06 May

3 Ways To Become A Star In The Eyes Of Your Customers

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 06.05.16 by John Meloche

3d illustration of golden stars rating symbol, over white backgroundIn yesterday’s blog, we listed a number of ways that you can gain new fans for your business. As we’ve pointing out on the Synergy Marketing Blog all week long, being a business owner is not too different than being a pro sports team coach. One, it’s your job to ensure that your team members are working well together and performing at their best. Two, it’s your duty to ensure that your organization is one that is able to continually gain favour with the general public.

So what can you do to become a star in the eyes of your customers? Here are three ways:

1. Team up with other businesses. If you’re looking to expand your fan base, why not attempt to attract the fans of other companies by joining up with them? Working out a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” agreement with business owners who don’t represent your competition is a fantastic way to get introduced to consumers you otherwise would never meet. On Entrepreneur.com, Brad Sugars further describes such an agreement.

“Another way to leverage available resources is through what’s known as a ‘host-beneficiary’ arrangement,” he explains, “In this arrangement, another business with the same target customer will use their database to promote your business. They might attach a gift voucher or other discount offer for your products at the end of one of a newsletter or mailing. Examples of this include: a high-end hair salon and a high-end car dealership or an attorney and an accountant.”

2. Offer free trials. There are few things that entice customers to try products more than being able to do so for free. At Synergy Marketing, we highly tout the concept of free giveaways considering that our promotional products have notoriously worked so well in gaining business owners greater support. Use the same concept by offering up free trials of your products to get new customers to realize just how great they are.

On Bplans.com, Briana Morgaine explains that, if you are confident in the products you sell (and you certainly should be, or shouldn’t be selling them!), it will be worth your while to allow people to try them out at no cost. “Instil in this potential customer the value of your product (by offering a free trial), and make it clear that your product or service is truly exemplary,” she writes, “Do this, offer great service, and you’ll likely be able to convert them into a loyal customer.”

3. Offer free services in exchange for customer testimonials. If you offer services as opposed to products, the “free giveaway” concept can still work wonders. In this case, offer up new customers the opportunities to try your services out for free. In return, request that they share their positive experiences with working with your company. This provides a double benefit. Firstly, provided that you satisfy the new customer, you’ll likely secure him/her as a new loyal supporter.

Secondly, his/her testimonial will encourage other consumers to become fans of your brand as well! “If you are a service-based business, offering your service for free, in exchange for the client serving as a ‘case study’ or providing a detailed account of the benefits of your service can be a great way to get new clients,” assures Morgaine.

If you’d like to add high-quality promo gifts bearing your company’s name and logo to your free giveaway marketing strategy, you know who to contact! To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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05 May

3 Ways To Gain New Fans For Your Business

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 05.05.16 by John Meloche

smart business team winning a competitionOver the past week, it is highly likely that there are many Canadians who have become basketball fans. A special type of frenzy has been sweeping the nation as Canada’s only NBA team, the Toronto Raptors have made it into the second round of the NBA Playoffs for only the second time in the team’s history. Add that to the fact that not one single Canadian team made it into the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs this year, and you have a country obsessed with basketball!

Okay, perhaps “obsessed” is a strong word. But it’s certainly safe to say that the Toronto Raptors have gained themselves many new fans over the past week. With that said, it reminds us that no matter how old your enterprise is (the Raps have been around for 21 NBA seasons now), you always have opportunities to grow. That is certainly true for your business. There are many ways to gain it some new fans!

Are you looking to gain new fans for your business? Here are three ways to do it:

1. Reach out to younger audiences online. It’s no secret that the internet is where the young people are. If you’re looking to gain new fans for your company, it’s a smart idea to become more active on social media. Learn to use hashtags in your tweets and Facebook posts, and be sure to like and comment on the posts of others. Being interactive with the online community will bring a lot more attention to your own profiles, and therefore more traffic to your website.

On Entrepreneur.com, Brad Sugars writes that “even older people are increasingly turning to the Web — making it a definite jumping off point for any advertising strategy. To tap into this medium, your first step is to establish a Web presence if you don’t have one already. Then, depending on your target customer — consumers at large or other businesses — pick your Web channel. LinkedIn, for instance, is a mainstay among businesses, CEOs and other owners and entrepreneurs, while Facebook remains wildly popular among consumers.”

2. Become an expert networker. While using social media to network with people all over the world will likely be a popular source of gaining greater attention well into the future, it will never be able to replace the good old face-to-face meeting. With summer coming up, you are bound to have many new opportunities to attend events and introduce the face of your company to new people. Be sure to network and make yourself memorable each time you do.

Sugars advises that you take such opportunities to secure referrals for your business. “Landing referrals from networking or past business associations isn’t just a cheap way to pick up new business,” he writes, “It’s also a way to pick up customers with the highest retention rates. What’s more, referral customers tend to purchase more over time and in turn become a source of additional referrals.”

3. Speak at special events and industry gatherings. Fans look up to their heroes and idols. The best players in the game are often the ones who have their posters adorn the walls of their staunch supporters. This isn’t to say that people will begin wanting posters with your likeness if you give them additional reasons to like you. However, when you show how much of an expert you are by speaking at industry events, you’ll gain a great deal of respect.

“You have plenty of expertise in your field—why not get involved in the community?” asks Briana Morgaine on Bplans.com, “By sharing your experience and getting involved in your industry at a local level, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your connections, as well as your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to list ways that you can become a star in the eyes of your customers!

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23 Jun

Remembering Why Networking Is So Important

Posted in Small Business Advertising on 23.06.15 by John Meloche

hand pressing Social networkThe massive rise of social media over the past decade has made the term “social networking” a household phrase. But it isn’t like people only started to network once smartphones and computers became top-choice communication methods. Arguably, we have all been “social networking” for centuries. The more you interact with others, the more you are networking…socially!

Doing so without the use of an electronic device, however, is incredibly beneficial for small business owners. It’s very important to get out and meet people. No matter your line of work, you can’t simply rely on social media, your company website and other internet sources to grow the reach of your business. Of course, those avenues will always help. But you simply can’t beat the age old face-to-face meeting.

Meeting someone in person allows you to develop a relationship that is impossible to spark online. Your personable, yet professional demeanour can make impressions that are a lot more meaningful than an online post or email. Therefore, it’s important to attend trade shows and other events where your business contemporaries are bound to be. Remember that the first face-to-face meeting is only the beginning of your networking regimen. Don’t forget to follow up!

“After networking events, make sure to stay connected with those that you meet,” writes Rishi Chowdhury of BusinessInsider.com, “Take a look at the business cards you received and email those people about what you spoke about while it is still fresh in your mind.” He goes on to note that those who feel that they have too much on their plates to attend such events should see them as part of the work that will benefit their businesses.

“You may feel you are too busy to attend these events, but they act as a nice break from being stuck in front of a computer,” Chowdhury writes, “And sometimes they can count as being at work because you are inevitably spreading the name of your business across an audience that can add value to your business—and it’s a great chance to learn something and get ideas. You will see the value in forming and maintaining a strong contact base, which will serve you well for years to come.”

On his website, entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz states that you should never stop growing your network. One way to do that, he writes, is to simply ask those who you network with to introduce you to other people that they network with. “Ask your best, most powerful, most influential friends or business associates to introduce you to the five people they think you should meet to expand your business,” he suggests.

Of course, once you meet those contacts, you can’t just give them a simple phone call. Michalowicz recommends that you take things a step further. “Take each of the contacts out for coffee and get to know them,” he advises, “Discuss your plans and future goals, tell them about why your business is special and ask for their advice. You will be amazed at how these new contacts will pay off ten-fold with recommendations to you for new business and innovative ideas you hadn’t thought of.”

Michalowicz goes on to insist that you “network your networks”. He writes that there is “power in numbers”. And the best way to increase the size of your network is to offer help to others. That way, you don’t come off as someone whose sole interest is to send shameless, company-promoting spam. “If you help them first (by adding value to their life/business), they’ll help you later,” he encourages.

At Synergy Marketing, we have the perfect tools to help with your networking practices. Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to order some great promotional products for your business today!

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07 Oct

5 Bright Ideas For Securing A Larger Client Base

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 07.10.14 by John Meloche

Green Ideas - Saver Bulbs and Cables IsolatedPromoting a business doesn’t have to be as hard as most people think. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who work with limited budgets. The truth is, small budgets are the norm for most small business owners in Canada. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s simply a fact of life. This doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t adequately promote their businesses. Readers of the Synergy Marketing Blog know very well that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to promote well.

“Small business owners typically have limited advertising budgets, so it is vital to your operation’s success to promote your business in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible,” writes Lisa McQuerrey on Chron.com, “From creating personal networks to supporting the community and getting your name into the media, every bit of positive publicity helps promote your company to potential customers.”

As we have often said, it all comes down to being creative. Getting noticed doesn’t necessarily entail spending big bucks on such advertising techniques as billboards, radio spots, print ads and television commercials. Instead, implementing some simple and cost-effective methods is actually a more viable approach to securing a large client base. McQuerrey provides five suggestions on how to do just that.

1. Be Visible. As mentioned, you don’t have to spend big bucks in order to be seen. Getting yourself more exposure can come through getting more involved in your community. “Sponsor local charitable events, volunteer your services to a nonprofit or offer up your store space for a school event,” writes McQuerrey, “All of these approaches are low-cost in nature, position your business in a positive light and result in free publicity.”

2. Be Social. Nothing new to the Synergy Marketing Blog, the tip to be active on social media is a very popular one – and with good reason. It’s free to have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. And these days, there are arguably no ways that are more popular to communicate with people on a wide scale. “Update accounts regularly to showcase new products, sales and company news,” McQuerrey suggests.

3. Network. It’s important to remember that even in our tech-savvy world, networking doesn’t have to be restricted to online only. There is still no better way to meet someone than in person. McQuerrey writes that you should join organizations such as rotary clubs, industry groups or a chamber of commerce. “Small businesses can greatly enhance promotional efforts by participating in business networking,” she says.

4. Exhibit. Trade shows are among the best events in the world to hand out your promo gifts. It’s hard to find places where you will meet more business people in one place. Of course, our promo gifts aren’t the only things that you should bring along with you. Your charming personality will be a valuable asset. Remember that you are a representation of your brand as much as your products and services are.

5. Use Traditional Venues. “Even with creative promotional efforts, it is still important to promote your business through traditional mediums,” writes McQuerrey, “Create a marketing and advertising campaign that is within your budget and carefully target the demographics you want to reach. Build an interactive website, update it regularly and develop at least one professional, high-quality promotional marketing piece, such as a flier or brochure.”

As far as getting your hands on some great promo gifts go, you know who to call. Contact Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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25 Jun

5 Ways To Get Your Small Business A Larger Audience

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 25.06.14 by John Meloche

Audience Listening To Presentation At ConferenceSmall business owners have quite the tasks on their hands. They own great companies but don’t always have the financial resources to promote them. At least, they don’t have the amount of cash that they’d like to have on hand in order to advertise their companies to the masses. But that’s the thing. They don’t have to. In fact, as a small business owner, you have opportunities that big corporations do not.

And that includes being able to make personal connections with the people that support your business. For you, promoting your company doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. As Eric V. Holtzclaw writes on Inc.com, “you don’t need fads or gimmicks.” Instead, following through on a few creative ideas can get your business well-known and well-liked by a much larger audience than the one you’re used to. Here are five suggestions that he provides.

1. Give Your Stuff Away. Well, we’ve always been advocates of giving things away for free, here at Synergy Marketing. But in addition to your promotional products, Holtzclaw suggests that you offer your customers free samples of some of your most impressive goods. This works especially well for restaurants and other eateries where free appetizers and drinks can go a long way in encouraging bigger orders.

2. Attend Networking Events. We’ve always advocated the attending of networking events as they present the perfect opportunities to meet, mix and mingle with other important individuals in your industry. Naturally, these are also great places to pass out your promotional products so that you’re able to make the best and most memorable impressions possible. Be among the first to come to the minds of the people who meet you once these events are over.

3. Create Your Own Event. Holtzclaw writes that you don’t have to wait for a networking event to take place in order to go to one. Host your own, he suggests. You may not necessarily like the ones that you attend, so you may want to come up with your own way of connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs in your industry. Be sure to create an event that will spark interest in your brand and give you opportunities to highlight its best attributes.

4. Volunteer to Lead an Organization. It’s important to show that you are a leader in your industry. But sometimes it’s important to just show that you are a leader. Often, the best way to promote your business is not to promote it at all. Not directly anyways. Your participation in a worthwhile cause will help for you to build quite the reputation within your community. This can only lead to good things for your brand.

5. Start a Podcast. The internet is huge. Big understatement, right? That means that you need to utilize it as much as you can to get would-be customers interested in your company. As Holtzclaw points out, “people love to tell their story, and by highlighting them on a podcast you make an instant and meaningful connection. It’s also a great way to get an education on a topic you are interested in.”

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue our look at Holtzclaw’s suggestions as they each make strong points about the ways in which small business owners can succeed. Creativity over cash is the rule of thumb. And this is why promo gifts works so well. They’re impressive little items that stay with their recipients as constant reminders about where to shop. Call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to order yours today!

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05 Feb

Becoming A Champion Networker With Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 05.02.14 by John Meloche

business people shaking hands against blue sky and modern buildingOver the past couple of days, we have been discussing the concept of good networking on the Synergy Marketing Blog. In our experience, good networkers are the best candidates for promotional product “hander-outers”. In other words, our incredible promo gifts work best when business owners spark new business relationships with their recipients. Is there a better way to make a first impression? We think not.

Promotional products provide personal touches to your interactions in ways that no other type of advertising can. This past Sunday marked the annual Super Bowl game. As most people know, the football game that decides the champions of the National Football League is known for more than just being a sporting event. It represents a television broadcast that is home to the most expensive commercials shot all year.

“They were awesome!” commented one of our Synergy team members and admitted football fan, “They were a lot of fun to watch. But, to be honest, they don’t exactly make me want to go out and buy anything. It’s impossible to connect with your customers through a television screen. I’m a big believer in making personal connections. And this is really important for small business owners who can’t afford big budget ads.”

Naturally, networking is a very important task to undertake if you’re a small business owner. Becoming a champion networker, however, has a lot to do with the connections you make and maintain when you’re given the opportunity to confront potential buyers in person. Hopefully, the tips that were doled out over our past two blogs have been of great service to you.

On the U.K.-based Marketing Donut website, Sarah Weller writes about a variety of ways that networking can help your business. She lists a number of tips that can help you to develop business relationships for the long haul. As mentioned, we’ve been reviewing these tips over the past two days, but there’s one more tip that we’d like to throw your way in order to help you become an expert networker.

Do not just stick with the people you know. Networking is all about building new relationships, right? So don’t spend all of your time catching up with the people you already know. Such interactions may help you to strengthen old relationships but not create any new ones. You have more to gain by learning about new people and their companies, believes Weller.

If you’re looking to make new friends and business colleagues, promotional products can definitely help you in that area. At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide variety to choose from. Pens, mugs, key chains, water bottles, rulers, markers, sunglasses, calendars and so much more are available! Don’t go to another networking event without high-quality promo gifts bearing your company name and logo.

Contact Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to place your order today. Our staff is comprised of friendly and knowledgeable reps who will only be too happy to assist you in making the right choice for your business. Networking requires practice. But, as you know, practice makes perfect. And having the perfect promotional product will help you make a great first impression!

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04 Feb

6 More Nifty Networking Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 04.02.14 by John Meloche

Business people shaking hands outside officeBeing a good networker is a key ingredient to the success of any small to medium-sized business owner. It is during your networking opportunities that you’ll be able to make the greatest of impressions. As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog, some corporations can afford multi-million dollar television commercials to be run during the Super Bowl game. We’re guessing you may not have such a budget.

On the U.K.-based Marketing Donut website, Sarah Weller offers up a bunch of tips on how to make the most out of your networking opportunities. We began looking at these tips yesterday, but would like to further our look today. With stronger networking skills, you’re bound to develop stronger business relationships that will build your brand without the need for expensive commercials.

Don’t give up if you didn’t win business the first time. Perseverance is key, suggests Weller. “Networking is about building long-term relationships locally, it is not a quick fix,” she writes. Take each networking opportunity as a lesson. Things may not always go your way each and every time. The more experience you get with networking, the better at it you’ll become.

Listen to others and show you are listening. This tip may sound easier than it really is. And that’s because we often don’t even realize the things we do when we’re not the ones doing the speaking. For example, be careful not to fiddle with your phone during an in-person conversation. “If you play with your phone throughout their two minutes they will be less inclined to listen to you,” warns Weller.

Follow up with personalized emails where appropriate, but do not spam. Networking is all about building new relationships, right? So it makes no sense to attend a networking event without the intention of keeping in touch with those you meet. Be sure to email your new contacts shortly after meeting them to simply express your pleasure in the meeting. Refrain from sounding sales-pitchy. Let the relationship happen naturally.

Tell people what you want. “You are not just selling to the people in the room, but to all the people they know as well,” informs Weller, “Be specific and it might ring some bells. So don’t switch off because you cannot sell to the person you are talking to, they will have a network of contacts and clients who may be useful.” Think about each of your meetings as presentations in front of groups of people. It’ll keep you on your toes!

Do not be scared if you happen to end up sitting next to a competitor. Hey, part of doing business is coming up with ways to outdo your competition, right? There’s no reason to feel intimidated in their presence. Instead, talk about your differences and determine if there’s even a possibility of building a relationship. You truly never know what may come from good networking. The possibilities truly are endless!

Be memorable for the right reasons. This could mean a lot of things. But at Synergy Marketing, we take it to mean that it’s important you leave your networking events having made a good impression. This, of course, is why we’re so proud of our promotional products. Unlike your standard, everyday business card, our gifts leave great impressions that are not soon forgotten. Order yours today by calling 1-877-748-9884.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll wrap up our look at Weller’s networking tips. Be sure to check it out!

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03 Feb

Networking Is A Small Business Owner’s Super Bowl Ad

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.02.14 by John Meloche

Mature Caucasion business male and female shaking handsSo how was your Super Bowl Sunday? All over North America yesterday, there were parties celebrating the culmination of the National Football League’s final game. And, just like every year, the Super Bowl broadcast showcased numerous big budget commercials to dazzle viewers. Many argue that the commercials give just as much of a reason to tune in to the broadcast as the game itself – if not, more.

As a business owner, we’re guessing that you often take special interest in the ways in which other companies advertise their products. Perhaps, you’ve considered such costly promotional tactics only to abandon those ideas after coming to understand how pricey they can be. Not to worry. Just because big corporations spend millions to advertise their brands during Super Bowl doesn’t mean you have to.

In fact, some would argue that you shouldn’t go to such lengths to build your brand even if you did have the budget. For small business owners, success is not measured by high-priced television commercials. The true testament to one’s business acumen is found through the ways in which he or she networks. On the U.K.-based Marketing Donut website, Sarah Weller reveals how there is no substitute for face to face meetings.

“Quite simply if people do not know who you are and what you can do they are never going to call you,” writes Weller, “Yes you can advertise but that does not give you the chance to find out about your customers, build long-term relationships and have a good chat.” This is what Super Bowl commercials miss out on doing. They’re unable to spark a direct and personal relationship between business owner and customer.

This is where being a small business owner really works to your advantage. By building relationships, you’re able to better secure customer loyalty. You’re also able to grow your business through the referrals that come from those loyal customers. Word-of-mouth promotion, as you’ve likely heard, is the best form of promotion there is. To help you out, Weller provides some useful tips on how to get the most out of networking.

Let people talk about themselves. Relationship-building requires a fair balance of back-and-forth speaking. Some business owners tend to get caught up in delivering their pitches and don’t give others chances to speak about themselves. Allow your new colleagues the opportunities to open up. Learn as much as you can about them. You may find listening will be your best pathway to meeting their needs and gaining new business.

Don’t tell people what to do. Many business owners get caught up in providing their expertise. Yes, today’s blog follows a long list of Synergy Marketing Blog posts that offer advice. But when you’re networking, you don’t want to come off as a know-it-all. Weller advises you to not use phrases like “the best/quickest/fastest/most efficient/most creative”. Instead, discuss what you’ve accomplished. It’s being honest, not arrogant.

Bring examples of your work. When you’re networking, there’s nothing wrong with bringing along a little pudding. You know…as in “the proof is in the pudding”. Bringing examples of your work is probably the best way to demonstrate it anyway. If you’re looking to impress those you meet, allow them to see for themselves just how good you are at what you do.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll review a few more of Weller’s networking tips. Be sure to check it out!

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10 Dec

Helping Your Business Break Through In 2014

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 10.12.13 by John Meloche

Hand with 2014 tattooThe new year is fast approaching. Time really does seem to fly, doesn’t it? As a business owner, knowing this fact must inspire you to react quickly to the ever-changing trends in your industry. Regardless of your industry, the new year is always a time for new beginnings. Many businesses tend to have sales in December to clear out older inventory and make room for new products in the new year.

And while sales and discounts are always bound to arouse some attention, there are other very important elements to your marketing strategy that can help for the turn of the calendar to mark a great new start for your brand. On About.com, Susan Ward writes of a few ways that you can make your New Year’s Resolutions work to boost your business in 2014. We began our look at these ideas yesterday. Today, we pick up where we left off.

Make business planning a weekly event. “Planning is vital if you want a healthy, growing business,” writes Ward, “Business planning lets you take stock of what worked and what didn’t work, and helps you set new directions or adjust old goals.” The importance of business planning should never be understated, Ward believes. Therefore, it would be wise to focus on this on a weekly basis.

Entrepreneurs tend to have monthly reviews or even quarterly meetings. Not enough, says Ward. Weekly business planning can help you to avoid making mistakes and then repeating them. Regular maintenance, if you will, helps you to be more focused on what is helping your business and what is hurting it. Naturally, this will help you to make decisions a lot quicker in order to move things along in the right direction.

Learn something new. You’re never too old to learn something new. And Ward suggests that you educate yourself in areas that are both related and unrelated to your business. You may be wondering how this new knowledge will make things different – especially if it’s not necessarily business-related. For one, it “adds a new dimension of interest to your life”, says Ward.

Think of the various new conversations that you can enter with your clients simply because you have become well-versed in unique new areas. You will be adding to both your knowledge and your skill set, helping you to achieve an even greater work-life balance. Learning something new will help you to meet new and interesting people who may just become your newest customers.

Join a new business organization or networking group. Talking to other business people is an ideal way to spark new ideas, says Ward. Making contacts, as you very well know, is a main ingredient to building your customer base. So getting involved in more networking opportunities in the new year is a perfect way to get your brand noticed all that much more.

The more you network, the better. And while social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have become the norm, there is still nothing quite like the face-to-face meet-and-greet. Developing new relationships will go a long way in getting your business noticed. In 2014, be sure to make an effort to participate in more events that will help for your brand to get the recognition it deserves.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we continue to look at Ward’s list of suggestions for business-boosting New Year’s Resolutions.

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15 Oct

Business Boosting Requires Effective Promoting

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 15.10.13 by John Meloche

promoteyourselfWith so many different ways to promote your business, how do you settle upon just one? Well, the key, of course, is not to settle on just one but to combine a number of tactics to make one solid promotional campaign. At Synergy Marketing, our expert staff members speak with business owners from all over Canada about this very fact on a daily basis. Promotional gifts work wonders when combined with other strategic moves.

Generally, when a business owner has a sale, runs a contest or holds an event, he or she presents the company with a fantastic opportunity to attract more customers. The more customers who come into the store, the better opportunity one presents him or herself with to build relationships. And that’s what it’s all about – building relationships with your customers.

But what if you’re starting at ground zero? There must be some ways to get your business off the ground. At some point, we’ve all got to be ready to hand out those promo gifts, right? On WikiHow.com, a list of tips is provided to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off and running in the right direction. By following each tip, a sound promotional strategy is bound to be set in motion.

Create a brand image, or logo. If you want widespread brand recognition, it will be important to create a logo that is recognizable and respected. A classy logo will help to build your company’s credibility and grow its image in the general public. As the website advises, “grow your brand by placing your logo in your business stationary, business cards, email signatures, brochures, signs, website and merchandising materials.”

Network. This is such an important tip and yet it seems to be overlooked by far too many an entrepreneur. It’s important to be out there meeting and connecting with other business professionals. Networking – and just online – provides you with chances to learn more about your competition. It also allows you to ask for referrals, form beneficial partnerships and spread awareness about your brand.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions. One great place to network is at trade shows and exhibitions. What better place to meet your competitors and prospective clients? These events also provide excellent opportunities to hand out your promotional gifts which, by the way, always make greater impressions than business cards. Attending such shows will definitely boost awareness about your business.

According to WikiHow.com, “Apart from offering a lucrative networking platform, trade shows initiate face-to-face interaction with potential clients and consumers. Enhance your brand’s credibility by displaying products and services to masses…Regular participation in trade shows and exhibitions provides much needed media exposure in niche market without paying any extra costs.”

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few more tips that can come in very handy when promoting your brand. For more help, feel free to call up the friendly and experienced sales reps here at Synergy Marketing. Simply dial 1-877-748-9884 to speak to someone who knows all about business promotion. They can also answer questions about what promo gifts would work best for your company.

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