24 Jul

3 Steps To Ensure Your Marketing Strategies Are Effective

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 24.07.15 by John Meloche

many green targets and three arrows reaching the center of objective, image fading from green to white with blur effect, square format. Strategic marketing or business competitive advantage concept.On the Synergy Marketing Blog, we often provide readers with a ton of useful information in the way of small business advertising. After all, it’s what we do! By offering Canadian business owners the best promo products in the business, we offer ways for their brands to grow on the cheap. As we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, the use of promotional gifts as part of an advertising strategy can be considered an “old school” method.

Business owners have been using promo gifts for so long that it has earned what we believe to be this long-standing excellent reputation. However, it’s important that all business owners approach each and every one of their marketing campaigns carefully. As Greg Head writes on SmallBizTrends.com, “all successful businesses have a clear marketing strategy that makes everything they do more effective.”

Here are three steps to ensure your marketing strategies are effective:

1. It all starts with defining your target customer. No matter what type of marketing strategy you employ, there must be some specific direction. You’re not just advertising to anybody. You’re targeting a specific audience that can most benefit from what you have to offer. According to Head, being this focused will be the difference between you growing your business profitably and not gaining any momentum for it at all.

“The first decision in any marketing strategy is to define your target customer,” he insists, “’Who do you serve?’ always needs to be answered clearly before you can execute any tactic effectively. This means you have to say ‘no’ to other potential customers who might buy from you but who are clearly bad fits for your narrow focus. This takes time to develop the discipline, but you can’t do effective marketing without it.”

2. It continues with offering a unique benefit. Something that you’ll often see us asking in our blogs is “what makes your business different?” Standing out from your competition is a key ingredient in securing business success. As Head reiterates, your company should be able to offer its clientele a unique benefit. He suggests that you keep your product descriptions simple, with a focus on the benefits that only they can give.

“Your unique benefit should highlight the one (or two) main things your product or service actually delivers (benefits) that your target customer really wants, not a long list of all the things your product does (features),” he advises, noting that his own software company, Infusionsoft practices this tip. “We don’t describe everything our software does or the hundreds of benefits, we keep our focus on those three key benefits in everything we do,” he reveals.

3. It also involves knowing your competition. How can you beat your competitors if you don’t know who they are? It’s important to be up on what your competition is doing. Study what they are offering and how they are advertising it. Find ways to showcase to your target audience that what you have to offer is superior and come up with a superior way to communicate that. This greatly influences the buying public.

“When someone is looking to buy a solution to a problem, they will quickly make sense of the alternatives to compare against – your competition,” states Head, “However, most entrepreneurs haven’t specifically defined who their real competition is and don’t focus their messages to create clear differentiation for their buyers. This frustrates the buying decision process and makes your marketing efforts weaker.”

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27 May

3 Ways Giveaways Make For A Powerful Marketing Strategy

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 27.05.15 by John Meloche

Free - Green ButtonOver the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focused on the concept of free giveaways as effective marketing strategies. It stands to reason that we would champion such an advertising practice considering that we offer Canadian business owners the best promotional products in the business! However, as our blogs have pointed out, promo gifts aren’t the only free giveaways that work effectively.

Businesses all over North America have been prospering for decades by offering their customer bases everything from free advice to free food. A friendly conversation at a summer barbeque has never hurt a business owner. And offering up something for free to your client base won’t hurt you either! “Offering a free give away can be a powerful and effective marketing strategy,” writes David Frey on FrugalMarketing.com.

Here are three ways giveaways make for a powerful marketing strategy:

1. They “hook” your audience in. If you’re truly confident in the high-quality of the products that you offer, you should have no problem allowing your customers to test them out. That way, they will have the opportunity to see for themselves just how great what you have to sell really is. Giving people the opportunity to try out your goods for free is a great way to “hook” them in to paying for them in the future.

Frey certainly believes in this philosophy. “Prospects who test your product or service risk-free might recognize its value and continue purchasing what you offer,” he writes, “Or even better, your prospect will get ‘hooked’ on your product or service and won’t be able to live without it.” If you don’t have enough of your product to give away, consider staging live demonstrations so you can show your customers the benefits of buying your products.

2. They help you to hold on to older customers. It is very often said that keeping your current customers is a lot easier than attracting new ones. It’s important to never forget those who have already shown support to your business. You certainly don’t want to lose them! Free giveaways help to keep your current audience engaged, believes Heather Holdorf. And she points out how promotional products can do the trick.

“How do you engage customers with shot glasses that have your company’s logo on them?” she asks on Yahoo.com, “The allure of giveaways often give customers an extra reason to visit you at an event. If you market free giveaways online, your brand might come across your customers’ paths when they least expect it and in turn spur a conversation that ends in additional business.” But there’s another important reason that giveaways are so effective in promoting your brand.

According to Frey, customers who receive free giveaways are a lot more likely to feel that they owe you something. Your kind gesture works as great encouragement to buy from you in order to return the favour. “This principle is called the ‘Law of Reciprocity,’ which simply states that people naturally feel an obligation to return favours as a way of expressing their thanks,” he explains.

As you are well aware, Synergy Marketing offers Canadian business owners the best promo products in the business! And how are we so confident that our gifts are the best? The combination of their high quality, low cost and excellent effectiveness has been helping companies all across Canada to grow for many years now. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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29 Apr

5 Popular Promotional Product Strategies

Posted in Promotional Products on 29.04.15 by John Meloche

img-highlighter-pen-1024x1269There are so many different ways that you could choose to advertise your small business. But, as the Synergy Marketing Blog has pointed out before, most traditional methods of advertising are too expensive and ineffective for small business owners to afford. As well, it bears repeating that small business owners actually have a particular advantage over bigger corporations when it comes to marketing their brands.

They have the unique opportunity to get to know their customers personally. This is the first reason that small business owners should utilize promotional products as part of their marketing strategies. Promo gifts have been proven to spark and develop new relationships that can last a long time. The customer relationship to a small business owner is important because many small businesses rely on repeat business from loyal clients.

Founded in 1956, the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada is a non-profit association that unifies suppliers and distributors of promotional gifts at tradeshows across the country. On their website, they reveal the most common ways for companies to use promo gifts to their advantage. In our experience, promo gifts are effective no matter what approach is used to distribute them. Nevertheless, this is worth looking into.

Here are five popular promotional product strategies:

1. Advertising specialties. By virtue of the very name “promotional product”, your gift is something that is meant to advertise. According to PPPC, ad specialties have three key elements. Your promo gifts can incorporate promotional messages. They can be placed on or with a useful item. Or they can be given with no strings attached. Either way, they serve to shed a favourable light on your brand.

2. Premiums. This is a strategy that involves a little bit of give and take – so to speak. In other words, it can be placed in the “strings attached” category. PPPC provides the example of book stores giving out free bookmarks to those who buy books. You could also say that this strategy goes in the “giving a little extra” category as it adds value to the purchase. Largely, customers enjoy getting more for their money.

3. Incentives. Sometimes, promo gifts can be used as prizes. PPPC points out that promotional products can be offered as incentives “to produce a specific action”. This works wonders with your employees. Keep in mind that you don’t only have to use your gift to entice your customers to buy. They can also be used to reward the members of your staff who have reached certain targets and surpassed certain goals.

4. Rewards. Speaking of giving out rewards, PPPC notes that this is another business-boosting strategy that makes great use of promotional products. “Plaques, service pins, trophies, award jewellery and other gifts that signify,” reads the website. Again, feel free to reward both customers and employees alike. Using high-end promo gifts to show gratitude to your most loyal customers is a great way to keep them coming back and spreading the word about your business.

5. Business gifts. According to PPPC, this strategy signifies when promo gifts are “typically given by businesses to customers and employees, and occasionally, suppliers. In the context used here, business gifts are not extravagant gifts and trips. Gift giving reasons cited by companies are: To thank customers, to develop business, to recognize employee performance and longevity, because customers expect them, and others.”

To get your hands on the best promo products in the business, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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24 Apr

4 Creative Ways To Use Your Promotional Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 24.04.15 by John Meloche

bling-pen-large-logo-group-rev-1024x1269Promo gifts are great. They help business owners advertise their companies in very cost-efficient and effective ways. Readers of the Synergy Marketing Blog are very well aware of the many benefits that promo gifts provide. Just yesterday, we unveiled some statistics that found Canada to be the second highest user of promo gifts in the whole world! Evidently, Canadian entrepreneurs know the value of a good promo gift.

At Synergy Marketing, we’ve learned that it’s not just the high quality of our gifts that do the trick. We often discuss, with our clients, the many different marketing strategies that they can use to give their promo gifts more power. For example, they can hold contests using the promo gifts as prizes. This doesn’t just make use of promo gifts as regular gifts. It positions the business to attract new customers through a fun and interactive method.

On Nebs.ca, it is noted that there are many interesting and effective ways to utilize promotional products. “Try to pick a time that ties in with something directly related to your business – like an anniversary, open house, or the launch of a new product or service,” advises the website. Tying in your giveaway to something “bigger” is a great way to generate more interest in your brand.

Here are four creative ways to use your promotional gifts:

1. To reinforce early orders and early payments. Promo gifts are often used as ways of saying “thank you”. In this case, Nebs.ca is highlighting the importance of showing appreciation to those who can be relied upon to own up to their end of the bargain. “For instance, send a pen to customers who consistently pay once a bill arrives,” recommends the website. It never hurts to give thanks.

Check out our pens HERE!

2. To thank customers for their business. Speaking of giving thanks, there’s no reason to not offer it to each of your customers just for doing business with you. It’s a nice gesture that can go a long way. Especially because promo gifts are useful, the gesture will be received as one that adds great value to the interaction. “For example, bicycle dealers may want to give out free water bottles with the purchase of every bicycle and auto repair shops may include floor mats with every service job,” suggests Nebs.ca.

3. To support community events, sport teams and educational programs. Giving back to the community is always a good idea. “Instead of giving money to your town’s summer festival for instance, try donating Frisbee® Discs imprinted with your logo,” advises Nebs.ca, “Or donate balloons to the high school graduation ceremonies as a way of showing your company’s pride in students’ accomplishments.”

4. To recognize employees for their hard work and length of service to your company. Boosting employee morale should be a part of your everyday tasks. Your company is only as strong as the people you have hired to represent it. “Remember, employees who feel good about your company may do a better job with customers,” says the website. It’s just as important to thank your staff members as it is to thank your customers.

“Used creatively, promotional products can help differentiate your company from the competition, build relationships with current customers, and attract new business,” reads Nebs.ca, “They can also create feelings of goodwill and encourage the word-of-mouth your company relies on for new business.” To get your hands on some excellent promotional products for your business, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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12 Feb

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Marketing

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 12.02.15 by John Meloche

StarsIt’s not easy being a business owner. Among the many tasks that you have to handle on a day-to-day basis, it’s also your job to come up with ways to promote your brand. That’s where we come in, at Synergy Marketing. We make it our job to provide you with ways to elevate the status of your business in the minds of the general public. And while our promotional products have long been known to make great impressions, they are best utilized as part of bigger marketing plans.

On CreativeSocialBlog.com, this idea is communicated. “Marketing is transitioning from monologue to dialogue, making consumer engagement absolutely essential when introducing a new brand,” reads the site, “Compete among the best with creative promotion strategies that will help an audience remember your brand.” As you may know, the Synergy Marketing Blog often unveils lists of advertising ideas to help you along the way.

And we never tire of bringing you new and inventive ways to grow your brand’s reach. Especially in today’s internet-obsessed world, it’s important to be able to go online and use your social media profiles to connect with the public. There are many different ways to attract attention online, of course. CreativeSocialBlog.com comments upon a few. Here are five ways to get creative with your marketing.

1. Viral Video Branding. This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last time you find this suggestion on our blog. As the Creative Social Blog puts it, “videos make the online world go ’round.” It’s no secret that YouTube is insanely popular. Are you sharing videos using this social media giant? “Include your brand name in a video that goes viral and you’re golden,” insists the blog. Just shoot something attention-grabbing and pair it up with your brand’s image!

2. The Power of Limited Edition. People love the idea of getting their hands on something that’s exclusive or rare. When they own something that most others don’t, it is considered special. As CreativeSocialBlog.com notes, “this brand promotion strategy is perfect for businesses that sell collectibles, such as dolls, paintings or books, as these items are usually rare by default.” It goes on to state that this marketing methods also works well when small batches of your special products are sold to loyal customers.

3. Go Guerrilla. Well known for its low-cost nature and high-effectiveness rates, guerrilla marketing continues to grow in popularity. It’s important, however, to find the “stunt” that captures your company’s personality in a positive way. “Doing so will allow you to create a more personal connection with your audience and build a favourable image for your business,” reports the Creative Social Blog.

4. Cross Promote. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a helping hand from a fellow, non-competing business owner. It’s a great way to welcome in new customers without having to dip into your advertising budget. Be sure to locate a business that will compliment your brand, the blog reminds us. Whatever cross-promotion strategy you go with, remember that it’s important that it benefits both companies.

5. Host a Free Event. If we know one thing, here at Synergy Marketing, it’s that people love getting things for free! “Everyone loves free stuff,” CreativeSocialBlog.com agrees, “Make an impact with event marketing…Hosting an event not only encourages consumer engagement, but it also creates a positive brand image. Marketing events also have the added benefit of openness. In other words, attendees are already open to hearing about your company and what is has to offer.”

For more information on how Synergy Marketing’s promo gifts can help promote your brand, call 1-877-748-9884.

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11 Feb

3 Ways To Create Great Visual Marketing Campaigns

Posted in Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 11.02.15 by John Meloche

Visual Communication“You gotta see it to believe it!” This phrase has been made popular in various advertising campaigns throughout the years. And it’s a statement that holds relevance to this day. At Synergy Marketing, our many years of experience have proven to us that when our clients see our fantastic promotional products, they are immediately impressed. Of course, the same goes for their customers when they become recipients of these fine gifts!

When customers can get their hands on your marketing materials, your promotional campaign tends to have a lot more staying power. There’s a big difference between “feeling” your advertising strategy and just seeing it. That’s not to say that visual marketing isn’t important. In fact, it will never go out of style! Giving your target market something to see that will impress them is an important step in growing your client base. Here are three creative visual marketing ideas.

1. A product collage. On Business2Community.com, Penney Fox suggests that you “make a collage of your products or focus in on just one product that you’re promoting.” This doesn’t take a professional photographer to pull off either, she insists. In fact, taking your own snazzy photo of your awesome products is a great way to make use of your social media profiles. Fox mentions that using your phone to snap a pic and post it to Instagram is bound to get some attention.

She also gives a few details on how to stage the best photos. “Study the layout, the staging (what other objects did they bring into the photo) and the placement of the product (is it being used or sitting on a table),” she advises, “Then have some fun and play with your camera phone’s internal photo options. Experiment with these ideas: shoot from different angles, like going down to the product’s level, close-up shots or wide-angles.”

2. Fan contributed photos. Speaking of using social media, there’s arguably no better way to take advantage of your profiles than to involve your friends and followers in your marketing campaigns. “Think about ways you can start collecting photos of your fans,” suggests Fox, “Try running an Instagram or Facebook challenge and ask your fans to take photos of themselves using your products.”

One of her suggestions is to run a “Before & After contest of your fans using your services.” This can certainly work wonders for such businesses as hair and nail salons, tanning salons, gyms and weight loss programs. Fox also recommends a “monthly customer spotlight.” “Use photos of your customers using your products or services, add in a quick testimonial and you’ve got a great marketing message while spotlighting one of your top customers,” she describes.

3. Creative company images. How many different images out there represent your business? Fox reminds us that no business is represented by its logo alone. There are various pictures that you can post to give the general public a better idea about what your brand is all about. She suggests highlighting your city by taking photos of various places around town. Fox also recommends that you take photos of yourself holding your products during different times of the year.

In addition, she poses a very important question. “What do you love most about your work?” asks Fox, “Show pictures of you doing a personal coaching session or making your next order. Show us something about you so we can get to know more about you as a person, not just someone trying to sell us something.” And, of course, don’t forget to add your company logo to one of our great promo gifts. To order, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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09 Jan

5 Ways To Trim The Marketing Fat In 2015

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 09.01.15 by John Meloche

Trim the Fat Words on Scale Cut Costs BudgetWe blog a lot about various marketing strategies that we think can help Canadian business owners grow their companies. But we don’t often talk about what not to do to promote a business. Earlier this week, on Hubspot.com, Ginny Soskey wrote that sometimes doing less marketing is a good idea. But how could this be so? “You’ve got to be ruthless about cutting ineffective tactics from your marketing so you can focus on the effective ones,” she insists.

In other words, it’s time to trim the fat! Considering that we recently started a new year, many people are putting their New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and be more fit to the test. As a business owner, you somewhat have the opportunity to do the same thing. “By not doing what’s failing, you’re making room to do tasks that actually matter to your business — and drive real results,” writes Soskey.

The key is knowing what marketing strategies to cut and which ones to keep. It’s not unlike a new diet. Some foods can stay and others have to go. So what are the marketing strategies that you have tried that aren’t working? Soskey offers up some suggestions about the type of advertising tactics that business owners should stop in 2015. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at our favourite five.

1. Engaging on Social Networks That Aren’t Working. Admittedly, Synergy Marketing is a big fan of Facebook and Twitter. But, so far, that’s about it. Soskey writes that most business to business marketers use an average of six social media platforms! She admits that that’s probably a lot. “Your audience probably doesn’t hang out on every single social network, so your social strategy should mirror their consumption habits,” she informs us. Stick to the ones that work for you.

2. Expecting People to Discover Your Content Just Because It’s Great. In other words, it’s important to promote your content, not just have content. Soskey agrees that blogging is a great way to increase traffic to your website and generate leads. However, the content on your site should be promoted. This is why we, at Synergy Marketing, post links to our daily blogs to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3. Relying on Cheesy Stock Photos. Visual content is a big deal. However, some marketers seem to get caught up in buying stock photos just to ensure that every one of their social media posts carry an image. This doesn’t really work, says Soskey. “With the advent of Instagram, Canva, and other easy-to-use design and photography solutions, people can quickly tell when something is fake,” she writes.

4. Not Optimizing Conversion Paths for Mobile. People love their smartphones. Therefore, it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website. But Soskey points out that, too often, marketers seem satisfied with just doing that. “It’s just the beginning,” she insists, “This year, more marketers need to think about the usability of their website across the entire conversion path — from the time someone’s a visitor alllll the way until they’re a customer.”

5. Reporting on Data That Doesn’t Matter. People love getting their tweets “retweeted “and “favourited”. But does that really matter? Soskey doesn’t seem to think so. “Higher-ups”, she says, “don’t care about those fluffy metrics. And if you want to grow your team and earn more budget and resources, you’re going to need to work toward and report on the metrics that do matter to them.”

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02 Jan

3 Ways To Make Your Resolutions Come True

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 02.01.15 by John Meloche

Empty new year resolutionsHappy new year! Welcome to the first entry in the Synergy Marketing Blog for 2015. Firstly, we’d just like to remind you that our offices are currently closed for the holidays, but we will be opened bright and early on Monday, January 5th to serve you. We look forward to working with you in an effort to make this year your most successful one yet. Naturally, we’ve been blogging a lot lately about how business owners can grow their companies in the new year.

And now that the new year is here, it’s time to get off to making those New Year’s Resolutions of yours come true! But as Melinda Emerson points out on SucceedAsYourOwnBoss.com, “many people think resolutions are a waste of time.” She notes that this is likely because so many of us go about them the wrong way. It’s important to set goals that you can actually accomplish, she says. That’s the first step to going about things the right way.

“You’ve got to aim for something in order to move your business to the next level,” says Emerson, “However, don’t expect the stars every time. Remember those 10 pounds you’ve vowed to lose every New Year? Your goal may be too lofty, which makes you feel like resolutions are bunk. Do aim high, but within reason.” And with that, she provides three ways to make your resolutions come true.

1. Be Really Specific. Don’t just say that you want to grow your business. Give yourself a specific goal that you would like to achieve as a business owner. Then consider the legitimate methods you can employ to achieve those goals. Perhaps you need to hire new employees. Maybe you need to take advantage of a new marketing strategy. Whatever your plans are, be sure to know what the end goal is.

“You want your goals to be as detailed as possible,” Emerson advises, “Say how you want to grow it. Quantify how much you want to increase sales. The more specific you are, the better you can measure results. If you can use numbers in your resolution, do so. If you want to increase sales, include what this year’s sales were so you can easily compare.” If you don’t provide yourself with a specific goal, it isn’t all that likely it will be met.

2. Take Action. Too many people make plans, but fail to follow through on them. This has become the stereotype with New Year’s Resolutions. So be sure to write down a list of actions that you plan on undertaking in to order to see your plans through. Emerson suggests that you assign your tasks to the various members of your team and provide deadlines by which they need to be completed.

3. Review at Year-End. Now that 2014 is over, how well did your accomplishments for the year line up with the goals you set when it began? If you don’t know the answer to that question, it’s definitely time to start with some better record keeping. How else will you know how much you’ve succeeded if you’re not reviewing what you’ve attempted and what you’ve achieved? Emerson insists that by the end of this year, you’re able to clearly assess your success.

“In a year, look at those resolutions again and assess which you can check off your list and which you didn’t,” she writes, “Pay attention to those you didn’t achieve. What were the reasons? Did your team handle all the necessary tasks? Did your business shift focus? Use this information to guide you in creating next year’s resolutions. Pay attention to the progress of your goals throughout the year.”

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30 Dec

Promo Gifts Will Help You Have A Happy New Year

Posted in Promotional Products on 30.12.14 by John Meloche

keychain-132x132With this being our very last blog of 2014, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year. It is the sincere hope of the entire team, here at Synergy Marketing, that 2015 will be your most prosperous year yet. And naturally, we hope that you will invite us to be a big part of that! Our promotional products have helped many business owners throughout Canada have successful years of business for quite some time now.

“They helped me to have my best year yet,” one of our great clients informed us before the holidays, “They just gave my business a whole new reputation. I started with pens and moved on to water bottles, because I just found that the more use my customers were able to get out of the promo gifts, the better they liked them. Giving (the gifts) out helped me to get to know (my customers) better and they definitely got to liking me better too!”

In 2015, you will have ample opportunities to make better impressions on your customers. But it’s certainly a great idea to start the new year off with a bang by beginning with an all-new marketing campaign. Handing out promo gifts helps to build upon the advantage that you have over larger companies as a small business owner. By doing so, you’re building upon your personal connections and ability to interact directly with those who support your business.

“Handing out promo gifts has helped me to drum up conversations with the people that enter my store,” our client commented, “At first, I thought they were just going to be like ‘oh thanks’, but then I realized that their ‘thank yous’ opened them up to wanting to ask more questions or learn more about my business. Just as conversation pieces alone, my promo gifts have helped my business gain a better reputation.”

So how will you be gaining a better reputation in 2015? What promo gifts do you feel will be most beneficial to your client base? As you’re very likely aware, Synergy Marketing has quite the extensive catalogue. From the aforementioned pens and water bottles to key chains, flashlights, calendars and so much more, our product list just can’t be beat! As well, the quality of our gifts is top-of-the-line.

As important as it is to build personal connections with your clients with our promo gifts, it’s also important to provide them with reliable and useful items. Passing along easily breakable or noticeably poor quality products won’t be doing your business any favours. Your branded promo gifts are reflections of your brand. And that’s not just because they bear your company’s name and logo.

If your promo gifts are of high quality, they will connote that your business is one that only provides the best. How else will you be able to secure the loyalty of those who visit your place of business? At Synergy Marketing, we know the power of the promo product. And that’s why we insist upon providing the best in the business. Let’s work together in making 2015 the year when we build our business relationship!

Our offices are currently closed for the holidays. But we are back open for business on Monday, January 5th. In the meantime, we encourage you to peruse through our website to get an idea of the promo product or products that you would like to order to promote your brand in 2015. When next Monday comes, be sure to give us a call at 1-877-748-9884. We look forward to speaking with you. Until then, happy new year!

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29 Dec

5 Tips For Getting Greater Online Recognition In 2015

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.12.14 by John Meloche

Talking monitorWelcome back to the Synergy Marketing Blog everyone! We certainly hope you had an incredibly Merry Christmas! And since our offices are closed until Monday, January 5th, we just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year! In fact, one of the reasons we decided to post a blog today is to offer you a few ideas on how you may be able to pull of your best year yet in 2015.

Our blog has long been known as an excellent source of marketing ideas – if we may say so ourselves! And, every once in a while, we’ll find that the advice we research on brand marketing takes an interesting spin. You see, sometimes it pays to be innovative and different. After all, doing the same old thing isn’t bound to provide you with different results. Are you looking to get more innovative in the new year?

Well, perhaps, the best way to embark on big changes is to adopt simple strategies. In fact, maybe a few tiny tweaks are all you need to take your brand to the next level in 2015. At least, this is what Kris Ruby believes. On StartupCollective.com, she writes that a few changes to the ways in which you communicate with your clients online can make a big difference when the calendar changes over. Here are five tips for getting greater online recognition in the new year.

1. Social Media-Driven PR. Now, how often have you heard that making good use of social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter is good for business? Ruby insists that “the best PR campaigns are those that are cohesively integrated between social media and public relations…Utilize social media to share press placements, connect with bloggers and get on the radar of editors while executing multi-platform PR campaigns.”

2. Content Marketing Is the New SEO. Likely, as often as you have heard that utilizing social media is important, you have heard that blogging is the way to go. Adding content to your website on a regular basis is an excellent way for it to become more highly noticed in search engines. “The goal is to craft relevant content to make it easier for your prospects to find you,” informs Ruby.

3. Real-Time Marketing. News stories that get a lot of attention are bound to trend online. This is what has made hashtags so popular. They tie your social media posts into other relevant conversations. Is there are way to tie your business in to a current news story? “If it’s a breaking news day, find any tie in that is truly authentic,” advises Ruby, “This applies to both social media marketing and public relations campaigns.”

4. Blogger Relations. We mentioned that it’s important for your company website to include a regularly updated blog. But is there a way to get other bloggers to write about your company on their websites? “In the new world of media relations, you are essentially selling content,” Ruby tells us, “Remember, bloggers are only going to push forward interesting content that will increase viewership. Make it easy for them to run your story and you will increase the likelihood of being featured.”

5. Constant Measuring. As always, it’s important to track what works for your company and what doesn’t. What online marketing strategies have worked to engage your customers in the past? Stick to what works and abandon unproven strategies. Warns Ruby, “if you are not continually measuring what has the greatest impact with your audience, you will lose followers, and it will ultimately damage the value of the community you are trying to create.”

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