07 Sep

More Power on the Go!

Posted in Promotional Products on 07.09.16 by John Meloche

September is a busy month for many as businesses get busier and students return back to school. That means, your phone will be doing more work than usual. Ensure that you have a backup plan for battery life for your phone or your personal devices anywhere you go. Thanks to the USB Power Bank, you can now extend the battery life of your phone and personal devices helping you to stay connected on the go.

What is a USB power bank?

USB power bank is an external battery compatible with your mobile phone and other electronic gadgets. It is very convenient to carry as it is small enough to carry in your pocket. This product can be especially ideal for long business trips or for commuting students.

Adding extra hours to your phone’s battery life will ensure that you are always prepared!

This power bank comes in 3 different colours (Black, Blue, Red) and can be purchased at:


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06 Jun

What Are The Best Promo Gifts To Fill Swag Bags With?

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 06.06.16 by John Meloche

G474GR-1024x1269Last week, the Synergy Marketing Blog touched upon the topic of swag bags and highlighted how important they’ll be this summer. Whether you plan on hosting an industry event yourself or plan on being the sponsor at a conference, you’ll certainly want to make your presence felt through the many swag bags that will be given away. As we pointed out last week, some promo gifts seem to have bigger impacts than others.

So what are some of the best gifts to give out in your swag bags? We’d have to list USB chargers among the top choices. At Synergy Marketing, we offer both USB car chargers and USB power banks. In today’s digitally-obsessed world, you’ll be hard pressed to find an individual who couldn’t make use of a charger for their mobile devices. As Rachel Sprung points out on HubSpot.com, people are always on their phones!

“Give out mobile chargers, and every attendee will love you for it,” she insists, “Oh, and they’ll probably learn your name, too. Not only will they be pleasantly surprised when they see such practical and thoughtful swag, but having their phones charged will mean they’ll be able to engage even more throughout the conference, which is great for the conference coordinator. Finally, they’ll likely use that mobile charger beyond the last day of the conference.”

Are seasonal items good items for swag bags? They sure are! Sometimes, it can be easy to get caught up in giving out gifts that will be used all-year-round. However, this summer, you’ll truly stand out if you offer gifts in your swag bags that can help to bring more enjoyment to the current season. At Synergy Marketing, we offer Flying Saucers (better known as “Frisbees”) which are perfect summer gifts.

“One way to make your swag bag stand out is by filling it with fun, seasonal items,” says Sprung, “Most companies don’t give out seasonal items because they’re looking for gifts that can be used year-round, but that fact alone makes these items even more special. If you’re hosting a summer conference or an event in a beach location, for example, then think about giving out items like beach towels, flip flops, and frisbees.”

img-foldable-water-bottle-logo-1024x1269How effective are water bottles as swag bag gifts? They’re among the best! In fact, reusable water bottles fall into both the seasonal and all-year-round categories. Not to mention, these gifts say a lot about your commitment to fostering a healthier environment. At Synergy Marketing, we have a great variety of water bottles to choose from in the Drinkware section of our catalogue.

“It may sound like a simple idea, but reusable water bottles are some of the most valued swag items given out at conferences,” reports Sprung, “First of all, they’re convenient — and a lot easier to handle than open cups of water that can easily be spilled everywhere. They also encourage attendees to stay hydrated, which can be hard for people to remember when they’re rushing from event to event. Finally, reusable water bottles pair well with the recent emphasis on conferences going green.”

To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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03 Jun

What Makes Desktop Items Such Great Promotional Gifts?

Posted in Promotional Products on 03.06.16 by John Meloche

img-gold-letter-opener-logo-1024x1269In the world of promotional products, there are many that can satisfy the needs of specific industries. Those who work in the construction business, for example, will tend to offer flashlights, rulers, knives and other tools that may come in handy on their jobsites. Of course, there are many working professionals who spend their days in offices. Complete with desks, computers, telephones and countless sheets of paper, an office worker’s work space requires many tools as well.

This is why Desktop items make such great promotional gifts. They are incredibly useful around the office and practically necessary for everyone to do their jobs. And while pens make the obvious go-to desktop item, Synergy Marketing is proud to offer an array of other unique gifts that are bound to leave a good impression on all of their recipients. They include letter openers, retractable mouse pads, cleaning cloths, rulers and first aid kits.

Gold Plated Letter Opener. Don’t you find it annoying when you end up ripping the pages of a letter or important document when it is inside of an envelope that you’re trying to open? Rescuing a letter from its captor should be a much easier feat. With our classy Gold Plated Letter Opener, it is! This elegantly-crafted letter opener allows its user to open envelopes with ease. They each come in two-piece gift boxes. Just $20.00 each.

Retractable Mouse Pad. Nearly everyone you know uses a computer on a regular basis. Chances are the members of your customer base could all make use of mouse pads. The thing is, our Retractable Mouse Pad isn’t your average mouse pad. This lightweight and compact gift is ideal for any desktop computer as they can roll out to be used and then be rolled right back up when no longer needed. They also come in great gift boxes. Only $7.99 each.

Black Cleaning Cloth. Computer users are well aware that their monitors can become fingerprint-smudged messes. As well, computer screens easily become dusty. Our handy black cleaning cloths are designed to remove dust and residue from monitors, but they are also ideal for cleaning sunglasses and reading glasses. These useful, yet very inexpensive promotional gifts go for just $4.95 each.

FA104-1024x12695-in-1 Ruler. Thanks to its high-quality design, dependability and regular usefulness, this nifty ruler is one of our longest-standing promotional gifts. As its name implies, it’s no ordinary ruler. This awesome promo gifts is actually a kit that includes a 12″ ruler, two pencils, an eraser and pencil sharpener. Office workers from a variety of industries have heralded this particular promo gift as “super handy”.

First Aid Kits. No matter what type of office you work in, there will always be a reason to keep a first aid kit within it. Our Redi-Medic first aid kits come complete with a variety of items including adhesive bandages, gauze, insect bite relief, tweezers, safety pins, cotton swabs and even a flashlight key chain. Each safety kit is imprinted with the message “Just reminding you that (your company name) is always thinking of your health and safety!”

To place your order for the promo Desktop gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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31 May

3 Top-Choice Gifts To Add To Your Swag Bags

Posted in Promotional Products on 31.05.16 by John Meloche

G466-1024x1269In yesterday’s blog, we introduced the concept of the “swag bag” and insisted that business owners strongly consider giving them out at their corporate events this summer. Swag bags often contain an array of corporate gifts that event attendees can find useful. It’s wise to not only offer swag bags at your events, but to offer your company’s promotional gifts to swag bags given out by other companies.

But what are the best types of gifts to add to swag bags? Here are three top-choice ideas:

1. USB Car Chargers. Some may argue that this gift is one that has become so popular in today’s digital-crazed world, that it isn’t bound to set you apart from other companies who give them out. Here’s the bottom line though: people use USB chargers. With all of the wireless devices used these days, there will always be times when they will need to have their batteries charged. Using a car charger with your company logo on it certainly can’t be a bad thing.

CorporateSpecialities.com admits that such gifts help to create highly sought-after digital swag bags. “Digital swag bags are hot for both tech companies and those who want to have a presence in the digital space,” says the site, “The only drawback: Digital swag doesn’t have the same staying power as traditional branded merchandise. So instead of going completely electronic, support your digital swag with tangible gifts that direct recipients back online.”

2. Alcohol Breathalyzers. If you ask us, alcohol breathalyzers go under the “unique” and “different” categories. Especially when there alcohol is being served at your event, it’s a good idea to send the message that people should drink responsibly. CorporateSpecialties.com agrees that it is certainly worthwhile to offer your event attendees gifts that can be considered “newsworthy”.

“While most swag bags aren’t likely to make headlines like those given at Oscars, the key for your gift bags is to design them with unique items,” reads the website, “Products that will create buzz with recipients. Something they haven’t seen before. Perhaps even something they may not splurge on for themselves but would really love to have. Or maybe it’s something fun that gets the entire group of attendees involved.”

3. Lanyard Calculators. These are just awesome because they are lightweight, easy to carry around in your pockets and extremely handy. Calculators come in handy for all types of businesspeople. After all, adding up money is what all businesses have in common – or so you would hope! Lanyard calculators will especially impress those who work in office environments. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with desktop gifts!

CorporateSpecialities.com agrees that desktop gifts are worthwhile additions to swag bags for all business types. “Desktop real estate isn’t easy to acquire, so if you want your brand to stand out in this coveted space, you better make the products both useful and unique,” reports the site, “Colour is one way to stand out. Also look for collections so you can add pieces over time in a continuity program.”

To place your order for the promo gifts for your next party’s swag bags, please call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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30 May

The Importance Of Giving Away Swag Bags At Corporate Events

Posted in Promotional Products on 30.05.16 by John Meloche

Giving A Gift At A Birthday Party“That’s a really cool water bottle. Where did you get it?” This is a question that you want people asking attendees of your corporate events all summer long. When companies host events – whether they are barbeques, company picnics or even award ceremonies – it is commonplace for them to hand out “swag bags” to attendees when the event is over. That way, people have something tangible to remember the event by.

What is predominantly found in “swag bags”? You guessed it! Promotional products of all sorts are generally part of what makes up the bags of giveaways that people get at corporate events. The gifts, as you are likely aware, are meant to thank those who took the time to be in attendance. Of course, they are also meant to keep the event sponsors on the minds of the swag bag recipients.

If you are throwing any events this summer – and you should! – an important step of planning your party, dinner or award ceremony will be to create swag bags that you can give away at the end of the night. Now remember, the promotional gifts that represent your business should reflect the high quality and strong reputation of your brand. The gifts themselves must be useful and of high quality in order to convey positive messages about your business.

What types of gifts should be placed in swag bags? Well, we began today’s blog by alluding to the water bottle as an ideal swag bag gift for the summer. Who couldn’t use a classy new water bottle during the warmest months of the year? Of course, it’s wise to select gifts that are in keeping with your business and the type of people who are likely to support it. But as Erin Bury points out on Mashable.com, you always want to give gifts that people can actually use.

“Put yourself in the position of the conference attendee,” she advises those who plan on hosting such events, “Would you pick up that item if you walked by that booth? If the item was in a big swag bag, would it catch your attention, or would you throw it away without thinking twice? Chances are if you wouldn’t use it, neither would anyone else. Also, make sure it’s something people don’t have 10 of already.”

So what types of gifts to people really want? Again, this is why it’s important to consider your audience. Do the people attending your parties predominantly work in office settings? If so, gifts such as letter openers, retractable mouse pads and note pads would be good ideas. We offer these and many other great Desktop items that would make excellent additions to your swag bags. The bottom line is making sure you provide worthwhile gifts that keep their recipients in mind.

Understanding the interests of your event guests will help to make your swag bags all the more worthwhile. “Swag can be a great way to get your brand’s message out there and start some conversations about your company,” says Bury, “But you don’t want your company’s marketing treasure to be someone else’s trash. Take the time to think about what you’d actually want from a conference, and try to create items that reflect that.”

To place your order for the promo gifts for your next party’s swag bags, please call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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18 May

3 More Ways To Celebrate Your Team’s Recent Success

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.05.16 by John Meloche

Happy business team are giving high five in office. Teamwork, success concept.It’s been an exciting week in the world of Toronto sports this week. As we’ve been blogging about in recent days, the Toronto Raptors are now in the third round of the NBA Playoffs. As per usual, the Synergy Marketing Blog has taken a look at the parallels between pro sports and Canadian small businesses. Both industry types require excellent performances from teams in order to achieve success. And both industry types deserve to celebrate those successes!

Here are three more ways to celebrate your team’s recent success:

1. Create a “wall of fame” in the office. When you’ve acknowledged the excellent jobs performed by the members of your staff, it’s important for the acknowledgment to not be a one-off. Setting up a “wall of fame” complete with employee pictures and blurbs about their accomplishments is a great way to keep the good vibes going in the office, after you’ve achieved a particular business goal.

On DigitalistMag.com, Marisa Negri recommends that you set up a “brag board”. “If you think your team has done something worthy enough, ‘brag’ about their success on a designated board in the break room or somewhere for the entire company to see,” she suggests, “Documenting a success story helps your team realize their value and motivates them to work just as hard (if not harder) for the next project.”

2. Throw an office party. When professional sports teams win series, they often have a big party in their locker rooms. (To be honest, we find this to be the case in most sports except basketball). This isn’t to say that you should be dousing any of your employees in champagne. Instead, take an approach more in keeping with your line of work and take your team out for a dinner, picnic or other fun-filled celebration.

“Whether it’s a family-friendly picnic or an elegant night out on the town, taking the celebration out of the office supports how special you want your employees to feel,” says Amy Guettler on Chron.com, “It’s also a great way for co-workers to interact, chit-chat, revel in their success or just relax together as a team in a new environment — a great way to build teamwork and motivation to achieve more.”

3. Throw some extra perks the way of your employees. Money is great, of course. Food is nearly as good. Perhaps, third in line are the perks that come along with working for you. That could include a better parking space (for, at least, a limited time) or even some high-end gifts that clearly demonstrate your appreciation for your team’s hard work. Negri agrees that it’s a good idea to “perk it up from time to time”.

She suggests that you “offer meaningful rewards that can be catered to an individual’s preference. This can range from Starbucks gift cards to longer lunches or the ability to leave early on a given day.” We would also suggest offering some of your high-end promotional products as gifts to your top performers. At Synergy Marketing, we have a long list of great promo gifts to choose from.

To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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17 May

3 Ways To Acknowledge Your Team’s Latest Victory

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.05.16 by John Meloche

success and winning concept - happy business team giving high five in officeIt all goes down tonight! The Toronto Raptors will be playing their first-ever Eastern Conference Finals game when they take on the number one-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers. Favoured to beat our beloved Raptors, the Cavs are lead by perennial all-star, LeBron James. Regardless of the assumed outcome of this series, there is a lot for Toronto basketball fans to celebrate. As mentioned, this is the first time the Raptors have gone this far in the NBA Playoffs.

In 2001, then-Raptor, Vince Carter put up a potential buzzer-beating jump shot at the end of an exciting Game 7 in round two of the playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers. As all Raptors fans know, Carter would not get the bucket. It has taken an entire 15 years for the Raptors to secure another opportunity to better that playoff performance.

And while the City of Toronto prepares for Game 1 of Round 3 tonight, we’d like to continue our look at ways to acknowledge your team’s latest victory. Here are three more:

1. Set up a “winning” team photo. Sports teams take team photos every year. Why shouldn’t you take a photo of your winning team? Set up a professional photo shoot to include each member of your team and have it set up in the office in a beautiful frame. Team members don’t just enjoy being acknowledged for their jobs well done, they also like the idea that they are part of a team to begin with.

On Chron.com, Amy Guettler suggests you take several team photos to help everyone remember your celebration. “Don’t forget to take candid shots as the celebration progresses, as they’re always good for a chuckle,” she suggests, “After the celebration is over, arrange a photo board, complete with humorous captions, in a prominent area of the office so employees can remember their experience fondly.”

2. Say “thank you”. Sometimes, keeping it simple is your best option. Not to mention, it’s your least expensive option too. It goes without saying that people like to be acknowledged for the good jobs they do. Public acknowledgment is great. But take the time to personally sit down with your top performers in private for a few moments and tell them how much their contributions mean to you. A personal “thank you” will go a long way.

“Employees look to senior management for guidance and ways to behave, and if their efforts continually go unnoticed they become less invested in their work, as well as the company,” says Marisa Negri on DigitalistMag.com, “You can throw as many perks and special gifts to your employees as you want, but a genuine thank can go a long way to leave a more lasting impression – as well as a deeper entrenched respect.”

3. Food, food and more food! If money is the number one incentive for people to work hard, food has to be number two on the list. At least, this is what we’ve found, here at Synergy Marketing. Considering that food is both a necessity and an integral part of any good party, feeding your staff is an excellent way to celebrate them after they’ve performed exceptionally well.

According to Guettler, saving your team members money by not making them bring their own lunches to work is a great way to celebrate their achievements. “Who wouldn’t like a break from brown-bag lunches or the chance to indulge in some sumptuous barbecue?” she asks, “Whether you’d like to treat your staff to an elaborate dinner or if you’d prefer to organize a company pot-luck, this type of treat is always remembered.”

Don’t forget to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we conclude our look at how to celebrate your team’s recent success!

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16 May

3 Ideas For Celebrating The Successes Of Your Team

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 16.05.16 by John Meloche

Business Team Giving One Another High FiveWell, they’ve done it! The Toronto Raptors are headed to the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in team history. The road to get there was certainly made interesting, as the Raps took their second round series with the Miami Heat to the seventh game. Following their 116-89 victory in Game 7, they’re now moving on to face LeBron James and the favoured Cleveland Cavaliers in a series that begins tomorrow night.

Now, there are a lot of people already writing the Raptors off. James and his Cavs, after all, have been sweeping their way through the NBA Playoffs thus far and as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, are generally expected to breeze right into the NBA Finals. And although fans of the Toronto Raptors have other ideas, there is an acknowledgment that this is the best Raptors team in history, regardless of the outcome of the next series.

And that’s something to be celebrated! How do you celebrate the successes of your team? Here are three ideas:

1. Speech! Speech! Speech! Any time there is an occasion worth celebrating, it usually involves a speech of some kind. If your business has recently enjoyed a success, you may as well take the opportunity to give that big speech. Acknowledge everyone on your team for their jobs well done. Take the time to reflect on how hard you all worked and why it is worth commemorating the occasion with a celebration.

On Chron.com, Amy Guettler writes that it’s appropriate to give a speech about your team’s recent accomplishments. “Before beginning whatever celebration you have in mind, make a brief speech about why everyone is celebrating,” she advises, “Detail the success of the company, and take the time to point out and thank key players. Recognition of success goes a long way toward making an employee happy.”

2. Throw out praise at a team meeting. Sometimes, it’s the simplest of acknowledgements that can mean the most to people. At the team meeting following a particularly successful day at work, be sure to offer your sincere congratulations to those members of your team who have exceeded expectations. It’s important that your staff members know that their contributions matter to the overall success of your brand.

“From offering congratulations to a sales member for their impressive lead generation technique to acknowledgement for extra hours put in by the team as a whole, informal and formal recognition is key,” says Marisa Negri on DigitalistMag.com, “ Whether you dish out specifics or hand out general kudos, your team will know that their efforts were appreciated. This is also a good practice to applaud the success of members who work virtually so they feel like a part of the team as well.”

3. Hand out awards to top performers. It’s important for us to reiterate the need to publicly acknowledge jobs well done. Take the opportunity to hand out awards to some of the top performers on your team. Not only are they deserving of the praise that helped your company achieve its latest victory, but the awards will incentivize other members of your team to step up to win such awards in future.

“Give out awards to top-performing workers, and do it in front of the entire staff,” insists Guettler, “This can include anything such as employee of the month, best innovator, customer service excellence, top salesperson and strongest team player. Have the winner’s names – as well as the recognition they’ve won – engraved into an attractive award or trophy. You can be guaranteed those awards will figure prominently in the winners’ self-esteem as well as in their offices.”

The promotional gifts offered by Synergy Marketing have often been used as office rewards. To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE! And be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to look at ways to acknowledge your team’s latest victory

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13 May

What Makes Knife Sets Such Great Promotional Gifts?

Posted in Promotional Products on 13.05.16 by John Meloche

HW450-1024x1269A little over a month from now, we’ll be celebrating the beginning of summer. And, if you’re anything like the team, here at Synergy Marketing, you’re pretty excited about your favourite time of year being on the way. Needless to say, the summer brings about warm and sunny weather that makes for the perfect conditions for barbeques. Is there anything that says “summer” better than the smell of barbeque in the air? We can smell it now!

What promo gifts are best for advertising your business during the summer? At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide range of summer-themed gifts to choose from. And while many of our clients choose to go with traditional water bottles or even our flying saucers, we find that our knives and tools get a lot of action this time of year as well. The way we see it, it’s because they make such great additions to barbeques!

What are the best knives to use at barbeques? Of course, not every promotional knife offered by Synergy Marketing is of the steak-cutting variety. But we do have some incredible specialty items that are perfect for the barbeque-loving member of your family, staff or customer base. They include our various sets of steak knives that are perfect for either the kitchen or the backyard by the barbeque this forthcoming summer season.

The 18-Piece Barbeque Kit is by far our most exquisite, high-end set of knives. Including a number of barbeque tools such as a grill brush, spatula and even corn-on-the-cob holders, this kit is one of the best summer-themed gifts we offer! The set is uniquely organized in a sleek, black case that makes storage and safekeeping of all tools incredibly easy. This great barbeque kit goes for just $79.95 each.

img-cattlemans-kitchen-knife-set-logo-1-1024x1269What other knife sets do we offer? We also offer not one, but two Cattleman’s Kitchen™ steak knife sets – one Rosewood, one Maplewood. Ideal for barbeques and family dinners, each Cattleman’s Kitchen™ Knife Set is an elegantly crafted set of knives that will leave no steak safe! The oversized steakhouse steak knives come complete with stainless steel blades and triple-riveted Rosewood/Maplewood handles that are burned with your company name.

The price also includes a two-piece gift box and one location laser engraving on each handle. They go for $49.95 each. With these high-end promotional gifts, you’ll be able to make the strongest impressions for your business all summer long. Consider the fact that at each and every barbeque enjoyed by your recipient, he/she will be reminded of your business in a very positive way.

Needless to say, our knife sets are generally reserved for the most important of customers, if not family members and friends. To place your order for the knife set of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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09 May

Isn’t It Time You Invested In Promo Gifts To Grow Your Business?

Posted in Promotional Products on 09.05.16 by John Meloche

FL-605_BIG-500x500-1024x1269For many business owners across Canada, the question that represents the title of today’s blog is one that is met with rolled eyes. It’s okay. We understand. How could a pen, water bottle, key chain or flashlight with your company logo on it really help your business to succeed? We know that this is a question that many an entrepreneur has had on his/her mind. But, we also know that it is one that has more than one answer.

How can promo gifts really help to grow your business? Firstly, it’s important to remember that they have incredible lasting power. Those aforementioned products are items that are used by all types of people each and every day. When you hand someone one of those items bearing your company’s name and logo, you offer your brand the opportunity to be recognized on a daily basis for many months to come.

Promo gifts also help your business to save money. Consider the fact that investing in this advertising strategy is far less expensive than traditional modes of advertising. Television commercials, radio spots, print ads and billboards all require quite the marketing budget. And, in the long run, what’s their payoff? How often do you think about the commercials you see every day? How often do you use the items we pointed out earlier?

What makes Synergy Marketing’s promo gifts so special? We provide the best promo products in our industry! It’s a bold statement to make, but it is one that we stand behind confidently. It’s important to provide your promo gift recipients with high-quality items because they will be associated with your business. And you never want to give off the impression that what you have to offer is of poor workmanship.

We also have a vast selection of great gifts! Choose from pens, USB chargers, letter openers, wine stoppers, rulers, markers, flashlights, key chains, knives and so much more! Each of these items is regularly used, but there is a technique in choosing the right one for your target audience. The friendly and experienced sales reps at Synergy Marketing can definitely help you to make the right choice!

P600B-1024x1269It is, after all, important to select gifts that will be the most effective in strengthening your brand image. “Keep in mind the niche you’re hoping to target,” advises Elle-Rose Williams on HuffingtonPost.com, “For example; t-shirts, caps and sweatbands are often great if you’re a fitness brand or a gym. Desk supplies and stationary usually work better if you’re targeting businesses or corporate niches.”

Williams also notes that it’s important to not “over brand”. In other words, subtle products that are actively used are often quite effective. Pens, for example, are used by pretty much everyone, no matter what industry they’re a part of. “The more people who become aware of your brand – the better results you will see in business and sales,” says Williams. So why wait any longer to order promo gifts to make more people aware of your business?

To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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