25 May

3 Ways To Truly Relax When You’re Not In The Office

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 25.05.16 by John Meloche

Family Lying Upside Down On Sofa With DaughterHow has your week been going? For most Canadians, it’s a short work week considering that Victoria Day – a statutory holiday – was this past Monday. But for many others, there was no shortage of work this week. For the most part, we’re talking about business owners. You know, the type of people who never seem to take a day off of work? For such individuals – and we know a lot of them! – it’s important to remember that it’s okay to take time off sometimes.

As we’ve outlined in our blogs over the past couple of days, taking time to relax and unwind can actually be a good business move. Being away from the office allows you to recharge and properly refocus your energies on the tasks you have at hand. Often, entrepreneurs inundate themselves with work, take no breaks, and therefore, burn themselves out. This doesn’t help for many smart business moves to be made.

So how can you get yourself to truly relax when you’re not in the office? Here are three ideas:

1. Stay off of social media. Many people feel that if they’re not tweeting or updating statuses on a regular basis, the world will forget about them. At Synergy Marketing, we regularly advocate the act of using social media to spread the word about your business. However, on your days off, feel free to ignore the rest of the world. It doesn’t make you irrelevant in the eyes of the public if they don’t hear from you for a day.

Avoiding what he calls “status anxiety” is a practice advocated by Manuel Gil del Real of MGR Consulting Group. “It seems like nowadays, we all need to post every single thing we do on Social Media as if our life would not relevant unless we tell other people about our ‘status’ every single time,” he writes, “If you’re hungry for constant ‘likes’ and social recognition you need to reconsider your life priorities. Take a ‘Social Media Vacation’…it’s part of unplugging.”

2. Plan your time away from work. We know that this sounds like the opposite of what we’re trying to get you to do. Relaxing and taking it easy usually doesn’t usually come as a result of a specifically drawn out plan. But for many hard-working business owners, it may be necessary. On his website, entrepreneur, Sean Hopwood recommends that you have a plan when you decide to spend time away from your business.

“This plan should be prepared early, at least a week before the planned break,” he advises, “However, don’t plan too early since you can’t really be sure how circumstances would change as time passes. If you planned your trip months before, you may just get yourself in the dilemma of postponing your break or foregoing a business opportunity because of unexpected turn of events.”

3. Spend time with your loved ones. What’s the point of working so hard if it isn’t to benefit the people you love? Don’t forget that when you get time off of work, it means that you have more time to spend with your family members and friends. Remember that they are the reasons you work so hard to begin with. Gil del Real reminds us that it’s important to give them quality time when you’re not in the office.

“Focus on family or loved ones,” he insists, “Give them your full attention because for the most part of the year, you fail to give them quality time. Also when you focus on your family, this will change the pace of your life and you need that to become a more flexible individual. If you fail to invest in family life today, you’re sure to pay the price tomorrow. Don’t make that mistake.”

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24 May

3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Days Away From Work

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 24.05.16 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_25983447_s-2015Welcome back to work Canada! On behalf of the entire team, here at Synergy Marketing, we hope you enjoyed your Victoria Day long weekend. Yesterday, we took the time to blog about the fact that it’s important that you actually enjoy your time off work. Too many business owners feel that when they take time away from the job, they’re letting their businesses down. Not so. In today’s blog, we’ll look at some ways you can make the most of your days away from work.

Here are three:

1. Read. Many people find reading relaxing. It also helps them to escape the pressures that come with everyday life as their books allow them to venture off into fictional worlds that can be quite entertaining. You don’t necessarily have to read fiction. If you’re not much of a reader of stories, consider picking up some books about areas of study you’re not normally attached to. A break from your regular every day is the point.

Manuel Gil del Real of MGR Consulting Group highly recommends this idea. “You don’t want your mind to still be occupied by work concerns so read stories that are unrelated to what you normally do,” he suggests, “I personally love reading biographical or self-improvement books during my time off. Often times, when you read the biography of other successful entrepreneurs, they can be both, a great read and a fantastic source of inspiration for your own self-improvement.”

2. Try to unplug from technology. Considering that most technology used today doesn’t require a plug to use, perhaps the best way to provide this piece of advice is to say “leave your devices alone!” When vacationing, see what it’s like to not be attached to your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. You may feel as if you’ll be inundated with messages when you return, but it’s important to give yourself a break from non-stop calls and emails from time to time.

“Perhaps just bring your smart phone with you so you can communicate with your family if you’re not bringing them along,” suggests Gil del Real, “But if you will be traveling with your loved ones, unplug completely and don’t let your work concerns worm their way into your vacation. If there are problems at work, let your employees take care of them; trust your team, feel comfortable delegating and empower them to make their own decisions while you’re away.”

3. Stop worrying! Easier said than done, right? If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, it will be hard to convince you that there’s nothing to worry about when you take time away from your business. However, changing your mindset will help you to enjoy your days off and vacations a lot more. On his website, business owner, Sean Hopwood recommends that you practice little by little to not be a “worrywart”.

“Start small and scale up,” he recommends, “You can, for instance, delegate some tasks for the day and take the time off in the afternoon and observe how things proceed. Eventually, you will learn to trust your personnel while training them to be responsible at the same time. Gradually veer away from micromanagement and learn to trust people. If you are an entrepreneur who dreams of making it big, you will have to come to a point where micromanaging no longer works and may even become a burden.”

Remember that Synergy Marketing is open today! Don’t hesitate to call us to order the perfect promo gift to advertise your business at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST. You can also email us at info@gosynergygo.com and sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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23 May

The Importance Of Enjoying Your Time Off From Work

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 23.05.16 by John Meloche

African American businesswoman relaxing at work reclining back in her chair stretching her arms in the air and closing her eyes in contentmentHappy Victoria Day Canada! On behalf of the entire team, here at Synergy Marketing, we just wanted to take this opportunity to wish every single one of you an amazing “May 2-4” long weekend! Today is a day usually filled with fun in the sun, barbeques and picnics, as this long weekend holiday is often synonymous with the first “summer” holiday of the year. With that, we’d like to remind you that Synergy Marketing is closed today to observe the holiday.

We will, however, we open bright and early tomorrow morning, beginning at 9am EST, so please don’t hesitate to call us in the morning for any questions you may have about our fantastic promotional products. If you’re anything like us – and we know that many Canadian entrepreneurs are! – you enjoy the extra days off work, but you sometimes feel guilty about them. Those who have the entrepreneurial spirit are always working somehow.

We know that even at those barbeques and picnics taking place today, business owners are taking their opportunities to meet new people, pass along business cards, or better yet their branded promotional gifts. It’s hard not to think of work when you own a business. And, at Synergy Marketing, we not only understand that, but we sympathize with it, as well. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay – you’re allowed to enjoy your day off!

Don’t assume that if you’ve taken the day off that you’ve somehow let your business down. In fact, taking time away from the office can often be good for your business. It means you’re allowing yourself to relax and recharge so that you can take on the next day of work fully energized. Manuel Gil del Real of MGR Consulting Group writes that this is one of the most important ways to help your business to grow.

“If you’re…an entrepreneur but you believe that business shouldn’t stop no matter what time of the year it is, take a cue from the most successful business people around and use the holidays to regroup and recharge because taking vacations is among the smartest entrepreneurs’ habits that will allow you to be furthermore effective at what you do,” he writes. He goes on to list a few important ways that you can fully enjoy your time off from work.

“Build a reliable team that you can leave your work concerns to,” Gil del Real advises, “This will not only make you feel less anxious about being away but this will benefit your business as well. A business with people who will stretch their abilities to ensure that everything’s smooth running while the boss is away has the best potential to grow and succeed.” It’s important, however, to be good at delegating responsibilities to the right people.

On his website, business owner, Sean Hopwood writes that being a good delegator is a sign of being a good leader. Furthermore, it will help you to enjoy your time off from work with more ease. “Learn how to delegate responsibilities so you don’t have to micro-manage everything,” he advises, “Also, only delegate responsibilities if you are sure that those to whom the responsibilities will be delegated are responsible enough.”

We certainly hope you’re enjoying your time off from work today, no matter how you’ve chosen to spend the day. Don’t forget that to place your order for the promo gift of your choice, you can call Synergy Marketing tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST. You can also email us at info@gosynergygo.com and sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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22 Feb

The Importance Of Establishing Your Brand’s Voice

Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business Advertising on 22.02.16 by John Meloche

business woman speak in megaphoneAll businesses give off certain impressions. And, quite obviously, business owners wish for those impressions to be favourable. The public opinion of a brand, however, is often determined by the brand’s “voice”.

What exactly is a brand’s voice? Well, consider the marketing campaigns of a fast food restaurant. Are they any different than those of a car manufacturer? Naturally, one type will tend to be upbeat and energetic, while the other is likely to be more direct and sophisticated.

What type of voice does your brand have? Often, it has a lot to do with the ways in which you word things. On Distilled.net, Harriet Cummings writes that your company’s voice isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it. She notes that the tone of a brand’s voice represents its personality and set of values. And this helps to determine how members of the buying public feel about the business.

“This encompasses not only the words you choose, but their order, rhythm and pace,” she informs, “Rather confusingly, when seen in the world of business and marketing, the phrase ‘tone of voice’ refers to written – rather than spoken – words. A company’s tone of voice will inform all of its written copy, including its website, social media messages, emails and packaging.”

So why does your brand need a voice? Well, consider the fact that you’re looking to stand out in a business world where there is a lot of competition. Being unique and interesting enough to draw attention to your brand and away from your competitors is what having a brand voice is all about. On QualityLogoProducts.com, Jenna Markowski explains the advantages of having a specific voice for your brand.

“There are countless benefits to giving your brand a distinct voice, the most important of which being that your brand voice sets your company apart from all of your competition,” she writes, “Your brand voice also helps you build trust with your customers and gives your customers a little peek at the humans that are behind your brand. Humanizing your brand and giving your brand a personality will make it easier for your audience to relate to you.”

How can promo items help to give your brand a unique voice? Markowski writes that your promo products should fit into your brand’s mission and values. For example, many of Synergy Marketing’s customers who are real estate agents tend to go with key chains as their promotional products of choice. It makes sense, right? Part of their jobs is to hand a new set of keys to their clients after their new homes are purchased.

At Synergy Marketing, we offer the best promo products in the business! To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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06 Jan

3 Small Business Strategies That Outdo Competitors

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 06.01.16 by John Meloche

vision, strategy, plan - text in 3d red, blue and green arrowsWith 2016 now here, your small business will be required to step it up in order to compete with its competition. Why? Well, because your competition is most certainly coming up with new ways to advertise themselves! It doesn’t take a New Year’s Resolution to begin new marketing strategies. But you can bet that small business owners from all over Canada are thinking of how to outdo their competitors this month.

Here are three ways to do so yourself:

1. Avoid downsizing. Some small business owners get it in their minds that to make more money, they need to save more money. And while this may be true in some cases, the ways in which they go about holding on to their cash only hurts their businesses. Downsizing is one of those ways. There’s no major benefit to letting go of competent, talented and loyal employees. On Chron.com, Jennn Fusion explains why.

“Downsizing is the kiss of death for both small and large businesses,” she insists, “You cannot put a price on employee loyalty and morale…One strategy to avoid layoffs is to reduce workweeks to four days for hourly employees. Offer salaried employees one week unpaid vacations or ask them to take a temporary 1 percent pay cut. Consider cutting overtime, annual pay increases, bonuses or company parties before laying off dedicated employees you can never have back again.”

2. Sell experiences, not products. We’ve often mentioned that the customer experience tends to overrule actual products and services when it comes to reasons that Canadian shoppers choose to do business with certain brands. It’s important that you step up your game in the field of great customer experiences. When people enjoy visiting your place of business, they will be a lot more likely to choose you over your competitors.

On ProfitGuide.com, Vikram Vij champions this idea. “Smart retailers and manufacturers are finding ways to offer…one-of-a-kind immersive experiences that build relationships with brands and offer businesses a chance to interact with consumers in a way digital retailing doesn’t allow,” he writes. He cites Bauer, a known manufacturer of hockey equipment, as a company that plans on opening stores that includes indoor hockey rinks. How’s that for a great shopping experience?

3. Get your community involved. There are few ideas better than ones that suggest that you engage the members of the community where your business is located. When your business is considered a staple in the area it operates in, it will be hard to find greater success anywhere else. Get involved in community events this year and see if it doesn’t significantly increase the great impressions made of your company.

“One of the best strategies for boosting profits is to rouse community support and create a buzz about your product,” says Fusion, “You want people talking to friend and family about their positive experiences with your product. You want YouTube videos, Facebook posts, free advertising and repeat customers.” In tomorrow’s blog, we explore some ways that you can utilize social media to boost your brand’s recognition.

And, as always, don’t forget to hand out your company’s promotional products to its customers. To order yours, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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07 Dec

The Importance Of Website Design For Reliability

Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business Advertising on 07.12.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_48064213_sHere we are in the second week of December – deeply entrenched in the holiday shopping season. Undoubtedly, no matter where you are in Canada, the shopping malls are crawling with people searching for gifts for their loved ones. Don’t think, however, that just because the malls are crowded, there aren’t a lot of people shopping from the comforts of their own homes. Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, especially at this time of year.

Naturally, it makes sense to allow your customers to make purchases directly from your website. But just because you allow for your website’s visitors to buy from you online, it doesn’t mean that they will automatically be inclined to whip out their credit cards. It’s important to develop a reputation as a reliable business. After all, with all of the fraud that has occurred via online shopping, you don’t want to gain a bad reputation.

So how do you prove that your company is reliable? On ConversionXL.com, Peep Laja asks business owners to consider the following scenario: “Let’s say you’re walking down the street. A twenty-something dude comes up to you – ‘hey, are you interested in a new iPhone 5? I’ll sell it to you for $20’. He pulls it out of his pocket and it looks legit. What do you do? My guess is that you won’t buy it – even though the price is amazing and you know it’s a good product.”

Laja insists that a lack of trust is the reason that most people won’t buy an excellent product at a very inexpensive price. The idea that there must be something wrong with it or that the offer is too good to be true quickly arises. Your website needs to be designed in such a way that it is viewed as being trustworthy. According to Laja, web design matters because “people judge the book by their cover and your website by its design.”

“If you designed your website yourself and you’re not a designer, it sucks,” he insists, “Like many others before him, Dr. Brent Coker studied the impact of attractive websites on human behaviour. (He concluded that) websites that are more attractive and include more trimmings create a greater feeling of trustworthiness and professionalism in consumers.”

Does your website design give off a trustworthy impression? On Web4Business.com, Ivana Katz reiterates the importance of having your website make customers comfortable. “Unfortunately many people are still afraid to shop on the internet because they’ve heard horror stories from their friends and colleagues who have lost money in various online scams,” she reveals, “In order to convert visitors into paying customers, you need to prove your credibility.”

According to Katz, the more professional the design of your website, the more likely it is to earn the trust of online shoppers. So how do you pull this off? “Ensure your website is clean, easy to read and navigate,” she advises, “You need to make sure your visitors can find what they are looking for. Most websites either display their navigation bar on the left or at the top. And since most people are used to this type of navigation, it’s best to stick with it.”

At Synergy Marketing, we believe strongly in having a professional website for the purpose of proving a company’s reliability. Earlier this year, we had our company website revamped to showcase a cleaner, sleeker and more professional look. It’s very easy to navigate through pictures of the various promotional products that we have to offer. However, for more information on our products or to place an order, we encourage you to give us a call.

Just dial 1-877-748-9884!

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26 Jun

3 Ways Promo Gifts Have Proven Their Excellence

Posted in Promotional Products on 26.06.15 by John Meloche

img-tumbler-no-handle-logo-1024x1269In yesterday’s blog, we revisited the ever-so-popular topic of promotional gifts and their ability to attract more customers to your business than any other mode of advertising. The statistics speak for themselves. And, as we’ve mentioned in many blogs before, the statistics show that promotional products simply can’t be beat as top-choice advertising tools. Not to mention, they are amazingly affordable when compared to other, more traditional modes of advertising.

If you haven’t yet employed this advertising strategy, perhaps now would be a good time to see just how well it would serve you. For decades, promo gifts have been helping Canadian business owners grow their companies. They are widely heralded as excellent ways to advertise your brand – no matter what industry it belongs to. Wondering just how excellent they are? Well, wonder no more!

Here are three ways promo gifts have proven their excellence:

1. They work as excellent “thank yous”. All business owners should thank their customers. Without your customers, your company wouldn’t survive. Offering a free promo gift as a show of appreciation is a great way to keep a customer loyal. At Synergy Marketing, our many years of experience have proven to us that when customers receive free gifts, they are very appreciative. Showing your gratitude will always go a long way.

On Top7Business.com, Molly Mathis reminds us that your customers aren’t the only people who deserve to be thanked. “You didn’t get where you are all by yourself — your employees helped, which you know well,” she writes, “Give them a tangible thank you gift on their anniversary or your fiscal year-end anniversary. A picnic is wonderful and fun, but something small to take home with them is a real perk! And they will remain happily loyal just for such a small gesture.”

2. They make for excellent “interest sparkers”. Let’s suppose you’re at a trade show. While most of the other business owners are handing out their business cards, you’re handing out your promotional travel mugs. Those mugs are bound to be seen all over that trade show throughout the day. And when people inquire about where they came from, recipients will be directing those individuals to you!

Mathis explains how this strategy once worked for her. “I did a promotion for one of my customers that was not only inexpensive, but brought numerous potential clientele to their booth,” she reveals, “We did personalized Polaroid picture frames and took Polaroid pictures (with a flash) of the folks who came to the booth. The flash brought other onlookers who wanted to get a “keepsake” that was unique and meaningful to take home, too!”

3. They serve as excellent “loyalty builders”. We talk a lot about loyalty on our blog. Customer loyalty is arguably the most coveted result of any marketing strategy. When you have loyal customers, you don’t have to worry about advertising in order to attract new ones. Loyal customers tend to do that work for you. Mathis writes that you should go out of your way to commemorate the loyal customers who have been with you the longest.

“Do you have customers who you want to thank for being with you for ‘X’ amount of years, ‘X’ number of referrals, ‘X’ amount of items purchased from you, or money spent at your place of business?” she asks, “This would be a great thank you to them for helping your business to grow!” At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide variety of promotional gifts that can all serve as excellent ways to grow your customer loyalty.

Call us at 1-877-748-9884 today and ask about our travel mugs!

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16 Apr

3 Effective Ways To Improve The Customer Experience

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 16.04.15 by John Meloche

Businesswoman on phone signing document at officeOver the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focusing on improving your company’s team. Generally, your business can only be successful as your employees allow it to be. The more dedicated they are to your vision, the better they will perform. We mentioned, however, that a big part of your job is to get your team on board with improving the lives of your customers. After all, who matters more to your company?

Providing excellent customer experiences is the true definition of a successful company. It’s important to put customers first so that they will continue to offer their long term support. Without it, your company will find it a lot tougher to thrive. Surprisingly, “some companies simply can’t be bothered to put their customers at the center of their business by prioritizing their experience,” writes Rob Carpenter on Evergage.com.

Here are three effective ways to improve the customer experience:

1. Be accessible over the phone. It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy and internet-crazy our world has become, people still prefer speaking to live representatives over any other type of customer service. It’s important to offer your customers the type of service that makes them feel comfortable. You don’t just need friendly and knowledgeable staff members. You need an easy way for them to be reached. Carpenter suggests that you offer phone consults to your clients.

He also suggests that you find ways to better know your customers. Keep in mind that the success of your company largely depends on the relationships it builds with its clients. “The lesson here is that deepening your relationship with your power users sometimes means going offline,” Carpenter writes, “It means taking the time to understand how your product fits into your user’s life, and recognizing them and appreciating their business in a way that is uniquely meaningful to them.”

2. Personalize your product packaging. Showing your customers that you care often means adding a bit of a personal touch. While reaching out via phone to make sure that they are satisfied with your service will help out quite a bit, you may also want to find ways to personalize the way your products are packaged. Taking the time to add personal handwritten messages to go along with the deliveries of your products is one example.

“While it takes an extra minute or two, it sends the message to the customer that they are seen and heard — that their decision to give you their business is appreciated,” insists Carpenter, “This is especially important during the trial phase. Taking the time to connect with the customer on a personal level creates a bond between the user and the brand that they will remember when the trial is over.”

3. Give away freebies. Synergy Marketing has long championed the concept of giving away freebies to customers. And why wouldn’t we? We offer the best promotional products in the business! Our many years of experience have proven that giving customers useful items for free works wonders in building loyalty, garnering referrals, growing client bases and increasing sales. Carpenter certainly agrees with this practice.

“One of the easiest ways to make customers happy is to give them something for nothing,” he writes, “But there is a difference between giving away useless trinkets, and providing customers with added bonuses that bring value to their life or to their business.” We couldn’t agree more. This is why we are dedicated to offering high-quality promo gifts that add value to the lives of their recipients.

To order promo gifts for your company, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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14 Apr

3 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Team

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 14.04.15 by John Meloche

Businessman and baseball batWell, the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t start their 2015 season at home the way we would have liked. With a less-than-exciting 2-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays last night at their home opener inside Rogers Centre, the Jays have fallen to 4-3 on the season so far. The fans, here at Synergy Marketing, are hopeful that the things are only going get better from here. After all, the Jays have done a lot to bolster their team over the offseason.

At Synergy Marketing, we are also mindful of the fact that business owners are in constant states of bolstering their teams. It is practically a year-round part of the job to strengthen business operations by improving the quality of their staffs. So how do you ensure that your team is always performing at its best? How do you know when it’s time to let go of the weakest performers and bring in some new blood?

Here are three ways to improve your company’s team:

1. Develop from within. Just like in professional sports, many teams require the nurturing of young talent in order to grow their success. Naturally, this may take some time. But putting an effort towards developing the talents of your most trusted and loyal team members can go long way in growing your business. To do this, it’s important to encourage your team members by giving them responsibilities that truly impact your company.

“Develop ownership inside the team,” insists Tim Berry on BusinessInsider.com, “By ownership I mean being really in charge of something, so you care about whether it works or doesn’t. If you’re key team members don’t swell with pride when things go well and dig in deep to change things when things go poorly, you’re screwed. Do they wait for your lead on everything? Then they don’t own anything, and nothing good is going to happen.”

2. Learn from your mistakes. No matter how good a team is, they are bound to suffer losses from time to time. Obviously, the Toronto Blue Jays are well aware of that. However, your losses and missteps give you opportunities to know how to make changes for the better. Simply dwelling on what you may consider your failures is not bound to help you in any way. It’s important to learn from those mistakes and turn them into business-building experiences.

“Embrace mistakes and educated guessing,” advises Berry, “People afraid of making mistakes can’t operate. If they don’t acknowledge bad results, and don’t care, get rid of them. If they do acknowledge bad results and they bear down to solve problems and do better, make sure they know that you know that. You want people to guess and keep trying. Good decisions have bad outcomes sometimes.”

3. Put your customers first. In professional sports, it’s important to consider the needs of a fan base. After all, who is putting money in the pockets of the teams? Without support, teams fold and often move to new markets. The Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t about to fold any time soon. Their fan base is too huge. We should know – we’re part of it! But, yesterday, just days after one of their worst seasons ended, it was announced that their General Manager and coaching staff were all fired.

Why? The fans need to know that there will be different results next year! Your customers need to feel as if their needs are considered priorities as well. To do that, Berry recommends that you work towards improving your customers’ lives. “Don’t just keep shouting the same old stuff,” he writes, “Find something your team can do that’s good for your customers. Make your customers’ lives better. Do that on your own terms of course, within your own business area.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to analyze ways that you can improve your company’s team. And don’t forget to give ours a call at 1-877-748-9884 in order to get your hands on your fantastic promotional products!

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24 Mar

Promo Gifts Proven To Outperform Radio And TV Ads

Posted in Promotional Products on 24.03.15 by John Meloche

Tv and radio mediasIn yesterday’s blog, we unveiled a number of telling statistics about promotional products and their effectiveness worldwide. With Europe-based studies confirming that business owners are as successful using them out there as business owners are using them, here in Canada, it stands to reason to suggest that promotional products are the best ways to advertise small to medium-sized businesses. The bottom line is that they work!

The PSI website, reveals that the German Promotional Product Association (GWW) had the market research institute, DIMA conduct a study in January 2012. Its objective was to examine the advertising impact of 28 different promotional products. The study, which drew its results from over 2,000 respondents, overwhelmingly found that promo gifts were, indeed, more successful than radio and TV advertisements in conveying positive brand messaging.

The main reason is because promo gifts can be used continually. While radio and TV commercials come and go within a matter of seconds, promotional products have staying power. Because they each perform a function, they do more than simply remind recipients of the company that gave the gift out. They continually inspire positive feelings about the company by offering a usefulness that can be depended upon time after time.

According to PSI, the results of the survey show that people tend to use their promo gifts quite frequently. “On average, they are used once daily, thus enabling one advertising contact opportunity every day,” reports the site, “The test participants also remembered promotional products which they already had for five years and longer. Such ‘Advertising Touchrates’ can hardly be found for classic advertising methods such as TV, print media and radio.”

It’s important to consider how memorable your advertising method is. While commercials may have lasting impression due to their entertainment value, they don’t always work to actually sell the product or service being advertised. Promo products, on the other hand, help for people to better recall the advertiser. This was another finding of the survey conducted by DIMA, according to the PSI website.

“Promotional products also came out ahead in the ‘recall’ segment,” it reads, “more than 50 per cent of the test participants could remember the brand or company name. Analyses of other advertising media only resulted in a brand recall rate of 28 per cent for TV (source: ARF) or 25 to 38 per cent for radio (source: RMS).” Consider, as well, the cost-effectiveness of using promo gifts as an advertising choice.

Producing radio and television commercials can be incredibly costly. This is why we are all so used to seeing such ads from major corporations versus small businesses. Patrick Politze is the Director of the GWW. He stated as much when he said that “the advertising impact study shed light on the fact that promotional products are among the most cost-efficient forms of advertising. If the promotional product is applied properly, it is far superior to other forms of advertising with regard to central impact indicators such as recall, likeability or image transfer.”

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