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3 Ways To Show Customers That They Are High Priorities

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.04.15 by John Meloche

SatisfactionCustomers are always looking for a good deal. But you may be surprised to know that a “good deal” isn’t always about the money being paid for a product or a service. True value comes by way of a great customer experience. Many consumers place great emphasis on their customer service experiences when it comes to the factors that make them continually support certain companies. In fact, many would agree to pay more for products as long as they are getting great service.

Being an excellent customer service provider takes work. It’s important to put in a concerted effort on a daily basis to make customers happy. “The way your customers feel towards you is important,” writes Raphael Caixeta on SixRevisions.com, “The more you show you care about them, the more they’ll likely want to continue working with you. With that in mind, providing good customer service to your clients should naturally be a major priority in your day-to-day schedule.”

Here are three ways to show customers that they are high priorities:

1. Don’t keep them waiting. Is there anything more annoying than having to wait in a long line-up? Perhaps, even worse, is sitting on hold, for what feels like forever, waiting for a live customer service representative to pick up the phone. In fact, what likely tops the lists of nuisances is leaving a message for a company representative only to have it ignored for days or not returned at all. When customers feel like they don’t matter, they get understandably agitated.

It’s important, not only to respond to your clients, but to respond to them quickly. “Speed is everything, especially when a client is requesting something that’s time-sensitive,” insists Caixeta, “Try to reply to your clients as soon as you can. Procrastinating on a response to a client’s email, phone call or voicemail doesn’t help anyone; you’re going to have to reply eventually, so why not do it as soon as possible?”

2. Keep them in-the-know. Some business owners, who are reasonably busy, choose not to reply to messages until they have the time to resolve the problems listed by the customers who left them. This is a mistake. The least you could do is contact your clients to let them know that you’ve received their messages and that they will be receiving your attention very shortly. Customers like to be updated about the statuses of their situations.

“Status updates give clients reinforcements that they’re involved in the project,” informs Caixeta, “If you’re experiencing trouble with something, let them know right away. It shows that you’re keeping them in the loop and that you have things under control. If it’s something major, communicating your concern right away allows clients to plan for possible delays in the project’s completion.”

3. Go over and above the call of duty for them. Sometimes, simply doing what you promised your customers is not enough. This is especially true if you’ve been keeping them waiting for significant amounts of time. Remember that customer satisfaction often lies in the interactions they have with you – even more than your products and services themselves. So what if they’ve had a less-than-pleasant experience that was out of your hands to control?

Sometimes, you just have to go that extra mile, Caixeta insists. “If a client asks for you to do something that truly won’t cost you a lot in time and income, you have the option of going the extra mile and doing it for them,” he outlines, “Not only will this result in an indebted and happy client, it can also go a long way in terms of keeping yourself in their radar for future projects.” Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to explore this subject.

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