27 Jun

What Social Commerce Means For Your Business

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media on 27.06.16 by John Meloche

When thinking about the online component of a business, people typically focus more on E-commerce and online transaction processing. In this process we tend to understate the importance of social media. There is a new subset of E-commerce that’s becoming more and more relevant these days: Social Commerce. Social Commerce can be defined as “a subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions. to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.” (Cohen, 2011)

What does social commerce mean for your business? Social media can drastically impact your businesses’ sales and operations. Advanced advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram now allow you to zoom in completely on your target audience, no matter how specific that may be. Not only that, but most social media advertising campaigns (including Facebook and Instagram) charge on a “per click” basis. Meaning that your advertising is truly charged on its effectiveness. This in turn allows you to optimize your spending and permits you to be more efficient with your advertising.

Social Media is a huge forum for businesses to attract potential clientele. Social Commerce is a big trend and is continued to grow. Brian Hughes from Small Business Trends noted that the top 500 retailers earned $3.3 billion from social shopping in 2014, a 26% increase over 2013, and well ahead of the average 16% growth rate for E-commerce. Its clear Social Commerce is an up and coming trend and will continue to grow rapidly so long as social media remains a mecca for communication. So do yourself a favor and make sure your business isn’t a #throwbackthursday and get on social media now!

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07 Apr

Synergy Marketing Reaches 200 Followers On Twitter!

Posted in Social Media on 07.04.16 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_62528675_s-2015Okay, right off the bat, allow us to state that we know that, in the grand scheme of things, 200 followers on Twitter isn’t all that big a deal. But when you consider that Synergy Marketing has been specializing in providing Canadian business owners with top-of-the-line promotional products long before the days when social media were all the rage, it’s a pretty cool milestone for us. It wasn’t long ago that our Twitter account had no followers at all. This week, we’ve reached 200!

What we’re probably the most proud about is the fact that we’ve been building our Twitter following in a tried-and-true old school way. We haven’t used any tricks or gimmicks. Our daily blog posts have helped us to significantly grow the reach of our brand, earn us new customers and grant us much higher website traffic. And, we just so happen to be practicing what we preach, as a number of our past blogs have championed the use of social media to help businesses grow.

Are you on Twitter? If so, we’d be most appreciative if you’d join our list of followers! We promise to stick to our mandate of always following back those who follow us. It only makes sense that we do that as, in order to grow within your industry, you need to know what other members of it are up to. This isn’t just something we’ve learned along the way, it’s advice we’ve taken from experts.

“When building your social media strategy for your business, it helps to learn from what other people in your industry are saying and doing,” writes Donné Torr on Hootsuite.com, “When it comes to your social media marketing plan, there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel. Instead, take advice from businesses that have found success when using social. Whether it’s gaining more followers or increasing customer engagement, businesses around the world are discovering ways to how social media is contributing to success and growth.”

What are the tangible benefits of using social media to promote your business? If you consider the fact that social media provide us with free ways to learn about what other businesses are up to, you’ll realize that being on social media encourages others to learn what you are up to! Not taking advantage of the Twitters and Facebooks of the world is simply irresponsible. Sorry, but it has to be said. These platforms are incredibly popular – and did we mention FREE? – ways of advertising your brand.

Torr highlights the fact that these popular social media platforms also help you to better understand your audience. “All successful businesses have grown to know their audiences very well,” she insists, “The benefit of social media is that, getting to know your audience is now easier than ever…While gaining insight on the demographics of your audience, social also helps you connect on an individual level.”

This is because social media is all about being social. It should be stressed that in order to truly benefit from social media, your posts should be engaging. Twitter, for example, isn’t a medium that is ideal for straight advertising. Instead, it should be your objective to engage others in conversations with your tweets. This is why nearly every one of our tweets is a question. Each is inevitably answered by our blog posts, which are linked to each tweet.

Naturally, this helps to increase traffic to our website and build our brand awareness. Torr notes that this is one of the best aspects of social media. “The best part about social media is that if you have an Internet connection and a computer, anyone can participate,” she says, “Meaning that in terms of monetary investment, you can do a lot with just a little bit of budget. For small businesses getting started in marketing, social media is an easy and affordable option.”

Here’s hoping we’ll reach 300 followers in record time. Follow our Twitter account today! Remember, we’ll follow you back right away!

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01 Sep

How Social Media Has Changed The Face Of Marketing

Posted in Social Media on 01.09.15 by John Meloche

Social Media SignOver the years, a lot has changed in the world of business marketing. And that’s putting it mildly! While a few things have remained the same – the power of the promotional product, for example – many other advertising methods have experienced major transitions. Quite obviously, the advent of the internet and social media has created major differences in the way that we communicate each day.

So, by proxy, the ways in which we advertise and consume marketing have also changed drastically. It wasn’t all that long ago that watching videos on devices that fit in our pockets was unheard of. But today, checking out YouTube videos on our smartphones is commonplace. So, it stands to reason that small business owners would want to shift their marketing campaigns to ones that include the use of video.

On SocialMediaExplorer.com, Ilana Rabinowitz points out that this shift towards social media marketing was a long time in the making. With every change in technology comes a change in the way companies market their products and services. “When we started using the phone instead of the letter, or mobile phone instead of the land line, our lives changed in significant ways,” she points out, noting that “the same is and will be true in marketing.”

On his website, consulting expert Rick Whittington concurs by stating that although our approach to customer satisfaction remains intact – “listen to the customer, the customer is always right, and always follow up” – everything else about servicing the public has changed. He points out that one of the major reasons for this is because consumers are quick to spread the word about bad service via social media.

“When your customers or prospective customers have a question or — hopefully not — a problem, one of the first things they’ll do is perform a web search or reach out to your social media platforms for an answer at any time, 24/7,” he writes. People are aware that they can locate companies via their social media platforms. So, it only makes sense that companies use their profiles as methods of direct advertising.

“Brands large and small are using social media to grow and satisfy their consumer base using social media as customer service,” writes Whittington. Rabinowitz firmly agrees. “Your entire business has to change to accommodate the use of social media,” she insists, “Before marketing became social, the rest of the business didn’t have to revolve around what you were doing in your department. Today, your company needs to be an open book.”

At Synergy Marketing, we have taken to social media to advertise our brand on a daily basis. This very blog post, for example, is being used as a link to our website on both our Facebook profile and Twitter account. We’ve found that reaching out to both our clients and members of the general public via social media has helped to grow a following that would never have been possible prior to the advent of these platforms.

Rabinowitz points out that social media marketing doesn’t have to cost you anything, making it an even more alluring method by which business owners should advertise. “A Facebook business page is free,” she reminds us, “A Twitter profile is free.” Are you active on social media? Are you taking advantage of social media marketing? Evidently, it has changed the face of business marketing for good.

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22 May

3 More Ways To Take Full Advantage Of Social Media

Posted in Social Media on 22.05.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_71124979_xsIn yesterday’s blog, we revisited the topic of social media marketing. It’s safe to say that there is no doubt that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular ways in the world for people to communicate with each other. Therefore, it should go without saying that entrepreneurs should be taking full advantage of these social media platforms on a daily basis. It certainly pays to be active online.

It should also be highlighted that taking advantage of social media can be done for absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. There’s no reason to not have active accounts when they have been proven to be able to spread the word so greatly about your business. Each business day of the week, Synergy Marketing posts a link to a new blog on both our Facebook and Twitter profiles. What can you do you take full advantage of social media?

Here are three ways:

1. Don’t over-promote. Naturally, it’s wise to inform your audience of the various products and services that your company has available. But, it’s important to remember that, when it comes to social media, it’s all about being “social”. Discuss how your products can help people in their daily lives by posting comments about the various things that people may need help with. Speaking about your customers’ needs instead of blatantly advertising will help you get further.

Susan Gunelius shares these sentiments on Entrepreneur.com. “If you spend all your time on the social Web directly promoting your products and services, people will stop listening,” she writes, “You must add value to the conversation. Focus less on conversions and more on creating amazing content and developing relationships with online influencers. In time, those people will become a powerful catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing for your business.”

2. Work on building trust. Keep in mind that your activity on social media should be engaging Ask questions without necessarily posting the fact that you have the answers. In other words, the more you engage people in conversations, the more you will be able to get them to value your opinion. Your opinion, naturally, is that your business can help to resolve any issues that your friends and followers may have.

“Trust is an important element in obtaining customer loyalty, and one of the best ways to gain this trust is giving people easy online access to information about your company,” writes Kristina Cisnero of Hootsuite.com, “Neglecting your social media presence is one way of losing the opportunity to gain new customers or nurture current relationships.” She goes on to note that your social media profiles serve as the “voice” and “face” of your company in today’s world.

3. Practice patience. At Synergy Marketing, we have been active on Facebook and Twitter for a few years now. Admittedly, our online audience has built slowly. We know, however, that it is up to us to continue to engage our audience with interesting content that is relevant to their daily lives. One thing is for sure, though. Our audience continues to grow. We’ve learned that being patient is a factor in achieving social media marketing success.

Gunelius agrees that it’s important to practice “the law of patience”. “Social media and content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight,” she reminds us, “While it’s possible to catch lightning in a bottle, it’s far more likely that you’ll need to commit to the long haul to achieve results.” Please feel free to “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. And, of course, you can always call Synergy Marketing to learn more about our promo gift at 1-877-748-9884.

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21 May

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Profiles

Posted in Social Media on 21.05.15 by John Meloche

Social media conceptOver the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been analyzing various points that have been made about the power of email marketing. Some have argued that taking advantage of your email list can be a lot more beneficial than advertising on social media. The argument is that your email lists are targeted. You’re sending specific messages to specific people instead of publicly posting messages in hopes that they will have an impact.

Let’s make one thing clear, however. While such a point can be considered valid, social media marketing is certainly not going the way of the dinosaur any time soon. After all, even dinosaurs are making a comeback in yet another soon-to-be-released Jurassic Park movie! Of course, no comeback is necessary for the Facebooks and Twitters of the world as they continue to be all the rage. So how can you leverage your social media profiles to get the most out of them?

Here are three ways:

1. Pay attention to the pages of your friends and followers. To know what truly makes your audience tick, it’s important that you spend some time getting to know them. Take a look at their Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what it is they are talking about. Don’t be afraid to “like” or comment on these posts. After all, that’s what the posts are there for. And, your interactions will only create more links to your own profile.

Understanding the needs of your customer base is vital to your success. On Entrepreneur.com, Susan Gunelius champions this perspective. “Success with social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking,” she insists, “Read your target audience’s online content and join discussions to learn what’s important to them. Only then can you create content and spark conversations that add value rather than clutter to their lives.”

2. Be a good “tweeter”. The major difference between Facebook and Twitter is that you can write a lot more on the former. However, that doesn’t make the latter any less valuable. In fact, people enjoy watching the Twitter feeds of others for the quick and interesting anecdotes that many of them post. On Hootsuite.com, Kristina Cisnero writes that many customers start supporting companies after following them on Twitter first.

“With 72% of people more likely to make a future purchase from a small business after they interact with them on Twitter, there’s no reason for companies not to be on Twitter,” she informs, “The key to finding success on social media is to be on the social network your customers are on—and with over 200 million active users, there’s a high chance many of your customers are on Twitter.”

3. Focus on quality. Many people who champion the use of social media tend to post comments, pictures and blurbs on a constant basis. There is the thought, however, that this can become annoying. Too much posting can turn some people off. Regular posting is important to drive traffic to your profiles, but try not to inundate your audience with too much. Concentrate on the quality of your posts over the quantity.

Gunelius agrees. “Quality trumps quantity,” she asserts, “It’s better to have 1,000 online connections who read, share and talk about your content with their own audiences than 10,000 connections who disappear after connecting with you the first time.” She also insists that you practice the “law of focus” and try not to come off as a “jack-of-all-trades”. Showing that you are a specialist in your field can go a long way.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to examine ways that you can make the most out of your social media profiles.

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04 Mar

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Social Media Marketing

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 04.03.15 by John Meloche

Social media button conceptOver our past couple of blogs, we have been paying close attention to a Forbes.com article written by Chad Halvorson. It would be fair to say that we quite admire this article for its many words of wisdom, helpful points of insight and numerous tips that provide business owners with ways to improve customer relations. In today’s blog, we’d like to tackle a particular facet of Halvorson’s article that we hold dear to our hearts.

It’s no secret that we, here at Synergy Marketing, champion the use of social media. While we’ve never claimed to be social media experts, our regular use of Facebook and Twitter has noticeably garnered our company more attention in recent months. With each blog posted to our website, there appears a link on both of those popular social media profiles. Halvorson agrees that this is a pretty important practice to maintain.

“Thanks to sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, marketing is more interactive than ever,” he insists, “Consumers enjoy engaging on social media and getting to know the companies they buy from. If you’re not making use of this inexpensive advertising medium, you’re missing out on potential revenue.” With that, Halvorson goes on to list a number of ways to make the most out of your social media marketing experience. Here are five.

1. Avoid controversial topics. While Halvorson insists that you “keep it strictly business”, we can’t say that we agree. Being social is often pointed out as the best way to utilize social media. However, we do agree that you should “avoid commenting on controversial issues that might push your current or prospective customers away.” The last thing you want to do is offend anyone who is considering working with a brand in your industry.

2. Post often. Now here’s a point that we definitely agree with! Synergy Marketing has long taken to posting daily blogs and therefore, we have links appear on our Facebook and Twitter profiles each business day of the week. “The lifespan of a social media post is short,” Halvorson reminds us, “So to prevent sending your followers on a snooze-fest, update your posts daily.” Point well taken!

3. Vary your material across platforms. We wouldn’t say that we particularly agree or disagree with this point. While we admit to posting the same links to both Facebook and Twitter each day, we do see value in changing things up a bit. “If people see the same information posted on all of your accounts, they will get bored and move on to something more interesting,” Halvorson believes, “Consider what each of your chosen platforms is designed to accomplish and tailor your content to match.”

4. Don’t post offensive comments. To reiterate a point made earlier, it’s really important not to offend anyone on social media. Steering clear of controversial posts is a wise choice. “Posting nasty comments about someone’s gender, culture, sexual orientation or religion can alienate customers and ruin your reputation as a business owner,” warns Halvorson. You’ll want to avoid what has become known as “foot in mouth disease”.

5. Engage your followers. Another point that we totally agree with is using social media to get people involved in conversations with you. At the very least, you want to create posts that will call others to action. “One of the reasons people hang out on social media is to interact with others,” Halvorson affirms, “Encourage interaction by answering questions and responding to others’ comments. You can also put up polls and ask questions of your own.”

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18 Dec

5 More Bright Ideas For Social Media Marketing

Posted in Social Media on 18.12.14 by John Meloche

Bright Ideas ConceptIn yesterday’s blog, we revisited the topic of marketing your business on social media. And, as we pointed out, doing so means interacting with your friends and followers, not just promoting your company to them. At Synergy Marketing, we know a thing or two about marketing. This is why we champion the use of promo gifts in your advertising campaigns. For years, they have helped small business owners develop stronger relationships with their customers.

However, social media have the ability to perform a similar function. And that is to build relationships with those that have an interest in your brand. The key word here is “social”. Are you engaging your customers through your profiles or are you just posting ads? It’s important to remember what makes people tick when they jump on Facebook, Twitter and all of the other platforms on a daily basis.

Yesterday, we took a look at a Rebecca Borison article on Inc.com. In it, she outlines a number of social media marketing best practices, with the help of Moment.me CEO, Dovev Goldstein. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at that article. In 2015, it will be important for small business owners all across Canada to better utilize their social media profiles to grow their businesses. So here are five more bright ideas.

1. Be interactive. As we mentioned yesterday, using social media the right way means interacting with your friends and followers. So instead of simply talking at them through blatant advertisements, Borison recommends that you “post things like quizzes or polls to engage followers. Or maybe run a live Q&A or a competition.” It’s important that you get creative so that you encourage others to interact with you online.

2. Turn the relationships into sales. As we pointed out yesterday, a smart social media user knows that it’s all about building relationships. You see, once you have established those relationships, you can then provide offers that can convert into sales. There are many ways to do this. One of them, according to Borison, is to “personalize offers to specific social media in a hyper-targeted manner.”

3. React quickly. “Hopefully you’ll be receiving positive feedback on social media, but chances are you’ll also get a lot of complaints,” she warns, “It is crucial that you act quickly and respond to these complaints.” Here’s the thing. We live in a quick-to-react world. Social media have given us all the ability to voice our concerns to the general public the second we feel them. Be sure to use your profiles to quickly respond to questions, concerns and complaints.

4. Personalize. Again, remembering that social media is all about being social, don’t be afraid to speak to friends and followers directly. “It’s important to not only personalize offers and tweets to individual customers but also to also personalize your business and give it character,” says Borison, “Being authentic is key in successful social media.” Goldstein agrees that personalizing your brand is a great way to develop more customer relationships.

5. Like and comment. This particular point was left off of Borison’s list. But we point it out because we know that it’s something that we need to do more of in 2015 ourselves. Remember that every time you like someone’s post or leave a comment on it, you’re essentially creating a link to your own profile. This is all part of being interactive. Don’t wait for people to come to you. Socialize on their pages as well.

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17 Dec

5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Posted in Social Media on 17.12.14 by John Meloche

Vector social media conceptWe’ve done a lot of blogging on the power of social media. As we get ready to head into 2015, chances are you can expect a lot more. And not just from us, mind you. Millions of people from all over the world log on to their Facebook and Twitter profiles each and every day. And you’re probably well aware that those are only two of the many social networking sites out there. With that said, social media have become a small business owner’s dream.

Why? Well, when you consider the vast popularity of social media, it only makes sense to use such profiles to promote your business. It’s free to do so – for the most part – and you’re bound to gain some attention for your brand simply by using social media regularly. There is, however, a trick to the whole social media game. As Rebecca Borison points out on Inc.com, “simply broadcasting advertisements on Twitter and Facebook is not going to attract or engage followers.”

Instead, she writes that it’s important to actually be social on social media. That means that just using your profiles to post advertisements about your business is not going to cut it. “Truly taking advantage of social media requires time, effort, and an understanding of the platforms,” says Borison. With the help of Dovev Goldstein, the CEO of Moment.me, she goes on to list a number of social media best practices. Here are five.

1. Use data and analytics. Yes, we often say that using social media is free. However, Borison writes that there are tools that can help you to track just how popular your business is on social media. Some may cost you something, some may not. Either way, she insists that you should “try to glean as much insight as possible from not only your followers but also all social media users who mention your company.”

2. Reach for loyalty, not millions. Everyone is trying to “go viral” these days. Borison believes that small business owners should aim to attain a certain number of loyal followers instead. “You should also think of social media relationships as real-life relationships, which take a long time to form and solidify,” she says. Goldstein adds that it is more advantageous for small business owners to invest small amounts on social media marketing over time instead of one huge campaign.

3. Go local. When we think of social media, we often consider the ways in which we can communicate with the rest of the world. Borison reminds us not to forget those that live closest to your business’ location. Your nearby residents should still remain your target market. She suggests that you “reward customers who visit the location and check in on social media.” Goldstein agrees that “location-based marketing is becoming increasingly popular.”

4. Use what you already have. Creating content for your website is a big way that companies are able to attract extra traffic to their websites. Why do you think we post a new blog each day of the week? We also post links to each blog on Facebook and Twitter daily. “Leverage content you’ve already created or that your customers have produced,” says Borison, “This will make your life easier while including other voices and engaging followers.”

5. Plan in advance. “Set up a content calendar so that you’re not scrambling to figure out what to post every morning,” recommends Borison, “Take advantage of holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day as well as niche days that are related to your company.” At Synergy Marketing, we recommend that you incorporate your company’s promotional products into your marketing plans. It’s a great time of year to encourage all those new customers to come back.

To get your hands on the perfect promotional product for your company, call us at 1-877-748-9884 today! And be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog, as we continue to explore the topic of social media marketing best practices.

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14 Nov

5 Creative Ways To Market Your Brand Through Social Media

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 14.11.14 by John Meloche

Social MediaOne of the reasons that we enjoy blogging so much, here at Synergy Marketing, is that it has really helped us to stay active on social media. Admittedly, when we first opened our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we found it difficult to gain fans and followers. But with a new blog each business day of the week, we’ve helped ourselves to attain more attention. We’ve also practiced the art of following back and retweeting every now and then.

Of course, there’s much more to our blogging than social media activity. We learn quite a lot from the research we do online. We enjoy sharing our ideas on the plethora of information that we find and love helping out our readers in the process. Today’s blog is no different. In fact, not only do we seek to provide you with more valuable information about how to market your business, but we’re also interested in ways that we can do a better job at promoting our own.

On Wordstream.com, Megan Marrs offers up some creative ways to market your business through social media. Be sure to check out Synergy Marketing’s Facebook and Twitter pages to see if we’re taking advantage of these tips ourselves! We’re sure, however, that it takes a lot more than simply posting links to blogs and clicking “like” every now and again. So let’s look at some of those tips, shall we? Here are five.

1. Push your handles. “If you’re really looking to bump up those Twitter followers, you can’t be afraid to be a bit shameless,” advises Marrs. Well, at least we have this one down right! By our count, we’ve already mentioned our Facebook and Twitter accounts twice in this very blog. Better make that three times! Marrs recommends that you include your social media addresses on your business cards be sure to reveal them any time you speak at a conference.

2. Join in on weekly hashtag themes. The more you use hashtags, the better. We admit that this is a practice that we need to adopt. So we’ve given it a shot all week long. Marrs points out popular hashtag themes like #ThrowbackThursday are good ones to participate in. “If you want to build your social media following, you need to be an active participant in the community,” she writes, “This means posting regularly, and also joining in on fun weekly social media traditions that already have a loyal audience.”

3. Pin your own images (and others). See, we knew that Facebook and Twitter weren’t be-all-end-alls of the social media world. You can’t forget Pinterest. Marrs insists that you “don’t underestimate the value of this image-sharing site. Post your strongest visual assets (templates, infographics, etc) on Pinterest and link them to your webpages for some serious traffic.” Pictures have always been popular. But pictures that can be seen online seem to be all the rage these days!

4. Vines. Have you heard of Vine? Marrs describes it a “largely under-utilized” app that allows you to post 6-second video clips. As much as people love pictures, they seem love videos that much more. On Wired.com, Mat Honan writes that “It sounds boring, I know. It sounds like Socialcam or Viddy or any number of Instagram-for-video attempts. It’s not. It’s fundamentally different. And it’s amazing.”

5. Keep social tabs on competitors. Of course, it’s not just about using all of these social networking platforms. It’s all about how you use them that will make the difference. “Facebook business pages allow you to follow other accounts via the Pages to Watch feature,” writes Marrs, “Follow your competitors and see what they post, and which of their posts get the most shares and likes. See what works and follow their lead.”

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31 Jul

4 Ways We Use Social Media To Build Our Brand

Posted in Social Media on 31.07.14 by John Meloche

Social Talk BubbleHere, at Synergy Marketing, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re not exactly social media experts. After all, we spend the majority of our days speaking to business owners from all over Canada on the good old telephone. Having said that, we’re still very much aware about the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is why we remain active on both of our accounts on a daily basis.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we place links to each and every one of our blog posts on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since we adopted this practice, we’ve noticed that our website has been getting a lot more attention. This is the main point of communicating through social media. It helps to deliver traffic to places you want it to go. Naturally, the more people that visit our website, the more opportunities we have to encourage them to call us.

At Synergy Marketing, we specialize in providing the best promotional products in our industry. We know that promo gifts work wonders in helping business owners to make good impressions on their customers. Promo gifts have long been known to secure customer loyalty, encourage referrals and increase overall sales. But our social media posts have been known to intrigue a wider range of potential buyers.

There’s a trick to using social media properly. It’s not so much of a trick as it is an appropriate way to utilize the sites. It’s important to keep in mind that social media is all about being social. It’s important to engage your audience so that they don’t feel like they’re being blatantly advertised to. Instead, we work to engage them in conversation. Here are four ways that Synergy Marketing communicates its messages through social media.

1. We ask questions. Every time we post one of our blogs, we ask a question to intrigue our reading audience. The answer to the question can always be found in the blog post. So, it is our goal to spark the interest of online users so that they want to know the answer to that question. Not only do we hope our friends and followers click on the link, but we encourage them to like and comment upon the post as well.

2. We utilize more than one site. Facebook and Twitter are arguably the most popular social networking sites out there. So those are the ones we are focused on at the moment. We believe that it’s important to update both – not just one – so that we can interact with the most amount of people possible. Since we started posting our blog links on each page, we have increased our number of friends and followers, but we are still looking to grow our reach.

3. We offer follow backs. Part of being social is interacting with those who have become your friends and followers. People like having followers on Twitter just as much as they enjoy following accounts that interest them. So we offer a very simple, yet effective approach to growing our followers on Twitter. If you follow us, we’ll follow you back. Here’s hoping we increase our Twitter followers by offering that promise in today’s blog!

4. We stay consistent. We blog daily. So unlike some other websites, we make sure that the Synergy Marketing website is constantly kept fresh. With so much content, we give online users ample reasons to visit our site daily. This, of course, allows both our Facebook and Twitter pages to remain fresh as well. Our hope is that with daily interactions, we’ll continue to grow our fan base.

By the way, just because we’re active on social media doesn’t mean we don’t want to speak with you directly. Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-748-9884.

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