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Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup

Posted in News on 25.06.13 by John Meloche

hawksWell, it seems like Toronto Maple Leafs fans were able to get their revenge after all. Last night’s Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals saw a finish reminiscent of the Leafs’ last game of their season. In the opening round of the NHL playoffs, the Leafs lost a Game 7 that many thought would be an automatic win. That is, of course, because they were up 4-1 with about ten minutes to go in the third period.

Then, as hockey fans know all too well, the roof caved in. The Leafs gave up three goals – two of them in the dying seconds of the period – forcing an overtime period where they inevitably lost to the Boston Bruins. The Bruins, as we all know, went on to meet the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. There were mixed emotions about The Bruins’ success in Toronto.

“I actually wanted them to win the Cup,” shared one of our Synergy associates last night, “That would actually make it look a lot better on the Leafs. The way I see it, it’s much better to be beaten by a legitimate champion than a random weak team. If the Bruins had been beaten in the next round, it would have made our loss look worse. The Leafs played well against a great team even in defeat.”

“Not me!” another team member quickly retorted, “Bruins fans got exactly what they deserved – a heartbreaking loss.” As mentioned, the finish of last night’s game could be seen as a bit of revenge for heartbroken fans of the beloved Buds. With under 90 seconds to go in the third period, Boston was up 2-1. With their goalie pulled, Chicago scored an equalizer.

Then the unthinkable happened. Just 17 seconds later, another goal! The tide was quickly turned. Boston had gone from being a minute away from forcing a Game 7 to losing the Stanley Cup in heartbreaking fashion. Undoubtedly, fans of the Bruins are feeling a sting quite similar to that of Leafs fans after their Game 7 collapse. The pain, however, may actually be a bit worse.

“(The Leafs loss) was in the opening round,” reminded our associate, “This is the Stanley Cup Finals. There is no worse game to lose. (The Bruins) may not have won the Cup (last night), but when you force a Game 7, anything can happen. It’s got to hurt knowing that you were so close. They had a good run, but that’s a tough way to lose. Two goals in a matter of seconds changed everything.”

Nevertheless, last night’s game marked the end of a very unique NHL season. Cut to 48 regular season games from the regular 82 following a lockout, the season was close to not even happening at all. It brought about some pretty interesting happenings including the Maple Leafs making it to the playoffs for the first time in nine years. Next season is bound to be an interesting one.

It will show what Synergy’s hometown team is really made of. The hope, of course, is that the Buds will not only make it to the playoffs but go a lot further than the first round. The picking up of goalie Jonathan Bernier in a trade with the Los Angeles Kings this week is perhaps, one sign that that will be the case. Only time will tell. For now, NHL hockey is done, and the Chicago Blackhawks have won!

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