26 Aug

How Can Content Marketing Impact Your Business?

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We’ve discussed lead generation and its most prominent forms: content and email marketing. We’ve already gone into detail on the merits of email marketing. But we’ve yet to discuss content marketing. Content marketing is just as important as email marketing. Businesses are definitely starting to acknowledge this and as a result content marketing is skyrocketing in popularity.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is used for lead generation by 83% of B2B marketers. While lead generation typically entails a lack of interpersonal relationships, content marketing operates differently. By providing valuable information to your audience, you further enable yourself to connect with your fans. This content thus acts as a means of building deeper relationships with fans. It helps generates legitimate leads by permitting the development of relationships with people. It’s that interpersonal twist that really differentiates content marketing from other digital marketing mediums. Nothing is better than loyalty, content helps you achieve that.

Not only does content permit you to develop relationships with fans online, but it also helps draw more attention to your website. We mentioned the role of SEO in content marketing campaigns. Essentially, by providing trendy content on your website, you create more indexed pages on your website and capitalize on external interest. This all leads to increasing your chances of being noticed via organic search. This is especially important today as search engines serve as a critical starting point for online transactions. According to Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR, 93% of B2B buying processes begin with an online search. This just stresses the extreme influence search engines have on e-commerce transactions.

Content marketing revolves around providing useful information to your fans. It requires constant updates and attention to detail. But when done properly, content marketing campaigns can have a profound impact on your client base and online success. So start writing!

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24 Aug

How Does Lead Generation Affect Your Business?

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Lead generation is the effective transformation of people into legitimate leads for your business. We’ve discussed its stance in the business world, but how does this digitalization actually affect your business? While the use of lead generation is a highly contentious debate, it can work seamlessly with your other means of marketing.

The acutal developing and gathering of serious leads is an extremely difficult task. But the various forms of lead generation can work in harmony with your e-commerce platform in specific. Lead generation can appear through email marketing and content marketing. Both can have a profound impact on your e-commerce platform, however they do so in different ways. Email marketing can provide a direct path to your website and promotes e-commerce sales. Promotional emails can contain links that can send customers right to a product’s purchasing page. What does this do? It provides customers with additional ease in performing e-commerce transactions. Not only that but it quickens the sales process in general. Email marketing looks at the purchasing process and aims to increase conversions on your website.

If email marketing focuses on conversions, what does content marketing do? Content marketing promotes e-commerce but doesn’t necessarily focus on the sales process. Instead it focuses on generating website traffic. Content marketing feeds off of SEO, and thus creates interest for your website via organic searches. By adding indexed pages to your website and writing about trendy topics, you increase your chances of being noticed through search engines. The goal with content marketing is to really bring people to the site and rely on the sales process to take over from there. It really acts as a spark that incites the sales process.

Lead generation is a great compliment to your digital marketing efforts. While the task of generating serious leads may be difficult to achieve, it can still serve as a benefit to your digital marketing campaign. Tomorrow we’ll revisit the conundrum that is gathering serious leads and go into depth about whether or not lead generation is worth it for your business.

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29 Jul

5 Ways to Increase Your Reach Over Google+ Without Paying

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media on 29.07.16 by John Meloche

To conclude social commerce week, we’re going to talk about a social media outlet that most people neglect. While Google+ isn’t exactly as well known as the previous 3 mediums that we’ve covered, it still boasts a large audience and contains many perks. According to DMR stats, Google+ has 300 million monthly active users. So there’s definitely a significant audience present and its connections with Google itself open up many SEO opportunities. Here are 5 ways you can increase your reach over Google+:

  1. Add People to Your Circle. The first step of developing a network is actually getting people to join your network. Adding a lot of people to your network also offers SEO benefits as well.
  2. Optimize your Posts. Speaking of SEO opportunities, a larger circle means you have higher chances of being recognized over Google searches. One of the greatest things about Google+ is the ability to come up on the first page of Google searches. How it works is that if someone from your circle searches something up on Google, and you’ve already written about it on your Google+ profile, then it will show up on the first page of their search. So if you add a lot of people to your circle, and post regularly about things people in your circle might look up, then your SEO will go through the roof!
  3. Create or Join Communities. Communities are like Google+’s version of Facebook groups. This allows you to optimize both the reach and selectivity of your social media efforts. You can join or create a group that features other people or businesses within your industry or potential clientele. It’s a great way to increase the effectiveness of your posts while at the same time developing relationships with potential fans or allies over social media.
  4. Let Others Know how you Feel. Go out and find posts relevant to your company’s niche and industry. Share your positive opinions. Not only does this make people more interested in your business, but it makes your business come off as an actual person with actual interests. People respect that, especially over social media where identities become one huge enigma.
  5. +1 Posts. +1’s are like the Google+ version of likes. Now this tactic stays consistent over all social media platforms. People appreciate it when you like their stuff. It makes them feel better about their content and makes them more generous. This newfound generosity often leads to a follow back or in Google+, another person in your circle. Not only that but a +1 gives people clarity on your interactions. They want to know that your going to interact with them, +1’s help clear that dilemma up.


Well it’s clear, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or even Google+, social media sets businesses up with great opportunities for success. They exponentially increase your reach, help reach new clientele, and expand your user base. Social media is becoming the advertising tool of the future and for good reason. So make sure your business starts operating across all these mediums and follow these rules. Once that happens, then the followers, likes, and customers will all come together.

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14 Jun

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Blogging

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 14.06.16 by John Meloche

A very underrated and otherwise unrecognized marketing tool, blogs can have a profound impact on your businesses’ success. “How can a blog really help my business?” That’s a good question to ask, and this question is filled with a copious amount of answers. However let’s concentrate on a couple of core reasons why blogs can translate into sales.

  1. Blogs enable you to generate lots of new traffic to your site. They help you improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s go through the process. Your website contains a couple of pages all containing information relevant to your company. When your company operates a blog you’re essentially creating more pages for customers to see and thus increasing your chances of your website showing up in search engines. This of course allows you to drive traffic to your website just through organic searches.
  2. Blogs serve as a great and inexpensive way of generating leads. This is also connected to the proceedings of SEO but blogs have been proven to be extremely efficient lead generators. On hubspot.com, Olivia Allen discussed the strength of lead generation through blogs, pointing out that “B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not.” This is a very compelling statistic that shows the obvious opportunities that exist within business blogging.
  3. Blogs can strengthen your social media presence. A lot of your current and potential customers will likely be on social media so it makes sense to communicate to them over said medium. That being said you need to make sure you can actually provide useful information to your current and potential clientele. This is exactly where blogs come in. Constant blogging allows you to be able to consistently provide useful information about your company on social media. Of course this all correlates to lead generation as this information can stimulate consumer interest and in turn provide more leads to your website. Joe Fylan from elegantthemes.com stated that “Each tweet of a blog post is an action that has the potential to grow the number of leads heading to your site,” revealing the increased effectiveness of social media marketing through blogging.
  4. Finally Blogs can aid/quicken the sales process. Blogs serve as the perfect opportunity to answer those specific questions inquired by customers or just generally provide more in-depth explanations of your product, company, etc. They’re just a great means of presenting additional relevant information about a certain thing in your business. Customers can refer to these blogs and be enlightened by the additional information. All together blogging help move the sales process along more swiftly, so much so that it’s been proven to increase your companies’ conversion rate. As proven by a statistic from Hubspot, revealing that “92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog.”

Now these are just a few of many reasons why blogs can help improve your businesses’ performance. They’re an extremely inexpensive marketing tool that’s sure to boast an impressive return on your investment.

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08 Aug

The Super 7 Strategies To Blog Writing

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 08.08.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_6921617_xs-300x300In yesterday’s blog, we discussed the importance of blogging itself. It has worked wonders for us, so we’re sure that it will work wonders for you. But what should you be blogging about? According to PowerupSocial.com, “when you blog for business, you essentially have a blank slate on which to etch the personality of your company and your brand.” So the site goes on to list the “Super 7” key content strategies for bloggers to write about.

1. Promote new products and services. The first strategy is arguably the most obvious. At the end of the day, this is what blogging basically comes down to. You want to increase your sales, right? Well, blogging about the great goods and services you have to offer is one way to do that. We recommend, however, that you don’t position your blogs as blatant advertisements. Write about topics that relate to your products to highlight just how helpful they can be.

2. Position yourself as an expert. When you write blogs, you’re pretty much telling the world, “hey, I know what I’m talking about!” And just like with today’s post, your blog should be utilized to provide useful information that will interest a wide range of readers. PowerupSocial.com notes that providing tips, advice and guidance to readers is a great writing strategy. It’s a good thing that we’ve been taking this advice for a long time!

3. Announce new or recently completed projects. Remember that your blog will become one of your best ways to communicate all of the goings-on with your business. Anytime something new and exciting has happened with your brand, you should blog about it. That could include a new product line, a special event, new sales and discount offers or even the moving of locations of your place of business.

4. Share flattering stories about your company. Again, keep in mind that your blogs should rarely come off as blatant commercials. Instead, they should read as more social and engaging pieces that are great causes for the beginning of conversations. There’s no reason, however, that those conversations can’t be about how great your company is! PowerupSocial.com suggests that one story to blog about is “how you went out of the way to provide great service.”

5. Answer customer questions. Blogging is a major part of the whole social media craze. It’s a form of communication that is meant to go back-and-forth. So use your blog to answer questions that you often get from your customers. When readers know that they can go to your website to get pertinent information, they will visit it more often. You may even want to create a regular blog post that is dedicated to answering customer questions to encourage them to be asked!

6. Publicize accomplishments, awards or industry recognition. No matter what, your blog always allows you to highlight how great your brand truly is. Hey, someone’s got to do it, right? It may as well be you. When your company gets acknowledged for the great things that it has accomplished, it makes for an excellent blog post. Feel free to share your stories and don’t forget to include pictures as well.

7. Advertise job openings. Just in case you weren’t able to tell by now, your blog is multi-functional. As much as it helps to advertise your brand, reveal useful pieces of advice and highlight how much of an expert you are, it can always serve as a way to deliver the news. If you’re looking to hire new staff members, go ahead and include that in a new blog post. Your blog may just become the most useful part of your website once you get it started!

And hey, if you don’t fancy yourself much of a blogger, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. It’s out there!

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07 Aug

5 Ways To Use Blogging To Your Advantage

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 07.08.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_19988239_xsAt Synergy Marketing, we believe in daily blogging. That should come as no surprise to our blog readers who get to enjoy a fresh new blog post every business day of the week. We don’t even take off holidays! And we believe in daily blogging for a number of reasons. Firstly, it keeps our website constantly fresh. With so much new content updated on a regular basis, it helps for our site to be more regularly picked up in search engines.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a pretty big deal in this day and age. Without a strong internet presence, a company is bound to go unnoticed. Secondly, we enjoy providing useful information and staying in constant contact with our target audience. Showcasing our “expertise”, as it were, helps for us to grow our reach within the business world, securing more relationships with like-minded business owners.

As a business owner, you should seriously consider starting your own blog if you haven’t already. We’ve discovered that it’s been highly beneficial for us over the years. But you don’t have to take our word for it. According to PowerupSocial.com, “blogs offer an inexpensive and relatively easy way for you to gain visibility for your business, and to interact with your current and prospective customers.” The site goes on to list a number of ways to use blogging to your advantage. Here’s our favourite five.

1. Plan Your Content. “Your blog has to be current to be valuable,” says the site. It notes that when your most recent post is dated more than a month ago, it looks bad on your brand. You should, therefore, map out how many times you’d like to post blogs each week and decide which topics you’d like to write about. This isn’t something that needs to be set in stone, advises PowerupSocial.com, but it will hold you accountable to deadlines so that you don’t fall off track.

2. Plant Those Keywords. SEO is all about injecting keywords into your content. The website notes that “all content on your blog, from your titles to your tags, should be optimized with keywords.” So it’s important to research the keywords that are important in your industry. As an industry expert yourself, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with several keywords and phrases that are impactful in your field.

3. Link to Other Blogs. Here’s a piece of advice that the Synergy Marketing Blog takes all of the time! When we see another blog that we consider insightful and worth sharing, we blog about it ourselves and posts links to it within our own blog. “It’s a good way to entice readers to check out what you’re saying about the topic,” says PowerupSocial.com, “When you link, set a trackback or a pingback.” We’ll be sure to do that with today’s blog!

4. Write a Guest Post. When you’re an expert in your field, there’s no reason not to share your expertise on other websites. It only helps for your brand to attain greater attention. PowerupSocial.com suggests that you “find a heavily trafficked blog that’s related to your area of expertise and offer to do a guest post. Popular blogs are often hungry for fresh voices and perspectives.”

5. Integrate with Other Social Media Channels. Another piece of advice that we always take – not to mention, give – is to publish links to your blog post on your social media channels. Each day of the week, we make sure to include a link to our latest blog on our Facebook and Twitter pages. This will go a long way in informing your target audience that there is fresh new content to check out on your website.

If you’re looking for some help with blogging, there is help out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll outline the most important topics to blog about. Be sure to check back for it!

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