29 Jun

Summertime Promo Gifts Make For Great Impressions

Posted in Promotional Products on 29.06.15 by John Meloche

protour-logo-white-1024x1269With summer now officially in full swing, most people have the word “holidays” on their minds – and with good reason. School is out, making it the perfect time of year to take a vacation. Most Canadian business owners think with different mindsets, however. There really is no set-in-stone vacation time as work is never “out” the way that school is during the summer. Business owners are always working.

And that goes for the holidays, as well. Take, Canada Day, for example. This Wednesday, the entire nation will be enjoying a day off from work in order to celebration our country. And while many businesses will be closed for the day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their owners will be taking the day off. Instead, many of them will be attending Canada Day events with their promotional products in tow.

It makes perfect sense to take advantage of statutory holidays by using them to promote your business. This is especially true for Canada Day as it’s the nation’s first official summer holiday. Outdoor events, celebrating the occasion, will be taking place all over the country. It should go without saying that attending any of these events in an effort to get the word out about your brand would be a good idea.

As we’ve often championed in the past, promo gifts make for the ideal ways to make great first impressions on would-be customers. Especially when those gifts can be utilized during the specific time of year when they are given out, they are amazingly beneficial. Given that it’s the summertime, it would be wise to consider giving out gifts that can be used in the coming months. Our Flying Saucer is a great example.

The summer is a time when hitting the beach or the park for a game of Frisbee is a common occurrence. Our awesome Flying Saucers are the perfect 9-inches in diameter plastic discs for such games. Complete with your company’s name and logo on them, these Flying Saucers are among the best summer-based promotional gifts you can give out. But, of course, we do have others that you can choose from.

Our Aluminum Water Bottles are always popular choices during the summer. Naturally, this time of year brings about much warmer weather. Staying hydrated is an important part of beating the heat. With water bottles bearing your company’s name and logo, you stand the chance of having your company’s good image spread more widely all summer long. But, of course, our catalogue includes a whole lot more!

The golf fans in your client base are in luck. Synergy Marketing proudly boasts a unique set of golf-based promotional gifts for you to choose from. The summertime, of course, makes for the ideal time of year to give out these gifts. The Protour™ Executive Golf Clip is one of the most popular gifts in this category. It includes a golf spike wrench, divot tool, ball marker and a cigar cutter. And that’s not all!

It also comes in a waterproof case with a clear lid and interior form-fit mold for protection and easy identification. The Protour™ Executive Golf Clip easily clips to belts and other loops with its auto-close carabiner. For more information about any of our summertime promo gifts, please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884! It’s time to take advantage of the summertime holidays!

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07 Jul

Flying Saucers Make Sweet Summertime Promo Gifts!

Posted in Promotional Products on 07.07.14 by John Meloche

PF-001_YELLOW-160x160So how has your summer been going so far? In the City of Toronto – where Synergy Marketing makes its headquarters – we’ve been enjoying a lot of sunshine and warmth as of late. Many of our staff members have commented about how they’ve spent large chunks of their weekends attending various festivals, barbeques and other outdoor events throughout the city. And they all have one thing in common…

A lot of people! “Every event I’ve been to has been packed,” mentioned one of our colleagues recently, “It’s awesome to see people enjoying the good weather. I’ve seen a lot of families out, bringing their kids out for a good time. You just can’t beat the summertime!” As you can imagine, the beautiful weather, that the summer brings along, encourages more people to go outdoors more often.

And with so many more people enjoying the great outdoors at various events all throughout the summer, it provides you with excellent opportunities to promote your business! Considering that summertime and spending time outside goes hand in hand, one of the best ways to promote your business would be through promotional gifts that can be used outdoors. And at Synergy Marketing, we have some fantastic options!

The Flying Saucer is arguably our most popular summertime promotional gift. Better known as the Frisbee, this awesome promo product is great way to spread the name of your brand at outdoor events. Just imagine the attention you’ll garner when people are partaking in a game of Frisbee, using one with your company logo and contact information on it. These work wonders in boosting your brand all summer long!

Placing your company name and logo on a Flying Saucer also helps to show the “fun” side of your brand. Often, it’s the image that you portray that helps to encourage visitors to your place of business over the actual products and services you offer. When you consider that consumers have the option of going to your competitors if they sell the same goods, you will want to get a step up by shining a favourable light in your own direction.

“Companies with cool promo gifts always get a lot of attention,” commented one of our summer-loving reps last week, “It shows consumers that they are not only generous because they give out gifts, but that they are fun brands. Frisbees are cool because people will use them, not only this summer, but in summers in the future. That means that using this promo gift will promote your brand as a fun one for years to come.”

Synergy Marketing’s Flying Saucer is 9 inches in diameter and offers a screen print of your company name and logo that is 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. And they are affordably priced at only $4.99 a piece! “Business owners are often surprised at just how cost-effective they are,” mentioned our rep, “I’ve often spoken to clients who mention that they get new customers who come in asking for the Frisbees. They are real people-pleasers.”

Get a hold of some promotional flying saucers today by calling Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884. Of course, there are many other promotional products to choose from. But with the summertime freshly underway, your best bet may be to choose gifts that your customers will be able to enjoy during the summer months when the weather is expected to be nice, sunny and warm. Here’s hoping they will bring you your best summer to date!

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