10 Mar

5 Ways To Go About Choosing The Right Promo Gift

Posted in Promotional Products on 10.03.15 by John Meloche

img-koala-retro-corkscrew-logo-1-1024x1269Choosing the right promotional product to advertise your business is a very important part of the business advertising process. By now, it should go without saying that promo gifts are both cost-efficient and highly effective ways to grow your brand. But will any gift do the trick? In many cases, there are those “go-to” promo gifts that work wonders no matter type of business you are promoting. Pens are perfect examples.

Even in today’s digital-crazed world, we still all need pens, right? In other cases, you may want to stick to a promotional gift that is more closely associated with your industry. Our breathalyzer key chains, for example, are highly regarded by our clients who work in the automotive industry. For obvious reasons, it serves them well to hand out promotional products that their customers (all drivers, of course) can use.

So what’s the right promo gift for your business? Again, making the right choice is important. This is why we highly recommend a chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps. They are experts in helping you to decide upon the right gift for your specific business. Give them a call at 1-877-748-9884. And when you do, you may want to keep a few things of the following things in mind.

Here are five ways to go about choosing the right promo gift for your business:

1. Growing company pride. You’re proud of your business. And you want your employees to feel exactly the same way, right? Promo gifts are excellent ways to grow company pride. So arguably, there is no one better than the members of your staff to honour with gifts. As VerifiedLabel.com points out, “employees generally appreciate corporate apparel, because they can wear it to work each day.”

2. Standing out and staying memorable. Your promo gift should serve to separate you from your competition. They especially work well at trade shows. While so many others are handing out their boring and traditional business cards, you should be handing out useful gifts that will remain with their recipients a lot longer. “At trade shows, gadgets like key chains, stress balls, or personalized luggage tags make great giveaways,” informs VerifiedLabel.com.

3. Celebrating the season. Naturally, many promo gifts have seasonal implications. During the holidays, our Christmas cards are obviously quite popular. But with winter winding down and warmer months ahead, some other gifts become more effective. “Outdoor special events such as golf tournaments, races, or picnics are the perfect opportunity to offer customized t-shirts, visors, Frisbees, drink cozies, sunscreen, or even picnic blankets,” says VerifiedLabel.com.

4. Impressing high-end customers. Some customers are more loyal than others. Some spend more money in your store than others. These individuals, quite obviously represent your most important customers. Sometimes, it’s important to treat them to something special to let them know how much you appreciate their business. In such cases, you’ll want to do more than hand out traditional promo gifts. Going a big more high-end – say with a wine set – may be in order.

5. Impressing at upscale events. “Create ‘goodie bags’ for galas, benefits, and other upscale evening events with small, easily transported items that party-goers will use during the party, such as private-label water bottles, snacks, or cigars,” suggests VerifiedLabel.com, “Include other items for entertaining at home, like corkscrews.” For more information on the various promotional products offered by Synergy Marketing, remember to call 1-877-748-9884.

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26 Mar

6 Ways To Combine Promo Gifts With Online Marketing

Posted in Promotional Products on 26.03.14 by John Meloche

Online shoppingThis week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focusing on the modern-day necessity for online business promotion. Last week, we blogged extensively about the greatness of promotional products. How about we combine the two concepts in today’s blog? There are many ways to promote your business online using promotional products. On Biggerfish.com, Nathan Allen notes that many business owners neglect this strategy.

“One thing I believe Internet marketers are failing to utilize correctly is promotional products,” he writes. He goes on to note that there are several types of promotional products that can do the trick and includes a list of ways that business owners can use the gifts to promote their companies on the internet and vice versa. These tips are simple and easy to execute!

Promote Your Company’s Website. Perhaps the most obvious way to add to your online marketing campaign using promo gifts is to place your website address on them. As Allen points out, this the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of how to best utilize their promotional products. At least, it should be anyway. Your website is arguably the best way to get your customers interested in your brand.

Find Promotional Items That Fit Your Niche. How about the reverse? Promoting your promo gifts online may be an interesting twist to your marketing campaigns. Maybe you can promote that you are offering free promo gifts to customers who buy particular items. Allen notes that you should choose gifts that fit your brand to build incentive. He uses the example of promoting the giving away of free water bottles to customers who purchase bicycles. You get the idea.

Free Contests and Drawings. Use your website to promote contests to get people to sign up for newsletters, while building more interest in your goods. Allen suggests that the winners of the contests should get promotional items with your company website on them. Everyone loves to win stuff, he reminds us. So this is a great way to gain more email addresses as well as interested would-be buyers.

Motivate Customers to Buy More. When you bundle your products with fantastic promotional products, it will encourage your customers to buy more. Create package deals that will entice your customers to purchase more of your items, knowing that they will be getting something for free in the process. It’s a win-win since you’ll be increasing sales and sending customers away with something to promote your brand. Promote this package deal on your website to boost interest.

Reward Your Best Affiliates. Rewarding and thanking your affiliates is one of the best ways to use promotional products. Allen writes that “this shows them that you truly appreciate the fact that they promote your products. You can send gifts to your affiliate partners when they reach a certain goal, or you can give gifts to your top affiliates during the holidays. By rewarding your affiliates, you build a stronger relationship with them.”

Thank Your Loyal Customers. Thanking your customers just might be the best way to use your promotional products. Who matters more to your business? Express your gratitude to those who spend the most in your store by giving them top-of-the-line promo gifts. As Allen points out, “promotional items remind your clients that the relationship you share with them is important to you.”

Contact Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to select the promotional product of your choice today!

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17 Mar

Using Promo Gifts To Your Advantage

Posted in Promotional Products on 17.03.14 by John Meloche

Businessman offerWelcome to Promo Product Week, here at Synergy Marketing. Okay, so maybe it’s always “Promo Product Week” around here. But this, week the Synergy Marketing Blog will be paying special attention to the many ways in which promotional products can help your business to grow. After all, that’s what we do around here – only provide the best promo products in the business!

But what are they really good for? Are promo products really all that helpful? Do they truly bring in more customers and make companies more money? These are questions that are often on the minds of many an entrepreneur. The answers will be found in the blogs that we post this week. You see, for many years, Synergy Marketing has gained experience working business owners across Canada.

And, as a result, the answers are quite clear to us. Promo products work! But you don’t have to take our word for it. According to AllBusiness.com, “promotional products offer a unique opportunity to get your company’s name out to its target market — and keep it there.” The website also offers business owners tips on how to make the most out of the promotional products they choose to use to promote their companies.

Set clear goals for your promotion. To truly make your promo gifts work for you, you first need to determine exactly what you wish to accomplish. Promo gifts can be used to build awareness for your brand, boost your sales, thank your customers or all of the above. Your goal, however, should be clearly set out so that the promotional items that you choose best represent your end goal.

Set a budget and stick to it. One of the best things about promotional products is how inexpensive they are compared to traditional modes of advertising. It’s still important, however, to know exactly how much you have available in your budget to dedicate towards this marketing strategy. Keep track of your expenses and factor in all of the costs necessary before making your order.

Seek out partnership opportunities. Promo gifts are EXCELLENT ways of starting and building new relationships. As AllBusiness.com suggests, “if you’d like to offer gifts at one of your events, ask one of your suppliers to share the cost. In exchange, recognize them by placing their logo on the gift. Joint promotional efforts strengthen relationships with suppliers and make a statement about your commitment”.

Recognize the limited shelf life of most promotional products. “Don’t buy more than you need,” advises the site, “A lot of businesses have stockrooms full of outdated promotional items.” When you speak to one of the sales representatives at Synergy Marketing, be sure to let him or her know your goals so that you’ll get assistance with choosing both the right gift and the correct quantity.

The staff at Synergy Marketing is made up of marketing experts. Our team is comprised of individuals who understand the needs of Canadian business owners. They’ll help you to select the gift that is right for your brand. Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to order your promo gifts today. And be sure to check back daily for new blogs on how to best use promotional gifts to your advantage!

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