08 May

5 Of Our Best Summer-Themed Promotional Gifts

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 08.05.15 by John Meloche

img-flying-saucer-logo-v1-1024x1269For many years, Synergy Marketing has been offering Canadian business owners the opportunity to promote their brands in effective and cost-efficient ways. By today’s standards, promotional products are nothing new. But their power to elevate the statuses of the companies that use them continues to soar. This is why we’re so proud to offer the best promo products in the business! We know that the more successful we are at selling our products, the more successful our clients will be.

Over the past couple of days, we have been blogging about the concept of summertime advertising. And, in yesterday’s blog, we noted the importance of doing a little something extra for customers this summer. It’s all about giving them something memorable to talk about. In our experience, promo gifts have always done a great job in getting people talking favourably about the companies that handed them out.

With the summer quickly approaching, you may want to pay special consideration to the types of promo gifts you decide to hand out to your customers. As you may have guessed, Synergy Marketing is happy to announce that we have a number of fantastic summer-based promotional products for you to get your hands on.

Make this summer your most memorable one yet by handing out one or more of the following items. Here are five of our best summer-themed promotional gifts:

1. Flying Saucer. When you think of summer, you often picture the beach or a park, right? And when you picture a beach or a park, it’s just as easy to picture families and friends throwing around flying saucers to each other. Print your company name and logo on our 9” flying saucer and be the talk of the town this summer when your customers each receive one from you. Only $4.49 each, it’s one of the most inexpensively fun promo gifts you can give.

2. Golf Tee Set. With the summertime comes the need to participate in outdoor sports. And we’re willing to bet that you have a few fans of golf in your client base. For that reason, our special Golf section of promo gifts includes a number of items that have long histories of going over well. The Golf Tee Set, for example, is a great collection of 12 tees in a key chain carrying case. At only $3.00 a set, you can’t go wrong!

3. Foldable Water Bottle. With summer providing people with the added incentive to go outdoors more often, many are more liable to stick to their fitness routines. And you can’t workout without bottled water! Our new Foldable Water Bottles provide compact and convenient ways to carry your water along with you while exercising. At only $4.95 each, these bottles are great ways to grow your company’s reach this summer.

4. Cattleman’s Kitchen™ Maplewood Steak Knife Set. When you think summer, you often think of barbeques. And when you think of barbeques, you often think of steak. And when your most important customers think of steak this summer, make sure that they’re thinking of you as they use their new Maplewood Steak Knife Set! One of our most impressive high-end gifts at $39.95 each, this set is bound to make quite the impression.

5. Floating Key Chain. Summer is also a time for swimming. For many Canadians, jumping into an outdoor pool is something they’ve been thinking about all winter long. Have you ever lost a set of keys by forgetting to take them out of your trunks before making that big jump? Our new Floating Key Chain will make sure that no keys get lost this summer. At only $3.95, they’re a great summertime steal!

To get your hands on any of these sensational summertime promotional products, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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04 Jul

5 More Summer-Themed Small Business Marketing Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 04.07.14 by John Meloche

Shopping summer salesWho loves summer? We love summer! Don’t you? What’s not to like? The sun is out, the weather is warm, and people enjoy going outdoors more now than at any other time of the year. If you’re a business owner, this is fantastic news. As you know, the warm weather encourages more and more people to come outside which means that more and more people are available to visit your store.

In yesterday’s blog, we began taking a look at a ThoughtReach.com article by Brian Morris that detailed a few ways that business owners could use the summer season to promote their businesses. These small business marketing tips, geared towards summer-themed ideas, are great ways to make this summer your hottest one yet. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at this list.

1. Hot weather promotional items. Ironically, although most people love the hot weather, one of the first things they tend to do is look for ways to cool down. Do you offer items that can assist with such needs? We sure do! Morris points out that promotional items such as water bottles are excellent giveaways to anyone who enters your location on a hot day. At Synergy Marketing, we have a variety of water bottles for you to choose from!

2. Temperature-related discounts. Here’s a cool idea. Or a hot one, depending on how you look at it. Morris suggests that you offer different daily discounts depending on the temperature. “Launch a fun campaign that gets customers to your location during the dog days of summer by offering a discount based on how high the temperature climbs,” he suggests, “You’ll be able to land sales on days when customers would otherwise stay indoors.”

3. Go to lunch. Sometimes, you need to go that extra mile in order to both impress and secure the loyalty of your most important clients. Morris suggests that you take them to lunch at some point during the summer “to reinforce your business relationship, foster customer loyalty, and glean information that can improve your company and customer satisfaction. Your customers will appreciate the gesture.”

4. Community service. Readers of the Synergy Marketing Blog know that this is a marketing tip that comes up pretty often. Is there really ever a downside to volunteering your time for your community? Not only does it show kindness and generosity, but it helps your community members out in ways that they truly need. Of course, your commitment to your community is great PR for your brand, reminds Morris.

5. Have fun with holidays. “The summer has plenty of wacky holidays that present opportunities for fun and unique marketing,” writes Morris, “For example, June is candy month, July is National Anti-Boredom Month, and August is National Golf Month. Think you can roll one of those into an attention-getting marketing campaign?” We think you can. And we have just what you need to make these ideas work.

Promotional gifts provide your customers with ways to think about you on a daily basis. Because they are not business cards – which tend to get lost or thrown away – your promo gifts will last a long time within the possession of their recipients. Naturally, summer-themed gifts will work best in the coming months. Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to order the promo gift that will work best to promote your brand this summer.

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03 Jul

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Heat Things Up This Summer

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.07.14 by John Meloche

Summer shopping woman jumpingAt Synergy Marketing, we thoroughly enjoy combing the internet for interesting marketing ideas. Our blog has often analyzed articles written by industry experts from all over the map. We always find it fascinating that there is no shortage of promotional ideas and that they vary from one expert to the next. We fancy ourselves experts in the field of promotional products, knowing that they are advertising sources that work. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy discussing your own ideas.

Our sales reps have conversations daily with business owners from all over Canada about the various concepts they’ve come up with to promote their companies. Using promotional gifts, they find, always helps to increase the impact that their promotional ideas have. That said, with the summer here, there’s a whole new way to utilize promo gifts to your advantage. On ThoughtReach.com, Brian Morris discusses a number of those ideas.

Not that they are all promo gift-related, Morris’ inventive ideas focus on ways that small businesses can increase sales this summer. As with most of our promo tips, these ideas are fun, creative and inexpensive methods to advertise. In today’s blog, we’ll look at five of Morris’ tips for how to bring your business more customers all summer long – and hopefully well into the rest of the year!

1. Create a partner package. We often learn, by doing our research of articles written by industry experts, that partnering with other businesses is a smart idea. Morris begins his list with this tip by stating that you should “partner with non-competing businesses that share the same target audience to develop a winning package for everyone. A restaurant, theater and a hotelier could partner together to create a romantic couples’ weekend package, for example.”

2. Sidewalk misters. If you’re wondering what a “mister” is in this context, you wouldn’t be alone. Morris explains, however, by writing that “when it gets hot, shoppers can be miserable. Venture into busy shopping districts armed with a backpack/spray nozzle water mister, and offer to cool off passersby. Make sure your outfit is branded, and you have brochures or flyers to distribute.”

3. Stickers. Outdoor marketing is where it’s at during the summertime, says Morris. But that doesn’t mean you can simply post stickers promoting your business wherever you like. He suggests that you “locate outdoor areas in which your stickers can interact with the environment to help your brand get noticed.” Places that get a lot of traffic will be key areas to target. Be sure to incorporate your company’s website on your stickers so people can look you up right away on their smartphones.

4. Festival contests. Festivals and other outdoor events are hugely popular throughout the summer. The smell of barbequed food, the sound of up tempo music and other activities are always surefire ways to attract large audiences. Morris suggests that you participate by renting booth spaces at these festivals and running contests that will allow you to collect contact information. Your promotional gifts can be used as either free giveaways or contest prizes.

5. Hot spot banners. Wherever the people are, you’ll want your brand to be represented. Morris recommends that you identify summer hot spots in your town such as beaches and pools, “then strategically place large-format vinyl banners well within view. You’ll be able to maximize your exposure with a minimal investment.” In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue our list at Morris’ summer-themed promotional suggestions.

Don’t forget to call up Synergy Marketing at1-877-748-9884 to order your promotional gifts!

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13 Jun

4 Sensational Summer-Themed Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 13.06.14 by John Meloche

DRK-03_BIG-160x160With summer practically here, it’s important to think of promotional strategies that incorporate the wonderment that comes along with the warmth and sunshine of summer. It’s a good thing that the Synergy Marketing Blog is here for you! Over the past couple of days, we have unveiled some excellent tips for business owners looking to take advantage of the summer. These tips can even help you out if summer happens to be your slow season.

But, as you know, Synergy Marketing does a lot more for you than simply provide useful information. Of course, our blogs are invaluable. But are promotional products provide unparalleled value in the world of business marketing. For decades, promo gifts have helped business owners grow their client bases, secure customer loyalty and increase sales. And the summer time is one of the best times of year to hand them out!

That’s because the summer encourages more people to come outside of their homes, giving you more opportunities to welcome them through your doors. Synergy Marketing provides the best promo products in the business. And that includes great gifts that make the summer that much more enjoyable. You may want to consider one or more of the following promo gifts that we offer to help your summer become your most successful one yet!

Flying Saucer. This 9 inches-in-diameter Frisbee is one of the best possible accompaniments to any picnic, barbeque or day in the park. Your customers will love how lightweight, fun and practical it is considering the time of year. At only $4.99 a piece, these Flying Saucers are excellent investments in your business. Have them fly around all summer long with your business name and contact information on them!

500ml PC Water Bottle with Ice Stick. During the hot summer months, there is arguably nothing better than a cold drink of water. For those on the go, this 500ml BPA-FREE Poly-Carbonate Water Bottle with Ice Stick will ensure that drinks are kept cold. At only $6.99 a piece, these water bottles are available in transparent black, blue and red, our water bottles and allow for a one location imprint that is included in the price!

Sunglasses. Shades and the summertime simply go hand in hand, don’t they? With the sun blazing down on us, it’s important to keep our eyes protected. But who says we can’t look cool while doing it? We have a selection of sunglasses which all make for perfect summer-themed promo gifts. They include the ProVision Sport Glasses, the Europa Sport Sunglasses, the Europa Driving Glasses and the ProVision Extreme.

Pro Tour Two-ball Golf Putter. Synergy Marketing also offers an array of high-end promotional products for your most important and prestigious clients. It goes without saying that many people enjoy going for rounds of golf during the sunshine-filled summer time. This amazing Pro Tour Two-ball Golf Putter comes with a steel shaft and a black rubber grip available for both right and left-handed golfers. It will be tough to find a more impressive gesture!

As you know, Synergy Marketing prides itself on providing the best promo products in the business. We also pride ourselves on employing highly-energetic and friendly sales reps who know what gifts work best with each business type. Be sure to call one of our friendly and knowledgeable reps at 1-877-748-9884 to order the perfect promo product to push your business this summer!

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