07 Sep

More Power on the Go!

Posted in Promotional Products on 07.09.16 by John Meloche

September is a busy month for many as businesses get busier and students return back to school. That means, your phone will be doing more work than usual. Ensure that you have a backup plan for battery life for your phone or your personal devices anywhere you go. Thanks to the USB Power Bank, you can now extend the battery life of your phone and personal devices helping you to stay connected on the go.

What is a USB power bank?

USB power bank is an external battery compatible with your mobile phone and other electronic gadgets. It is very convenient to carry as it is small enough to carry in your pocket. This product can be especially ideal for long business trips or for commuting students.

Adding extra hours to your phone’s battery life will ensure that you are always prepared!

This power bank comes in 3 different colours (Black, Blue, Red) and can be purchased at:


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16 Jun

How To Promote Your Company At Golf Tournaments

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 16.06.16 by John Meloche

Summer is officially here! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the weather couldn’t be nicer. What does this mean? Golf, and lots of it. Golf tournaments serve as a great marketing opportunity. People love golf and love showing up to the course and cheering friends on. The green is not only a place to have fun, but a place for promotion. With so many tournaments going on this summer. we thought we’d devise a list containing the best ways for your company to get noticed on the course.

  1. Sponsorship. This is an obvious one. You want your company’s name to be affiliated to the tournament itself. However with the increased demand for tournament attendance, these sponsorships have exponentially increased in price. Another way to deal with this, however, is to be more conservative: sponsor a part of the tournament. Just sponsor a hole or contest going on with the tournament. This is a more cost effective means of getting your company’s name on the course.
  2. Promotional Products. Promo products are a great way to get your name known, especially at golf tournaments. Not only that, but they work extremely well for pretty much any major event. If you can give out special promotional gifts with your company’s name on it to golf tournament entrants or attendees then you can ensure that a large amount of people will always have a reminder of your company right in front of them. It’s a great way to promote your company and put your image out there. Come check out what Synergy Marketing has to offer at www.thebestpromoproducts.com
  3. Banners or Signs. What’s better than having a huge banner with your name on a course packed with hundreds of people? Not too much. However to get this done your likely going to have set up a sponsorship with the tournament. This is likely the amalgamation of sponsorships and additional promotional efforts. That being said it’s a proven tactic to make your company known and appeal to a large audience in a small space.

These are all great ideas but when it comes down to it, golf tournament promotion revolves around mass placement. As a company, you want your name to be everywhere. Events such as these tend to shed a great image of your company and serve as a great opportunity to strengthen your brand. That being said, expanding your advertising around the course will surely provide amplified sales and positive perceptions of the company.

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26 Apr

3 No-Brainers That Boost Your Brand’s Image

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 26.04.16 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_54688729_s-2015In yesterday’s blog, we revisited the topic of brand image and listed a number of ways that business owners can improve theirs. It should come as no surprise that being active on social media is a well-heralded tip. Using the internet to improve the image of your brand is practically a no-brainer type of strategy in today’s digitally-crazed world. In today’s blog, we’ll add to our list of no-brainers that boost your brand’s image.

Here are three:

1. Update your website. The importance of having your website updated on a regular basis cannot be understated. When people visit your site on any given week and then decide to revisit it the next, it shouldn’t look exactly the same. There should be some sort of new content that communicates that your business is keeping busy and doing well. Stale, stagnant websites give impressions that nothing is happening with the companies they represent.

“Like it or not, your website may be the first impression a potential customer has with your organization,” says Elliot Markowitz on TheVarGuy.com, “Your website should be dynamic, contain updated industry news or company information, and include any relevant content feeds or blogs…Having a poorly designed or out-of-date, stagnant website will turn away potential customers fast.”

2. Make your customers laugh. We’re not just talking about providing excellent customer service. That’s expected. To make your brand stand out, you’ll need to employ interesting and every quirky ways to gain public interest. Why not post humorous videos to YouTube? It’s no secret that people watch videos online each and every day. The marketing company, Forgelight Creative suggests that the creation of funny videos becomes a new practice of yours.

“How many times a week, or even a day, do you find yourself distracted by an entertaining video you saw on Facebook?” they ask on their website, “If this doesn’t sound like you, trust me, it sounds like a lot of your potential customers. Consumers like companies that have a sense of humor, so if you really want your image to improve, try to make them laugh!”

3. Make your employees happy. If the people who represent your company in the public eye don’t appear to love their jobs, you give little to no reason for the buying public to think very highly of your brand. If you truly want your company to have a strong brand image, ensure that each and every member of your staff is a staunch supporter of your mission statement. Markowitz highlights the importance of addressing corporate culture.

“Employees who have a positive work experience share it through their own social media channels and word gets around,” he reveals, “Conversely, employees who are treated miserably or feel taken advantaged of also share. How you run your company is on display for the world to see. Companies will want to do business with like-minded companies that share the same values.”

Of course, it’s also always a good idea to put your brand’s logo on a great promotional gift to hand out to your customers. To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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25 Apr

3 Tips For Improving Your Brand Image

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 25.04.16 by John Meloche

Construction site crane building a blue 3D text. Part of a series.Brand imaging is everything. The opinion that the general public has about your company holds a lot of weight. People talk. And they don’t even have to know each other to do it! Each and every day, people jump on their social media accounts to connect with friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers. The likes and dislikes of a person are very easily made known these days. Where does your company fit in such conversations?

Could your brand image use some improving? Here are three tips for how to do so:

1. Expand your social media activity. We just mentioned that social media make very popular ways for people to share news and opinions these days. Your company should certainly be doing its part to stay active on social media through such accounts as Facebook and Twitter. However, these two are obviously not the only types of accounts out there.

Perhaps, it’s time for you to expand your social media reach. “Maybe it’s time you try expanding to the fastest growing social media platform, Instagram,” suggests the marketing agency, Forgelight Creative, “What better way to enhance your brand image than through connecting with customers and potential customers with visuals?”

Elliot Markowitz on TheVarGuy.com agrees that business owners need to have strong social media presences in order to improve their brands’ images. “Someone inside your company should be populating any social media presence regularly,” he advises, “They should be responding and interacting with the community. And they should be pushing out content that is both educational and relevant and aligns with your business.”

2. Host a contest this summer. Needless to say, the upcoming summertime will present ample opportunities for you to welcome new customers through the doors of your store. But, we’ve been saying it anyway! Last week, we posted a number of blogs detailing ways that you can turn the summer into your most lucrative time of year. One way to do that is to host a contest to inject excitement into those who hear the mention of your brand.

“As long as you’re giving away something realistic (not a brand new car or $100,000) and you’re using the right avenues to market the contest, you will see your followers grow and people will remember your brand easier,” says Forgelight Creative, “A great example of this would be a restaurant offering a free dinner for the first person to correctly answer a trivia question that relates to that restaurant.”

3. Start writing a blog if you haven’t done so already. Earlier this month, Synergy Marketing celebrated its 200th follower on Twitter. As of this writing, we’re sitting at 219. Now, you don’t have to tell us that that isn’t a huge number. However, it’s proof of our growth on social media. Thanks to our daily blogs (which have their links posted on Facebook and Twitter each day), we’ve been able to gain new followers and greater website traffic.

“Create weekly or biweekly posts that talk about what’s going on in your business, gives advice, or is general commentary on your industry,” recommends Forgelight Creative, “You may not directly see how this will improve your brand image, but it will. People like to know what’s going on with companies they’re working with and a blog shows that you care about what you’re doing.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to list ways to boost your brand’s image!

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03 Jul

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Heat Things Up This Summer

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.07.14 by John Meloche

Summer shopping woman jumpingAt Synergy Marketing, we thoroughly enjoy combing the internet for interesting marketing ideas. Our blog has often analyzed articles written by industry experts from all over the map. We always find it fascinating that there is no shortage of promotional ideas and that they vary from one expert to the next. We fancy ourselves experts in the field of promotional products, knowing that they are advertising sources that work. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy discussing your own ideas.

Our sales reps have conversations daily with business owners from all over Canada about the various concepts they’ve come up with to promote their companies. Using promotional gifts, they find, always helps to increase the impact that their promotional ideas have. That said, with the summer here, there’s a whole new way to utilize promo gifts to your advantage. On ThoughtReach.com, Brian Morris discusses a number of those ideas.

Not that they are all promo gift-related, Morris’ inventive ideas focus on ways that small businesses can increase sales this summer. As with most of our promo tips, these ideas are fun, creative and inexpensive methods to advertise. In today’s blog, we’ll look at five of Morris’ tips for how to bring your business more customers all summer long – and hopefully well into the rest of the year!

1. Create a partner package. We often learn, by doing our research of articles written by industry experts, that partnering with other businesses is a smart idea. Morris begins his list with this tip by stating that you should “partner with non-competing businesses that share the same target audience to develop a winning package for everyone. A restaurant, theater and a hotelier could partner together to create a romantic couples’ weekend package, for example.”

2. Sidewalk misters. If you’re wondering what a “mister” is in this context, you wouldn’t be alone. Morris explains, however, by writing that “when it gets hot, shoppers can be miserable. Venture into busy shopping districts armed with a backpack/spray nozzle water mister, and offer to cool off passersby. Make sure your outfit is branded, and you have brochures or flyers to distribute.”

3. Stickers. Outdoor marketing is where it’s at during the summertime, says Morris. But that doesn’t mean you can simply post stickers promoting your business wherever you like. He suggests that you “locate outdoor areas in which your stickers can interact with the environment to help your brand get noticed.” Places that get a lot of traffic will be key areas to target. Be sure to incorporate your company’s website on your stickers so people can look you up right away on their smartphones.

4. Festival contests. Festivals and other outdoor events are hugely popular throughout the summer. The smell of barbequed food, the sound of up tempo music and other activities are always surefire ways to attract large audiences. Morris suggests that you participate by renting booth spaces at these festivals and running contests that will allow you to collect contact information. Your promotional gifts can be used as either free giveaways or contest prizes.

5. Hot spot banners. Wherever the people are, you’ll want your brand to be represented. Morris recommends that you identify summer hot spots in your town such as beaches and pools, “then strategically place large-format vinyl banners well within view. You’ll be able to maximize your exposure with a minimal investment.” In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue our list at Morris’ summer-themed promotional suggestions.

Don’t forget to call up Synergy Marketing at1-877-748-9884 to order your promotional gifts!

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01 May

Promo Gifts Provide Your Brand Many Opportunities

Posted in Promotional Products on 01.05.14 by John Meloche

Highway road going upPromotion has got to be useful. At least, that’s what we think, here at Synergy Marketing. What’s the use of a commercial after its thirty seconds are up? These days, with so many people employing the use of a DVR, it’s easy to fast-forward through commercials. There’s a reason that people call the slots given to television commercials “bathroom breaks”. That’s because viewers often ignore them to do more important things.

Promo gifts, on the other hand, help for your customers to do some of those important things. And, no we’re not talking about those bathroom breaks! Pens, for example, couldn’t be more useful. It doesn’t matter how advanced our technologies get, we all still need to use pens to write things down. Wouldn’t you prefer your customers to use pens with your company name and logo on them?

Key chains are hugely popular as well. We each need to lock our front doors when we leave our homes each and every day. We also need to open them back up when we return. We also need to turn the ignition to start our cars. Okay, we don’t have to detail the many times we take our key chains out of our pockets, do we? Consider the advertising power of a promotional key chain. It’s obvious.

To reiterate, promo gifts are useful items. They do double duty by both advertising your brand on a consistent basis and providing a convenience to their recipients. It’s important, of course, to select a promo gift that works best for your business. As you can imagine, many realtors decide to go the route of the key chain. But with so many promo gifts to choose from, you have countless advertising opportunities.

Reinforce Strong Working Relationships. These opportunities, mind you, are all business-growing focused. There are several ways that promo gifts are able to do that for you. For example, many company owners choose to hand out gifts in order to reinforce the idea that their clients should order early and pay early. They can be used as rewards for such customers who do just that. This will encourage them to keep up with their diligent and trustworthy ways.

Thank Your Customers. At Synergy Marketing, we have a hard time coming up with a better way to say “thank you” to your customers. Everyone loves receiving things for free. And when they receive free gifts that symbolize your appreciation, it makes them want to continue to do business with you. At least, this is the experience that our clients continually tell us that they have!

Support Your Community. Getting involved in your community is always a good idea. Your promo gifts allow you the chance to give back by supporting local events, charities, sports teams and educational programs. Donate your gifts to raise awareness about your brand, while at the same time offering prizes for contests, raffles and other ways to raise money in your area for those who truly need it.

Contact Synergy Marketing a call at 1-877-748-9884 to get your hands on some promo gifts today!

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10 Apr

Free Stuff Gives Your Brand A Big Plus!

Posted in Promotional Products on 10.04.14 by John Meloche

Free - Green ButtonSometimes, to really get a good buzz going for your business, you need to think “outside of the box”. Coming up with new and inventive ways to highlight your company’s greatest attributes will help to separate it from its competition. And even though promotional products have been around for decades, it can be argued that using them as part of your marketing strategy is “outside of the box” thinking.

That’s because your promotional gifts are made to be given out for free. Some people – many people, actually – still live under the idea that you can’t get something for nothing. Giving things away for free – anything – can’t be a way to generate money, they believe. But the opposite is actually true! Promotional gifts work wonders because they offer incentives for customers to come back and visit your place of business.

They work as great advertising tools because they provide constant reminders about where people should shop. Your promo gift has a lot more value than a business card or a flyer. Those generally get tossed in the garbage or lost in a pile of other cards and flyers. Your promo gift, however, is a useful and handy item that can serve its recipient well for many years to come.

On Ideas4SmallBiz.com, it is argued that giving things away for free is an effective promotional model. The site, in fact, lists a number of reasons why “free stuff” can work to elevate the status of your company in the public eye. At Synergy Marketing, we’ve believed in this concept for years. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few reasons that may help you believe in this concept as well.

Free stuff creates a buzz. The website acknowledges that “it doesn’t take long for news to travel.” And when you give your customers reasons to talk about you, they will! Especially given the fact that social media is all the rage these days – as we’ve pointed out in our last two blogs – word travels faster than ever. Get people talking about you by handing out free gifts that are bound to please all who receive them.

Encourages people to try your products/service/experience risk free. The concept of handing out items for free doesn’t have to be confined to just promotional products. Ideas4SmallBiz.com suggests that you hand out samples of your products so that you can encourage customers to continue using them. According to the site, “people are more likely to try something they normally wouldn’t if it is free and without commitment.”

It’s the hook that gets customers in – so they’ll stick around and spend more. The website admits that you will always have customers who wish to buy “the bare minimum”. But there are so many more who will be willing to spend more with you because they’ve been given the opportunity to save money by receiving something for free. This is certainly true for restaurants. Free drinks mean more money for appetizers!

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to review this concept and reveal a few more reasons that “free stuff” can work to boost your business. As always, the friendly and experienced sales reps at Synergy Marketing are standing by to take your calls so that they may speak to you about the wonderful promotional gifts that you can use to build buzz for your brand. Give them at a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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08 Apr

Facebook Is A Great Business Booster

Posted in Social Media on 08.04.14 by John Meloche

logo FacebookAt Synergy Marketing, we speak to Canadian business owners on a daily basis. We know that one of the most important aspects of running a business is promoting it. So we offer inexpensive, yet very effective promotional products that bear their company names and logos. For decades, promo gifts have helped entrepreneurs secure customer loyalty, increase sales and garner referrals.

But during our many conversations with these business owners, we come to discover that many of them employ other modes of advertising – as they should. Promo items work excellently with just about any marketing campaign. And using social media to plug your business is one of the most obvious marketing campaigns that a business owner could employ.

Each and every day, we post a link to our new blog on our Facebook page. After all, Wix.com reveals that “Facebook is the number one network for people all over the world to connect and share content.” These days, such a revelation doesn’t account for big news. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account, right?

“Brands that are active on Facebook get to update their followers on exciting news, promote special deals and hold occasional online contests,” says the Wix Blog, “They also create focused ad campaigns that target a carefully selected audience.” One of the greatest aspects about using Facebook to promote your brand is that it’s free. Is there any reason not to use it?

“Facebook was designed to encourage people to interact,” reads the blog. So it’s important to note that when you’re promoting your business, you should be mindful of the ways in which you interact with your online friends. In other words, you must be social. Simply promoting a product or service is not bound to gain you much attention. Facebook is a lot more than just a place to post a commercial.

Instead, you should work to engage your audience by asking questions while answering the ones that they pose. According to Wix.com, “the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons are viewed more than 22 billion times a day, not only on the network itself but across millions of websites worldwide!” The more likes and shares you get, the better. And what’s better than getting free plugs?

When you’re on Facebook, you’re opening your business up to millions of possibilities. Literally. The Wix Blog writes that 1.23 billion people are registered Facebook users. And no less than 945 million of them access their accounts using their mobile devices. With a Facebook account, you’re literally in the palms of people’s hands on a daily basis. It’s a way to really make your connections count.

With that said, you should connect with as many people as you can on Facebook. But be sure to look up similar businesses and take note of the people who follow them. Invite them to your page. Consider how often you’d like to post and what type of posts you’ll be sharing on your profile. Facebook is a free way to connect with people worldwide and bring your business more attention. We log on daily. You should too!

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20 Mar

5 Solid Reasons To Promote With Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 20.03.14 by John Meloche

Free gift concept.You know, when you really think about it, the reasons for using promotional products to promote your business are endless! We’ve been blogging about it all week. But realistically, we’ve been blogging about it since the inception of the Synergy Marketing Blog. Sure, it’s what our company specializes in – providing Canadian business owners with the best promo products in the business.

BUT – it’s also what we truly believe in! We understand that the average business owner doesn’t have an enormous budget to create a television commercial. We know that it’s important for entrepreneurs to gain customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals that help to continually grow their client bases. And we know that, for decades, promotional products have been able to do so in extremely cost-effective ways.

Yes, there are many reasons to use promo gifts to build your brand. And the internet is filled with blogs communicating this very message. In keeping with our theme of blogs this week, we took a look at a Top7Business.com article by Molly Mathis to locate a few more good reasons to take advantage of promotional products for your marketing strategies. In today’s blog, we’ll review some of her ideas.

Promote goodwill. Being involved in your community is an excellent way to give your brand a good name. You should attend as many community expos, trade shows, health fairs and other community service events as you can, believes Mathis. Providing the people of your community with both your presence at these events and reminders that you were there helps to establish yourself as a dedicated member.

Advertise your goods and services. At the end of the day, the products that you’re really trying to move are the ones that your company sells. When you hand out your promo gifts, you are giving away more than a business card. You are providing useful reminders about where customers can shop for what it is you sell. Never leave home without your promo gifts!

Build customer loyalty. As we often say, the key to building your business is not through blatant advertising. It’s through building relationships. Promo gifts give you the opportunity to start new relationships by making personal connections with the people you give the gifts to. Start conversations, learn and remember names and do your part to secure customer relationships for the long haul.

Build store and trade show traffic. “Going to your trade shows is one thing, getting people to your booth is quite another!” writes Mathis, “Have something interesting for them that they will not only hang onto, but others will see and say ‘Hey, where’d ya get that!?’” This is how promo gifts work to build you a reputation far and above those made by your competitors.

Thank your employees and customers for a great year. Never forget that your customers aren’t the only ones who should be able to go home with your promo gifts. Your gifts also make for great rewards and incentives to provide to your staff members. “You didn’t get where you are all by yourself — your employees helped, which you know well,” reminds Mathis.

Contact Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to select the perfect promotional product to promote your business today!

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12 Mar

6 Creative And Cost-Effective Marketing Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 12.03.14 by John Meloche

Hand drawing a chartTo promote your business, or not to promote your business? That is the question. Of course, you should promote your business! That is the answer. Obviously. But as we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, there are many unique marketing techniques that can be used to help bring your business to the next level. Too often, entrepreneurs think they need to spend a lot of money to properly advertise.

Not so. Instead, creativity rules over cash when it comes to promoting your brand. Maureen Farrell writes of this on Forbes.com and outlines a number of techniques that don’t cost much to implement. In fact, implementing many of her tips won’t cost you a thing! In today’s blog, we’ll review of few more of her interesting marketing ideas in hopes that it will help to boost your brand.

Work The Press. Speaking of ideas that won’t cost you anything, getting yourself some good PR is a great way to increase your recognition in the public eye for free. “Mentions in the news media offer what traditional marketing and advertising can’t: exposure with implied credibility,” writes Farrell, “While PR is nothing new, plenty of companies (and PR agencies) still don’t get it.”

Get On The Menu. According to Farrell, this means getting others to do your marketing for you if you don’t feel that you can do it yourself. What we take this to mean is that you should partner with like-minded individuals who may be a bit more marketing-conscious than yourself. There’s no shame in asking for a bit of help. This doesn’t have to cost you much either. Perhaps, simply exchanging links on affiliate websites will get you going in the right direction.

Meet The Neighbours. It’s important to get to know the people in your community. Consider that those who live closest to your place of business are the most likely to support it. When you are considered an important part of the community, you are a lot more likely to receive its support. Farrell notes that “the rise of online networks plugged into specific local communities is a huge marketing opportunity for small businesses.”

Build A Board To Buff Your Rep. Writes Farrell: “Small businesses are short on a lot of things, credibility included. The higher your profile, the more clout you’ll have with suppliers, partners and customers. A board of advisers can help.” She points out that you shouldn’t confuse a board of advisors with a board of directors. Instead, align yourself with trustworthy bankers and lawyers who have your best interests at heart.

Light Up Their Inboxes. Although email marketing has been around for years, admits Farrell, it’s still worth giving it a go. The thing is, you want to stay away from spamming or having your emails come off as spam. Instead, construct newsletters that are genuine and truly speak directly to your customer base. They should be more than simple plugs for your products and services. Like with social media, your newsletters should be engaging.

Wipe Off The Lens. “If all else fails, take another hard look at the market and its willingness to pay for your product or service,” suggests Farrell. You never know. Perhaps, you need to pay closer attention to what your customers truly want. Are you providing it? Marketing your products can be tough if your products aren’t serving the needs of those you are marketing to.

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