28 Oct

Scare Up Business With Halloween Promotions

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.10.13 by John Meloche

Halloween is coming! And if your business hasn’t yet gotten in on the spirit of thrills and chills, it’s not too late. A fun day of the year (for most people anyways), Halloween presents a great opportunity for business owners to have a little fun. More importantly, the fun to be had entails engaging your customer base and doing something unique to attract more people to your place of business.

There are tons of ways to tie Halloween in to your company’s advertising plans. On the Small Business Opportunities website, there is a list of ideas that entrepreneurs can employ to make the most of their Halloweens this year. So don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to be frightened of. Take a look at the following tips and see if you can’t scare up some extra business this week!

Host a sale. Easy enough right? Although you can host a sale at any time of year, Small Business Opportunities insists that you “put a promo code on your website today offering 10% off all orders placed now through Halloween. If you have a brick and mortar store, offer a special sale and put a sign in your window to promote.” It’s as easy as decorating your store with Halloween creatures and colours and offering special discounts.

Decorate your online storefront with a Halloween theme. Speaking of decorating, finding Halloween decorations is easy. Not only that, but they are fairly inexpensive. Grab some pumpkins from the grocery store. Many sell them for less than a buck each! Get your kids to help you as they’ll probably be thrilled at the idea of getting your store Halloween-ready.

Host a costume contest at your site on Halloween. People are bound to be in costumes anyways. Why not promote that you are having a costume contest at your store? Offer any shopper who comes into your store wearing a costume an automatic discount. When the day is done, offer one of your lucky shoppers a grand prize. Many of Synergy Marketing’s high-end promotional gifts would make great prizes!

Give out Halloween candy. Suggests Small Business Opportunties: “Put an ad in your local paper that your store will be distributing candy from 5 pm to 7 pm on Halloween and this will get the parents into the store. Ask one of your more theatrical employees to dress up and they can distribute the candy – that comes with a 10% off coupon on the parent’s next purchase.”

Future discounts. In addition to offering a Halloween sale, grant your customers discount coupons that they can use after Halloween. That way, you’re not only encouraging customers to visit you this week, but you’re inviting them to come back during the very busy holiday rush that will soon be upon us. Be sure to announce this on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

As mentioned, promotional products make great prizes. Even if you don’t decide to use them as prizes, our inexpensive and handy gifts such as pens and key chains make perfect Halloween-week giveaways. The key, as always, is to encourage repeat business. Our gifts have been known to do that for decades. To order yours, call us up at 1-877-748-9884.

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09 Jul

Rewards Reel In More Customers

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 09.07.13 by John Meloche

HandshakeIn yesterday’s blog, we began outlining a number of great ideas listed by blogger, Aaron Lee on his website. The ideas all focused on ways to reward your customers. At Synergy Marketing, rewarding customers is what we’re all about. We’re big believers that small gestures – that truly don’t have to cost you much at all – can go a long way in building loyal bonds with your customers. In today’s blog, we’ll continue to explore Lee’s ideas.

Hand Deliveries. Many of our clients express that they enjoy handling deliveries themselves. The personal touch added to the delivery gives customers greater senses of value. “They feel special knowing that the owner took his time to take care of things personally,” one of our clients shared, “To me, I just want them to know that I appreciate their business. Taking the time to deliver items myself has helped me to form special bonds.”

Be Exceptional. Lee reminds us that it is never a good time to take time off from being at your best. Exceptional service, products and customer care should always be priorities. One bad experience could mean the difference between a customer remaining loyal and never returning again. Don’t forget the power of word of mouth. One bad experience could also mean the turning away of many other customers.

Say Thank You. Now how easy a tip is this to follow? Even still, you’d be surprised to discover just how many business owners are “too busy” to remember to utter this simple gesture. The impression of your business is almost always determined most by the treatment you provide your customers with. The “pleases” and “thank yous” that you were brought up being taught to say should not ever leave your vocabulary.

Avoid “Silly Rebates”. If you’re going to provide your customers with discounts, simply do so in a straight-up fashion. People enjoy saving money but don’t like to be put through a hassle, Lee reminds us. Provide incentives that are easy to redeem. Remember that it’s the customer experience that is bound to keep your customers coming back over the actual products and services that they receive from you. Your job is to make lives easy.

Respond To Customers ASAP. If it’s one thing that customers hate, it’s waiting. Waiting on the phone, waiting in line – wasting time isn’t fun for anyone. The worst is probably when a customer is in clear view and an employee pays him or her no mind. This can be incredibly frustrating. “I know someone who walks out of a store if a worker doesn’t acknowledge her with the first minute of her being there,” reported a member of our sales staff this week.

Avoid Limited Time Offers. According to Lee, if you’re going to offer something, offer it for good. Customers appreciate deals that don’t seem like scams. This is not to say that a limited time offer is a scam. However, your customers should feel encouraged to shop with you at all times – not just some of the time. Don’t give them the impression that there are times of the year when it’s best to avoid your business.

Free Stuff. Naturally, this is a suggestion that is highly supported by us, here at Synergy Marketing. The question is “what do you give out for free?” The answer can be provided to you by one of our friendly sales associates. They are experts at choosing the right promotional product for the right business. Hand them out to your customers whenever they make purchases, suggests Lee. Get yourself the right gift to give out by calling 1-877-748-9884.

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04 Jul

Spice Up Your Marketing Strategies This Summer

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 04.07.13 by John Meloche

summerSummer is here! And, for most people, it’s quite an exciting time. If you’re a business owner, there’s no doubt that you should be excited. Many of you will be experiencing a spike in sales over the coming months as students are out of school and there’s a lot more time for them to be making purchases. Depending on the industry you are in, the summer may just be your best season.

But let’s suppose that the summer presents more of a cool down for your business than it does a warm up. That means that extra efforts will need to be made in order for your company to succeed between now and the fall. On Intuit.com, Rachel Hartman provides a list of summer marketing ideas to help business owners boost their sales throughout the warmest time of the year. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Lower prices as the temperature rises. It’s hard to argue that customers are attracted to sales and discounts. Hartman suggests that you use the weather to your advantage. One idea is to offer $10 off of every purchase if the temperature reaches above a certain level. It’s up to you to decide what temperature that would be. If you adequately promote this concept, you’ll be doing your business a great service.

Think about it. Each day of the summer, your customers will be taking a look at the weather and thinking about your business at the same time. You may want to consider a few different scenarios so that you don’t give your customers reasons to stay away. In other words, you may also want to offer a special or a discount on any day that it rains, as well.

Reach for the chalk. If you own a storefront, use chalk to advertise special deals on the sidewalk, suggests Hartman. There are a number of other things you can do with chalk including drawing colourful summer scenes or even your business logo. “Chalk art can do more than catch the eyes of passersby,” writes Hartman, noting that it will help increase your reach on social media.

With apps such as Instagram all the rage these days, it will be important to give people reasons to take pictures of your business that include its products and its exterior. The cooler and more interesting your chalk art is, the more likely it is you will be getting people to snap shots of it. With that being said, it’s important to establish and promote your own social media profiles so that you can be tagged, liked and followed!

Give away seasonal items. As always, the lists of tips we locate on the internet include advice on giving away promotional gifts. At Synergy Marketing, we provide the best promo products in the business. Considering that it is the summertime, you may want to consider giving away items that suit the season, just as Hartman suggests. Sunglasses, for example, make great gifts for your most important clients.

Water bottles are also very popular gifts in the summer. Flying saucers are also excellent as they are both a lot of fun and quite inexpensive to invest in as promo gifts. There are various ways to present your clients with these great gifts. Hartman recommends, as one example, that when your clients come in for their appointments that you consider giving them your summer-related items as a “thank you”.

We’ll continue to explore this list in tomorrow’s blog!

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