04 Jul

3 Marketing Ideas for Independence Day

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 04.07.16 by John Meloche

A few weeks ago I proposed some marketing ideas your business can use to make Father’s Day a success. Well since another statutory holiday is upon us, we decided it’s fitting to develop another list of ideas to help you capitalize on that additional holiday demand. Like mentioned before, holidays create spikes in transactionary demand and typically serve as days where businesses generate more revenue than usual. That being said, this additional revenue is only incurred through additional promotional efforts, so let’s look at some good marketing campaigns for this Independence Day Weekend.

  1. Independence Day Themed Content. This is huge for all those businesses that rely on E-commerce. Independence Day is a cherished day for all and is followed by large celebrations all over. With these celebrations come additional demand for Independence Day themed articles, reviews, etc, all on search engines. Independence Day is a very trendy topic and people will be very interested in finding anything related to it. So if you want to make sure your website is really seen this Independence Day then amp up your Independence Day material on your website and help your SEO.
  2. Patriotism. If your selling tangible products then this may be the ideal campaign for you. The whole point of Independence Day is to celebrate the freedom you gain from being a part of a strong, independent, sovereign state. We’re celebrating how awesome our country is. Independence Day is a day of patriotism and pride in our country. So why not take that patriotic position with your store and potentially expand your clientele.
  3. Social Media. We’ve expanded on social commerce this whole week and we still haven’t done it justice. Social Media is just such a critical component of modern day business operations. It could be the most effective advertising medium in terms of mass reach and mass customization. Independence Day just gives you more opportunities for your business to be noticed. Independence Day will surely be trending over social media, so if your business posts relevant and timely patriotic Independence Day information than there’s a good shot you expand your audience and increase your sales.

The whole Independence Day weekend serves as a great 4 day span for mass purchases all over the country. It’s a prime opportunity to hook more consumers to your business. However you only get these additional consumers if you promote your company the right way. So explore social media and keep your patriotic content coming, it’s only going to help your business. Happy Independence Day!

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12 Dec

6 More Expert Tips For Holiday Marketing On Social Media

Posted in Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 12.12.14 by John Meloche

Christmas surfingWhen seeking advice, it’s always a good idea to ask the experts. And that’s exactly what we did, this week, when we researched an article posted by Jim Belosic on Inc.com. In it, he lists a number of great tips provided by industry experts who all have a lot of experience in the field of social media marketing. Not only is it important to consider this expert advice all year round, but it’s especially helpful during the holiday season as well.

With so many customers out there and online shopping for gifts, it’s important to take advantage of the many new opportunities to attract them to your business. Social networking has often been touted as today’s top way to communicate your message across the world. And many industry experts would agree that it’s a top choice when it comes to promoting your company. Here are six more expert tips for holiday marketing on social media.

1. Expose your expertise. This isn’t the first time that we’ve noted the importance of showing off. People like working with experts. According to Andrea Vahl who is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, “Marketing has changed. It’s a go-giver economy where you demonstrate the value of your product or service ahead of time by giving people the benefit of your expertise.”

2. Encourage product recommendations. If you believe in your products, ask your friends and followers to share their thoughts about them on your social media profiles. There’s nothing quite as powerful as customer testimonials, according to John Haydon of Inbound Zombie. “Research shows that consumers trust product recommendations from friends ten times as much as marketing messages that come directly from those recommended brands,” he writes.

3. Go above and beyond. Remember that you won’t be the only business owner using social media to promote your brand this holiday season. What can you do to stand out? It’s important to offer your clients something that no one else will. “Going above and beyond during the holiday season helps a business stand out in a time where everyone is competing for share of voice. Businesses should aim to disrupt this time of year,” says Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty.

4. Create a holiday countdown. Being engaging is a big part of what makes social media so successful. Get your friends and followers involved in what you’re doing on your pages. “An online advent calendar is a great example,” suggests Lilach Bullock of CommsAxis, “Daily prizes, offers, incentives, competitions, fun stuff etc. It also encourages people to come back again, to encourage sharing of your initiative, and is often much more memorable.”

5. Humanize your brand. “People want to connect with and buy from brands who they know, like and trust, and sharing your own holiday moments with your fans and followers is a great way to build this trust,” insists Boom Social CEO, Kim Garst, “I am not necessarily recommending you share your family’s Christmas morning pictures! But sharing photos of your office holiday party, Christmas decorations or other holiday events can make your brand more relatable and human!”

6. Use Facebook’s Local Awareness feature. Not surprisingly, Facebook’s Mari Smith recommends a tool offered by the social media giant that many of you may never have heard of before. “This allows you to target ads to people only when they’re physically near your business,” she informs, “You can even give people directions to your location right on their phones.”

At Synergy Marketing, we’re always looking to help you market your business. Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to find out how our promo gifts can help you!

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11 Dec

6 Ways To Use Social Media For Holiday Marketing

Posted in Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 11.12.14 by John Meloche

Blue Christmas BirdThe holiday shopping season doesn’t just present a time of year when malls are crowded and people are spending more than ever before. It also marks a time when business owners are marketing their businesses in new and inventive ways in order to attract more customers. And if you’re thinking that “new and inventive” means making use of the internet, you’d be right! To be more specific, social networking is a top choice for holiday marketing.

On Inc.com, Jim Belosic writes that there are several ways to make use of social media in order to market your business over the holidays. He offers a list of great tips with the assistance of fellow business professionals. We will be dedicating our next two blogs to this amazing list of suggestions. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss six ways to utilize social media for your holiday marketing campaign.

1. Ask your customers what they most want from you. Belosic believes that gathering information about the likes and dislikes of your customers will help you to better plan your marketing strategies in the future. “You’ll learn what kinds of products and services your users/customers like about what’s already in your line-up, what they don’t care so much about, and what they wish you offered,” he writes, “It’s cheap market research.”

2. Showcase charitable activities that your company participates in. Social media profiles are great for showing the “personality” of your brand. As we’ve often said, it’s a win-win situation when you donate your time or money to charity. Not only are these worthy causes helping people in need, but your efforts reflect very favourably upon your brand. “Show how the people in your company celebrate or honour certain traditions,” says Ann Handley of Marketing Profs.

3. Provide valuable content. People don’t just want to be advertised to, they want to learn, they want to be entertained and they want their opinions to count. Remember that social networking is all about being social. “As business owners, we should approach our marketing as ‘how can I give more valuable content in a bigger way so that I can reach more people?’” says online marketing expert, Melanie Duncan.

4. Engage your audience. Speaking of being social, some of the best ways that you can promote your brand is to encourage your audience to engage in conversations with you. The holiday season provides many reasons to get talking. “To increase engagement on your Facebook Page, ask your fans to post their favourite holiday photos from their childhood or share details about their favourite holiday treats,” suggests Facebook Marketing author, Amy Porterfield.

5. Focus on relevance and context. “Ask yourself – how does your brand tie into the holidays?” says Shama Hyder of Marketing Zen, “If you are B2B company serving sales professionals, chances are that they are scurrying to meet year end goals or they thinking about how to reward their current customers. You can share with them ideas on how to make last minute sales or provide gift ideas for their best customers.”

6. Make it about your customers. Place the focus on those who support your business and they are bound to support you even more. Jesse Stanchak of Microsoft UK insists that you ask what your customers are focused on. Don’t be afraid to ask them about exactly what makes them tick. “Ask yourself what your best customers – the people who support you all year round – are doing this month,” he advises.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue our look at this expert list of social media holiday marketing suggestions.

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10 Dec

5 More Holly Jolly Holiday Marketing Tips

Posted in Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 10.12.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_37546689_xsIn yesterday’s blog, we began to look at some holiday marketing tips provided by Wendy McCance on SearchingForTheHappiness.com. She notes that with just a few weeks left in 2014, the time is now to really push for more sales. After all, this is the time of year when business owners have the best opportunities to grow their client bases for the new year. Holiday shopping is at a fever pitch right now. Are you getting in on the action?

McCance really champions the use of social media in her article. At Synergy Marketing, we’re no strangers to the power of Facebook and Twitter. We have often blogged about it, but more importantly have utilized these social networking sites to plug our blogs and offer links to our website. No one knows, better than us, how important it is to be able to communicate with a client base on a daily basis.

It’s exactly what we’re experts at doing! And because of this, we know that Canadian business owners greatly benefit from giving out promotional gifts to their customers. As we mentioned yesterday (and many times before), people love to get things for free. But what else can you do to have a strong end to 2014? In today’s blog, we’ll round out McCance’s list of holly jolly holiday marketing tips.

1. Get the staff involved in something charitable. As we’ve said in previous blogs, getting involved in charity is always a win-win situation. And is there a better time of year than now to give back to those who are less fortunate? McCance suggests getting involved in a toy drive or packaging holiday food for those in need. It’s a great way to help others enjoy the holidays in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

2. Run holiday email campaigns. As we’ve mentioned, McCance strongly believes in the power of the internet. And she doesn’t restrict her advice to the use of social media alone. Email newsletters have long worked to spread business news in a very economical way. “Offer FREE shipping, pre-wrapped gifts or discounted gift cards,” says McCance. This is bound to send some business your way that may have gone elsewhere.

3. Write a holiday article that you can post on your website. Well, here’s some advice that we obviously take ourselves! The majority of our blogs over the past month have been holiday-themed. Naturally, this time of year brings about a certain energy and excitement and it’s important for your company to reflect that in the content that it adds to its site. If you need help with blogging, you should look into hiring an experienced blogger.

4. Send out holiday cards the old-fashioned way. At Synergy Marketing, we strongly believe in handing out free gifts. But you knew that already. To reiterate McCance’s tip here, giving out gifts during the holidays is the perfect way to show your favourite customers how much you care about their business. “Show your clients you truly care and take the time to mail them a holiday greeting,” she writes. We suggest our Holiday CDs & Greeting Cards!

5. Hand out promotional gifts. Why stop at greeting cards? There are a ton of promo gifts to choose from at Synergy Marketing. Fantastic holiday-themed gifts such as ornaments and winter-themed gifts such as ice scrapers are incredibly popular right now. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get your hands on some great promotional gifts right away? To place your order, give us a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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09 Dec

5 Ways To Promote Your Brand In 2014’s Final Weeks

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 09.12.14 by John Meloche

Shopping cart with boxes and bags, happy holidaysWell, there’s still a couple of weeks left for us all to complete our holiday shopping. But, as a business owner, that doesn’t mean that there’s a whole lot of time left for you to promote your company’s holiday deals. Promoting your business for the holidays is something that generally begins in November. We should know. We’ve been blogging about it since before Halloween! The question is, how much attention have you given your holiday marketing strategies?

Perhaps, the question is better asked by Wendy McCance on SearchingForTheHappiness.com when she asks “What are you doing to make sure you get your message out during the holiday season?” Getting your message out is what is bound to get more of your customers in – to your store, that is. “This is the most critical time of year to promote your business using social media,” McCance insists.

But it isn’t just your social media profiles that are bound to boost your…well, profile! There’s a lot that you can offer your customers so that they are encouraged to finish their holiday shopping with you over your competitors. There are only a few weeks left in 2014, McCance reminds us. And with that, she offers up some tips on how to promote your business during the year’s final weeks. Here are five great ideas.

1. Offer gift certificates, and special events on your social media platforms. In case you couldn’t already tell, McCance is a big supporter of social media. And, as readers of the Synergy Marketing Blog are well aware, so are we! “Use Twitter or Facebook to pass out special holiday codes that can be used in store during certain days and times,” she insists. Social networking is arguably the easiest and cheapest way to get the word out.

2. Put together a contest with a holiday theme. Contests are always exciting. They are great ways to drum up interest in your brand. “Mention it on Twitter, your Facebook page and your website,” advises McCance. Not only will this work to grow your friends and followers, but it is likely to increase the traffic in your physical store location as well. People love getting things for free – as we often say. Contests are great ways to attract attention thanks to that fact.

3. Offer a buy one get one free promotion. Speaking of getting things for free, people enjoy getting good value for their money through the popular buy-one-get-one-free deal. Remember that shoppers are looking for discounts wherever they can find them, especially since they are doing more shopping this month than at any other time of year. Naturally, McCance recommends that you promote your special two-for-one offer on Twitter.

4. Have your staff put together a fun holiday video to show customers what a fun, personable business you have. YouTube cannot be forgotten when you’re talking about the popularity of social media. People love viewing and commenting on photos. But they love viewing, sharing and commenting on videos even more. Filming a video that will shine a favourable light on your brand is simply a smart business choice.

5. Host a holiday Tweet chat with your customers. Hashtags are all the rage these days. Go ahead and create a #chattime or #timetotalk hashtag (or one of your own choosing) to encourage people to speak with you via Twitter at a set out time. Offer those who converse with you, during your Tweet chat, special deals and discounts during the holiday shopping season. It’s bound to get you some new customers.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to look at McCance’s ideas for boosting your sales this holiday shopping season. And since people love getting things for free so much, it would be a good idea to get your hands on some great promotional gifts from Synergy Marketing. To place your order, give us a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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25 Nov

5 Ideas For Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 25.11.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_5694525_xsOn Shopify.com, Humayun Khan writes that “The National Retail Federation predicts holiday sales to increase 4.1% (to $616.9 billion) this year, a full percentage higher from last year. With a huge opportunity for profit, large retailers are fighting tooth and nail for consumers to spend their holiday budgets on their businesses.” So how do you compete with all of the other businesses out there?

Khan notes that larger retailers often win over shoppers with their low prices and free shipping. Not to mention, they have huge advertising budgets that help them become known to the masses. For the most part, people have already decided upon where they plan on doing their holiday shopping. So where does that leave you as a small business owner? Firstly, it’s important not to think that way. You have every bit a right to cash in on the holiday shopping season as they do.

Secondly, it’s important to note that, as a small business owner, you actually have some advantages over the bigger-named brands! You have the ability to make personal connections with your customers. This is where our promotional gifts come in so handy. They are great ways to encourage loyalty that lasts well after the holidays have past. Khan, however, provides five other ideas for how you can boost sales this holiday season.

1. Creatively Package Your Holiday Gift Boxes. “Shoppers during this weekend are in a rush to find ready-made unique items to gift to their loved ones,” writes Khan, “Why not do the gift-wrapping work for them?” People have always loved convenience. And with the hustle and bustle that comes along with holiday shopping, the more convenient you make the experience, the more your customers will thank you. Create one-of-a-kind gift sets that are all ready to go!

2. Make a Clever Holiday Video. The power of the internet cannot be understated. A great way to attract more visitors to your business is to post a video that will help you to stand out from your competition. “A small budget and a creative mind can go a long way when promoting your store, so if your video is distinctly humorous or clever enough and aligns with your brand you can have a recipe for a heavily-shared video,” says Khan. YouTube awaits you!

3. Focus On Pinterest. According to Khan, “When used right, social media tool Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools to sell online and in-store.” He goes on to note that major brands use Pinterest to host contests. They provide incentives to shoppers by asking users to include particular hashtags when “pinning” certain items they want. “Not only did these ideas retain loyal shoppers, but also drove hefty amounts of traffic to their social sites,” Khan informs.

4. Partner Up With a Global Brand. Joining forces with other businesses is always a good idea if it’s able to open your company up to a whole new audience. This, of course, is generally the point of taking this marketing avenue. “Creating a strategic partnership with a global brand will boost exposure for both brands,” writes Khan, “When you cross-promote each other through blogs, social networks, and emails, you both reap the benefit of the partnership.”

5. Build Valuable Content Around Your Products. This is where blogging comes in! At Synergy Marketing, we often blog about the various promotional products that we have to offer, knowing that sharing this information through social media can be very beneficial. Khan agrees. “You can encourage you customers to share blog posts, articles, social media posts and emails organically by providing them content they can actually use,” he reveals.

Don’t forget to get your hands on those perfect holiday promo gifts. Call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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24 Nov

Social Media Factor Huge In Holiday Shopping Decisions

Posted in Social Media on 24.11.14 by John Meloche

Blue bird in christmas cap.We don’t generally go too long without blogging about the power of social media, here on the Synergy Marketing Blog. And that’s because we know just how powerful it can be! In all likelihood, you know this as well. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account? It doesn’t seem like it, does it? With these social networking platforms among the most popular in the world, it only makes sense for business owners to take advantage of them.

Now, it is true that it’s important to be social through your social media platforms. That includes both asking and answering questions, offering insight and clicking “like” on the posts of others. But, for small business owners, social media also provide numerous ways to promote their brands free of charge. And considering the vast popularity of the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

The benefits of using social media to promote your brand are only bound to increase during the holiday season. Naturally, this time of year brings out more shoppers than at any other time of year. It’s probably an understatement to say that it would be a good idea to advertise all of your stores’ special deals and discounts online. After all, the internet is where a lot of people go first to browse for gifts.

On MarketingLand.com, Greg Sterling reveals that a recent study found that social media channels will play a major role in the shopping decisions made by consumers this year. The MarketLive survey was conducted online among 1,000 smartphone owners – half of them male, the other half female, Sterling informs. The tying bind was that each respondent spends a minimum of $250 per year through e-commerce.

What were some of the most interesting findings from the survey? “30 percent of respondents had made a purchase as a direct result of ‘engagement with a social networking site’ within the past year. That was up from 18 percent the previous year,” writes Sterling. Apparently, looking for and sharing product recommendations as well as discussing gift ideas is a big part of what people use social media for during the holiday shopping season.

What were the biggest factors in what got people to spend their money with certain merchants? According to Sterling, “free shipping, deals, points and discounts” draw the most interest. “Most consumers remain highly price sensitive and want offers to motivate them to buy,” he reveals, “whether on conventional e-commerce sites or social media with buy buttons.”

So what else did the survey find? Says Sterling, respondents “would likely be influenced by recommendations and personalized emails (and) they would be fairly receptive to personalized ads or, by implication, retargeting on social networks. A quarter of respondents said they would be anticipating personalized display ads on social sites and would be ‘taking advantage’ of such ads as part of their shopping this holiday season.”

So what does this mean for your business? Well, if you haven’t yet taken advantage of social media, the time to start is now! As you’re likely aware, starting up a Facebook or Twitter account is free. And there are many other social media platforms out there. At Synergy Marketing, we do what we can to stay active on social media. A link to each and every one of our blogs can be found on our profiles. Here’s hoping you “like” them!

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19 Nov

5 Steps To Securing Super Holiday Sales

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 19.11.14 by John Meloche

Christmas ShoppingThe malls are already filled with shoppers looking for holiday gifts. And they’re only bound to get even more crowded. Remember, we’re still in November. In the coming weeks, things are going to get busier than ever! And that goes for your business too. Don’t think that, because you’re a small business owner, you can’t cash in big during the holiday shopping season. Holiday sales are on the rise.

At least, this is what Julie Gordon writes on Inc.com. “This year, holiday sales are predicted to rise 4.1 percent compared with 2013,” reveals Gordon, “But with only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas, valuable shopping time will be at a premium. The National Retail Federation is also forecasting that 2014 e-commerce holiday sales will see a 9 to 12 percent uptick, so any delay in preparing for this year’s–or next year’s–holiday shopping season could quickly cause lost sales.”

So don’t delay. There is still over a month to go until Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you have any time to waste in the “holiday business marketing” department. “Small-business owners wishing to grow both their sales and customer base during the most critical part of the retail calendar must plan ahead and avoid scattered marketing tactics,” says Gordon. And with that, she offers five steps to boost your company’s sales this holiday season.

1. Develop your holiday strategy early. And, by early, we mean that if you haven’t gotten started yet, make today the day you get things going! Beginning your marketing strategy off the top of next week is the latest you should begin. Gordon advises that you engage your customers as much as possible. You can do this through making special offers as a well as other incentives to draw in first-time customers.

2. Prepare your business and staff. Naturally, the whole team has to be on board. It’s important for the entire energy of your business to be holiday-focused. This will come in very handy in the customer service department. Gordon notes that you can “help ease your customers’ anxiety by emphasizing exceptional customer service. This may mean specific training sessions for your current staff or adding temporary help to meet a holiday rush.”

3. Thank and retain existing customers. If it’s one thing we know, here at Synergy Marketing, it’s that customers really appreciate it when they are shown appreciation. Gordon agrees. She writes that there are some simple, yet effective ways to thank your customers that will encourage them to support you during the holidays. They include personalized email messages, invites to customer-appreciation activities and mentions on social media.

4. Attract new customers. What small business owner doesn’t want to secure new customers? During the holiday season, you will be given more opportunities than normal to meet and retain new customers. “It is always important to reach new customers using multiple avenues,” affirms Gordon, “This includes announcing special discounts and promotions via local newspaper ads, holiday circulars, and even postcards.”

5. Monitor results. It’s integral to your company’s success that you get a good handle on what you’ve accomplished so that you can learn from your missteps. This will help to develop your new strategies for the future. “Compare the weekly sales results for the current and previous years, both in-store and online,” advises Gordon, “If there are differences, determine what accounted for them. Jot down a few new ideas for the coming year (but don’t wait six months to do so).”

And never forget to hand out your promotional gifts throughout the holidays! Order yours today by calling Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884.

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18 Dec

Boosting Holiday Sales Through Twitter

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.12.13 by John Meloche

Cute blue christmas bird with speech bubbleThe holiday season is a fun time for a lot of people. And business owners are no exception. This is the time of year when shoppers are looking to spend more money and purchase more items than at any other time of year. This also means that business owners need to step it up in order to ensure that shoppers are not going to the competition for the products and services that they see as great gift ideas.

There are tons of ways to promote your brand during the holiday season, and we’ve been looking at many ideas over the past couple of weeks. But this week, we’re taking a look at how using the hugely popular social networking site known as Twitter as a means of advertising can be beneficial. On SocialMediaToday.com, Krista Bunskoek offers an array of ideas on how to use Twitter to boost sales. Let’s look at a few more today.

Seasonal Hashtags. If you’re familiar with Twitter, then you are certainly familiar with hashtags. Very often used in tweets, these hashtags help to spread your messages that much further. Simple hashtags including #giftideas, #lastminutedeals, #discounts, #coupons, #holidayshopping and more can help for your tweets to become part of conversations that involve a great deal of people.

People often research such key words on Twitter in order to get in on some these conversations. You may be surprised at just how many new people will discover you thanks to the hashtags you’re including in your comments. Bunskoek even reports that Google is now including hashtags in their searches. Therefore, “using seasonal hashtags can get your tweets found beyond Twitter.”

Share your @mentions. “Use @mentions to connect directly with customers and partners,” writes Bunskoek, “Use it to respond to people who’ve tweeted to you, or used your brand or campaign hashtag. Use it to send out messages to people about your sales or events.” Now a lot of people who use Twitter may not know this, but when you begin a tweet with an “@mention”, it only appears to the person you’re mentioning.

Bunskoek points out that in order for all of your followers to see your tweet, you should include words in front of your “@mention”. For example, write “Thanks to” or “Happy Holidays” before the person’s handle in order to both communicate a message to that person as well as allow your list of followers to see your tweets in their timelines. This is a handy tip that will help to increase your brand’s popularity.

Personalize Your Tweets. As we have previously mentioned, you don’t want all of your tweets to be strictly business-oriented. In fact, the more you show your “human side”, the more likely it is that you will gain new followers. This is because people have shown that they enjoy reading tweets that they can relate to. The more people you can relate to you, the more likely it is that they will buy from you.

Use personal tones, advises Bunskoek. She suggests the use of pronouns like “you”, “me” and “us”. She also reminds us to include photos in your tweets that highlight the personality of your brand. Tweeting photos of your happy and friendly staff will go a long way. The pictures will present your business as one that is inviting and enjoyable to visit. This will help increase your holiday traffic.

Check back for tomorrow’s blog as we reveal some more amazing Twitter tips for the holidays!

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