29 Sep

5 Things To Consider When Handing Out Your Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 29.09.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_7759171_xsSo what’s the deal with promotional products anyway? Do they truly work? These are questions that members of our sales staff hear fairly often from our nation’s entrepreneurs. Naturally, Canadian business owners are busy. And they often have questions about the validity of promo gifts and how beneficial they truly are in increasing sales and gaining more customers. The answer, we feel, lies in how promo gifts are used.

Of course, at Synergy Marketing, we know all about the power of promo gifts. For decades, they have been excellent ways to boost revenue and gain referrals, among other benefits. But, as mentioned, their success is most often found in the clever ways in which they used. Sure, you could use them to simply hand out to any random person that visits your store. But what is the strategy in that approach?

The key is to come up with a sound marketing plan that promotional gifts will help to make successful. That way, your gifts will be that much more effective. On TheMarketingGuy.com, Mark Blaney writes that there are number of things to consider when handing out your promotional items. Over the next two blogs, we’d like to discuss his list of ideas and add our perspectives on each point. Here are the first five.

1. The frequency clients purchase your product or service. As mentioned, you don’t necessarily want to hand out every promo gift that you have to offer to every customer you meet. Some gifts are best kept for those that frequent your business most often. The type of gifts you give new customers should be different. In other words, you want to reward your most loyal customers with high-end gifts but encourage new ones to keep coming back with practical items.

2. The season of the year. Considering that we have just begun our fall season, this is an especially important consideration. Obviously, our winter toques are bound to have greater impacts on your customers than our Frisbees will at this time. Clearly, some promo gifts are simply better for certain seasons than others. In fact, now that we are entering our fourth quarter of the year, you may want to consider picking up some 2015 promotional calendars!

3. Will it be left at the office or taken home? One of the best aspects of promo gifts is the way that many of them are able to travel with their recipients. Water bottles and key chains, for example, are excellent “take them with you” gifts. Mouse pads, on the other hand, are obviously meant for stationary locations. That doesn’t necessarily make one gift better than the other. It simply means that you must consider the types of clients you give your gifts to in order to have the biggest possible impacts.

4. Is it a novelty item or useful item of value? On the Synergy Marketing Blog, we’ve often discussed “usefulness” as a primary reason that promo gifts are so effective. Once again, it’s important to consider the type of people who make up your target market. What needs can you speak to by handing people your promotional products? Of course, you want to assist your business. But you will have a better chance of doing so if you assist those who support it first.

5. What is the potential return on investment? As we mentioned earlier, marketing strategies and promo gifts go hand in hand. So it’s important to remember that although you’re paying a lot less than you normally would to advertise your business (promo gifts are incredibly cost-effective when compared to traditional modes of advertising), you should plan out how you intend on profiting as a result of their dispersal.

Be sure to check out our next blog for more ideas to consider when handing out your promo gifts. But be sure to call us at 1-877-748-9884 to order the perfect promo gift for your business today!

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05 Aug

6 Great “Back To School” Marketing Ideas

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 05.08.14 by John Meloche

Three schoolboys isolated on white backgroundOkay, it’s time to finally admit it. While most of us are still telling ourselves that “there is still plenty of summer left, the “back to school” season is officially upon us. At this time, next month, the kids will be headed back into class and that means that parents will need to prepare starting now – if they haven’t already. As a business owner, that also means that you have yet another opportunity to take advantage of an important time of year.

Are there ways that you can create “back to school” promotions to encourage more customers to visit your store this month? Of course, there is! And on Ntent.com, Patricia Garcia writes that “whether you are selling clothing, school supplies, or dorm furniture, there are lots of ways you can attract school shoppers to your business and take advantage of this busy shopping season.” Here are five “back to school” marketing ideas she shares, and one of our own!

1. Think outside the box. Not all business types are considered those that are necessary for school supplies. So if you’re an owner of one of those businesses, consider a creative approach to attracting new customers in the coming weeks. Garcia suggests tying in a “healthy school lunch ideas” promotion for those in the food industry or special discounts for parents and teachers at hair salons, gyms and spas.

2. Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes. Are you a parent? Hey, you know what it’s like to be a student, don’t you? Consider the needs of your audience and how to best address them. It’s important to understand their mindset, says Garcia. “This is a busy time for your consumers as they are rushing to get everything they need before school starts so it is important to communicate budget, quality, and ease of shopping in your promotions,” she writes.

3. Promote your business across a variety of channels. As Garcia points out, modern technology allows you to advertise your company in a variety of ways. It’s important to make use of all the outlets that you can to promote your latest “back to school” specials. They include “your website, mobile site, social media accounts, email promotions, and any form of online or local advertising,” she reminds us.

4. Show support for local schools and causes. Is there a better way to boost your “back to school” specials than to have actual schools support it? One way to achieve this is for you to show your support to your local schools. “Create a promotion for your products or services and have a portion of the proceeds be donated to a local school,” suggests Garcia, “You can also partner with schools to sponsor school-related events or fundraisers.”

5. Hold a “Last Chance” Sale. “With all the hustle and bustle and rush to be prepared for when classes start, parents are on the lookout for the quickest solution to their problems, at the best price,” writes Garcia, “’Last chance’ sales mirror this sense of urgency by offering last-minute discounts on quality products to draw customers in.” This will encourage customers who may have been putting off making their purchases to buy from you with a greater sense of urgency.

6. Hand out school-themed promotional gifts. At Synergy Marketing, we believe that all marketing strategies work better when promotional gifts are involved. For your “back to school” promotion, hand out some great gifts that can be used in the classroom. Rulers, markers, tape measures and mouse pads are just a few of our favourite ideas. And we have the best ones around! To place an order, simply call us at 1-877-748-9884.

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04 Sep

Back-To-School Marketing Done Right

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 04.09.13 by John Meloche

2175909SchoolSuppliesAll across Canada, the kids have returned to school this week. For many people, back-to-school time marks the official ending of the summer. And for many business owners, it marks an entirely new way to promote their businesses. You don’t have to sell school supplies or even clothing to attract back-to-school shoppers. At least that’s what Susan Ward of About.com believes.

She writes that there are a number of back-to-school marketing ideas that can help just about any small business increase its sales. The beginning of September, she notes, is actually one of the biggest retail seasons of the year. Remember, of course, that back-to-school time doesn’t just bring about a change of pace for children. But parents are also beginning to experience whole new schedules.

Do What Is Tried And True. Ward reminds us that the entire back-to-school experience is a yearly tradition. There are some no-brainer ideas that business owners can always implement for the beginning of the school season. If you sell products that are school-related, then coming up with marketing ideas to boost awareness about your brand should come natural to you. Use what has worked for you in the past.

This is also an excellent time of year to hand out promotional gifts that are school related. At Synergy Marketing, we carry a pretty cool line of promotional rulers, pens and mouse pads that can certainly come in handy for your young academic customers. Our experience has shown us that providing your customers with these gifts help to keep bringing them back throughout the school year.

You don’t just have to sell or give out school supplies, however. Ward reminds us again that parents need services to help them with the back-to-school season. Hair salons, for example, should offer discounts for both kids and their moms and dads so that they are all looking sharp! Do you run a concierge or errand service than can help customers with their back-to-school shopping? You get the idea.

Come Up With Back-To-School Tie-Ins. Okay, so what if your business has no relationship to back-to-school shopping whatsoever? You can still create tie-ins to promote whatever it is you sell. Ward offers up a number of examples. If you work in the food industry, you may want to offer up special deals on “healthy school lunches” or special “student meals”.

If you sell cleaning products, you may want to offer a package to students needing help cleaning up their dorm rooms. Do you own a repair shop of some kind? Let’s suppose you fix watches. Create a special “be on time for school” deal, suggests Ward. The possibilities, as you can tell, are endless.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to provide your back-to-school marketing strategy ideas.

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09 Aug

Getting The Greatest Back-To-School Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 09.08.13 by John Meloche

RK-001-500x500Yes, we’re still smack dab in the middle of summer. But the beginning of a new school season is just about a month away. Although many young students don’t want to hear this right now, many business owners are already making preparations. Students are an important demographic for many companies all across Canada. These are individuals who will be making major buying decisions in the near future.

As a result, it’s always a good idea to be in good favour with the student population in your area. One way to do that is to make their back-to-school ventures a bit easier. At Synergy Marketing, we have an excellent array of back-to-school promotional gifts that you may want to consider investing in. The small investment is bound to have big returns with your young customers.

The 5 In 1 Ruler comes with a 12” ruler, two pencils an eraser and a sharpener. There is no question that this gift will be more than useful to any student of any age. Consider the impact that your business will have on the student who uses this product on a daily basis. The key, of course, is to get people thinking of you often.

The 4 In 1 Tape Measure is not just a great gift for students who may be studying architecture or another facet of the math world. It is also an ideal gift for those who do office work. It includes a 10 Foot retractable Tape Measure, a level, a note pad and pen complete with standard and metric measurements, a lock button and a belt loop. It also comes in a gift box!

The Utility Knife Marker is simply awesome. Now, you may be noticing a trend with today’s gift choices. Not only are they ideal for classrooms and offices, but they are also multi-purpose items. By its name, you can tell that this gift is both a permanent marker and a utility knife. Whether it is for an art or a workshop class, this nifty gift is an ideal candidate for students visiting your place of business.

The Retractable Mouse Pad is yet another cool desk top gift. Are there any students not using computers these days? The aluminum Retractable Mouse Pad is unlike one you’ve ever seen before. Lightweight and compact and ideal for any desktop, these mouse pads can be rolled right up, making them super convenient for travel. They also come in gift boxes!

In yesterday’s blog, we discussed the importance of choosing the right gift to promote your brand. The usefulness of the gift is just an important as the person you are providing the gift to. Since students are heading back to school next month, it would be wise to consider ordering gifts that you know they will get a lot of use from. Call up one of our Synergy sales staff members today.

It’s as simple as calling 1-877-748-9884. We have many desk top gifts that are on the high-end side of things as well. So whether it’s students or top-level executives that you are trying to impress, Synergy Marketing certainly has the right gift for you. Be sure to check out the catalogue on our website before making your call. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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05 Aug

Let Promo Gifts Provide A Boost This Fall

Posted in Promotional Products on 05.08.13 by John Meloche

DSK-03_big-500x500The staff, here at Synergy Marketing, would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful end to your August long weekend. With today being a Civic Holiday, our offices are closed. However, we’d like to remind you that we will be open for business bright and early tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. EST. In the meantime, here’s hoping you’ve had an opportunity to relax and restore yourself for the work week.

As well, we’d like to remind you that Synergy Marketing is your one-stop shop for all of your promotional product needs. Even though we are right in the middle of the summer, it’s a good time to begin thinking about the upcoming fall season. With the passing of every season comes new methods by which you can promote your business. And there is a promo gift for every reason.

For example, some businesses like to renovate with the changing of each season. Not that they put their places of business through complete overhauls, but new in-store designs are usually necessary to communicate that things are starting anew. This can coincide with a new product line or special discounts on old product lines. Promo gifts are great accompaniments to whatever you have going on.

This fall, as you are well aware, will mark the start of a new school season. Our Desk Top items are generally quite popular during this time of year. Rulers, mouse pads, markers and tape measures are all part of this great line of gifts. Be sure to send your young customers home with something that will keep them remembering you throughout the school year.

It’s important to remember some of the main benefits of handing out promotional gifts. Firstly, they provide customers with a sense of appreciation. Giving out free gifts communicates that you value their business and feel that they are important to your brand. After all, they are! What would your business be without its customers? How would you function?

Your generous gift is a way of securing loyalty for the long haul. Handing out promo products is also a great way to garner referrals. Quite often, our clients mention that the new customers coming into their stores were recommended by other customers. Word-of-mouth promotion, as is often heralded, is the best way to promote your business. What better commercial is there than a happy customer?

At Synergy Marketing, we specialize in providing the best promo products in the business. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients also receive their impeccable items at affordable prices. This brings us to yet another great benefit of handing out free promotional gifts. This advertising method is lower in cost than your traditional marketing strategy.

Television commercials, billboards and print ads are popular, yet expensive ways to boost your brand. By comparison, promo products are quite inexpensive. The difference, however, is truly in how much of a personal connection they make with their recipients. When you start work tomorrow, let’s get your business headed in a new and brighter direction this fall. Call up one of our sales reps at 1-877-748-9884 to place an order!

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