17 Apr

3 More Ways To Impress Your Customer Base

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.04.15 by John Meloche

Happy group of shopping womenYou’re in business to make money. That much is obvious. But you can’t make money unless you have customers to support your brand. Therefore, your line of thinking should change just a little bit. You’re in business to make customers happy. That’s the way you should think! If you’re working to improve the lives of those who do business with you, your business is bound to succeed. And naturally, making money will be the result.

What are the best ways to make customers happy? In yesterday’s blog, we took a look at a few ways that included being accessible over the phone, personalizing your product packaging and giving away freebies. With some insight from Rob Carpenter of Evergage.com, we detailed some effective ways that you can improve the customer experience at your business. In today’s blog, we’ll continue to analyze his excellent advice.

Here are three more ways to impress your customer base:

1. Anticipate problems that may arise. No one is saying that you need to be psychic. But you know your business better than anyone, don’t you? And you should certainly know your customers. Knowing what problems may arise in the future is a great way to have a solution ready well in advance. This will go a long way in making your customers happy, as you will be seen as a quick problem-solver. Obviously, that makes your business look good.

“By staying one step ahead of the customer, not only are you able to proactively solve problems and create a seamless customer experience, you are able to plan your customer outreach and personalize it,” says Carpenter, “Being proactive allows you to remain in control at all times of the user’s brand experience.” As mentioned, no one knows your business better than you do. So no one should be able to fix problems quicker than the person who knows it best.

2. Publicly praise your customers. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we live in a tech-savvy, internet-crazed world. And although people still enjoy speaking with live representatives over the phone, they also vastly enjoy communicating via social media. It’s important for your business to be represented through social media profiles and for your accounts to be very active. Carpenter actually insists that you “make people famous”!

He advises business owners to highlight their favourite customers through their social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also use your website and its blog to praise your favourite clients. “Most people love to be publicly recognized, and giving a user a moment in the limelight is a powerful way to turn them into a brand ambassador and life-long customer,” writes Carpenter, “For your other users, it demonstrates a customer-focused attitude and goes a long way towards creating a sense of community, which can be appealing to new users.”

3. Make online purchasing easy. Do you have repeat customers? All successful businesses enjoy the ability to rely on customers who have shown their loyalty. Carpenter writes that you should have your website encourage repeat orders by making the online purchasing experience very easy. You can do this by making it so that information about previous purchases automatically pops up when a returning visitor is making an online purchase.

“When a user comes to your website, make it easy for them to build on past experiences by highlighting previous purchases or interactions,” he advises, “As a user, when your preferences and past actions are remembered by the site, not only is your experience easier, it also makes you feel valued and appreciated.” At Synergy Marketing, we greatly value and appreciate our customers. And we’d like to make you one today!

Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to discuss branding our promo gifts with your company logo!

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16 Apr

3 Effective Ways To Improve The Customer Experience

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 16.04.15 by John Meloche

Businesswoman on phone signing document at officeOver the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focusing on improving your company’s team. Generally, your business can only be successful as your employees allow it to be. The more dedicated they are to your vision, the better they will perform. We mentioned, however, that a big part of your job is to get your team on board with improving the lives of your customers. After all, who matters more to your company?

Providing excellent customer experiences is the true definition of a successful company. It’s important to put customers first so that they will continue to offer their long term support. Without it, your company will find it a lot tougher to thrive. Surprisingly, “some companies simply can’t be bothered to put their customers at the center of their business by prioritizing their experience,” writes Rob Carpenter on Evergage.com.

Here are three effective ways to improve the customer experience:

1. Be accessible over the phone. It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy and internet-crazy our world has become, people still prefer speaking to live representatives over any other type of customer service. It’s important to offer your customers the type of service that makes them feel comfortable. You don’t just need friendly and knowledgeable staff members. You need an easy way for them to be reached. Carpenter suggests that you offer phone consults to your clients.

He also suggests that you find ways to better know your customers. Keep in mind that the success of your company largely depends on the relationships it builds with its clients. “The lesson here is that deepening your relationship with your power users sometimes means going offline,” Carpenter writes, “It means taking the time to understand how your product fits into your user’s life, and recognizing them and appreciating their business in a way that is uniquely meaningful to them.”

2. Personalize your product packaging. Showing your customers that you care often means adding a bit of a personal touch. While reaching out via phone to make sure that they are satisfied with your service will help out quite a bit, you may also want to find ways to personalize the way your products are packaged. Taking the time to add personal handwritten messages to go along with the deliveries of your products is one example.

“While it takes an extra minute or two, it sends the message to the customer that they are seen and heard — that their decision to give you their business is appreciated,” insists Carpenter, “This is especially important during the trial phase. Taking the time to connect with the customer on a personal level creates a bond between the user and the brand that they will remember when the trial is over.”

3. Give away freebies. Synergy Marketing has long championed the concept of giving away freebies to customers. And why wouldn’t we? We offer the best promotional products in the business! Our many years of experience have proven that giving customers useful items for free works wonders in building loyalty, garnering referrals, growing client bases and increasing sales. Carpenter certainly agrees with this practice.

“One of the easiest ways to make customers happy is to give them something for nothing,” he writes, “But there is a difference between giving away useless trinkets, and providing customers with added bonuses that bring value to their life or to their business.” We couldn’t agree more. This is why we are dedicated to offering high-quality promo gifts that add value to the lives of their recipients.

To order promo gifts for your company, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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03 Mar

6 Ways To Improve The Customer Experience

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.03.15 by John Meloche

Happy couple shoppingIn yesterday’s blog, we outlined a few simple, yet effective changes that you could make to help grow your business. While teams from all over the NHL were making their last minute changes at the 3 p.m. EST trade deadline, we were looking at ways that Canadian business owners could implement changes to build their own brands. With help from Chad Halvorson of Forbes.com, we unveiled that one of those significant changes was simplification.

When you make it easy to do business with your company, you invite customers to want to come back more often. “Think about your buying process from start to finish,” challenges Halvorson, “Is it easy or does it make customers want to bang their heads against the wall? If you’re not sure what customers think about your services, ask them via an online survey.” And with that, he lists a number of ways that you can improve the customer experience. Here are six.

1. Make products easy to find. Halvorson tops his lists of suggestions with this tip, perhaps because it’s helps to easily avoid a common problem. Customers hate it when they have trouble finding what they’re looking for. This is especially true when they are in a rush. Be sure to post bright and noticeable signs that can direct customers towards the products that they want. It’s also important to employ knowledgeable and friendly staff members who can assist customers along the way.

2. Update your payment systems. Canadian consumers love options. They enjoy being able to choose between paying with cash or their credit cards and debit cards. To be honest, Canadian shoppers have shown a particular affinity towards using plastic to pay for their purchases. If you are yet to begin accepting credit and debit cards, you should certainly look into it. If you already do, you may wish to upgrade from your current provider. For this important service, we recommend Canadian POS Corporation.

3. Be more responsive. Halvorson insists that you pay close attention to your emails and phone messages. By not returning them promptly, you may give your customers the impression that you don’t care about their business. To reiterate a point made earlier, when customers come calling, they are usually in need of immediate assistance. They don’t generally like to wait. So don’t make them wait! Being accessible will help your business by leaps and bounds.

4. Be consistent. Your customers have come to expect a certain brand of service from your company. Be sure to provide it time in and time out. Customers appreciate it when you come through for them. But it doesn’t mean that you should only do so one time. We live in a “what have you done for me lately?” kind of world. That means that the last experience your customer had with you will be the one that sticks in his or her mind the most. It’s important to be consistent.

5. Keep popular items in stock. Halvorson points out another simple task that sometimes goes overlooked. It’s important to be able to project the type of sales that your products may pull off. When customers come looking for items that happen to be out of stock, it’s generally all the reason they need to seek those items elsewhere. And to highlight an already-made point, they will likely remember what your competition did for them “lately” and support them over you going forward.

6. Make your website user-friendly. As you likely know, Synergy Marketing revamped its website just a few weeks ago. It’s important to us that our visitors enjoy their online experiences with our brand. We feel that our new site makes it even easier to peruse through all of the wonderful promotional products that we have to offer. Be sure to update your website, constantly keeping in mind the importance of usability.

For more information on those fantastic promo gifts, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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