03 Feb

5 Ideal Ideas For Growing Your Small Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.02.15 by John Meloche

Growing green businessIn yesterday’s blog, we commented upon some of the more interesting Super Bowl commercials that were broadcast during the big game this year. This is a topic that we tackle (pun intended) every year as the Super Bowl broadcast is known as the biggest annual advertising opportunity for a wide variety of companies. Clearly, however, we’re talking about some pretty big brands. Considering that 30-second slots command millions of dollars from advertisers, they’re not exactly made for the small business owner.

Of course, there are many other ways for small business owners to promote their brands. In fact, we often argue that small business owners have certain advantages over their big-named counterparts. As a small business owner, you have the opportunity to interact with your customers on a more personal basis. And it’s your personal interactions with them that help to grow your company’s reputation and secure their loyalty.

So what are those ways that small business owners can grow their relationships? On EvolutionCP.com, Jeffrey Kadlic writes that there are a number of methods that actually cost entrepreneurs nothing to implement. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart a new business or grow the one you’ve been running for years, his ideas are certainly worth considering. Here are five of his best.

1. Write a press release. No one knows your business better than you do. There are certainly worse ways to communicate your brand’s mission statement than to email your subscribers on a regular basis. “Believe it or not, press releases are still useful in generating buzz around your business, and can be a cost-effective way of informing consumers and other businesses on what makes your company stand out in its field,” writes Kadlic.

2. Participate in community outreach. There is arguably no better way to encourage the members of your community to support your brand than to give them your personal time and generosity. In some cases, sponsorships can help to promote your business for many months on end. As explained by Kadlic, “sponsoring a little league football or baseball team, volunteering at charity events, or openly contributing to a non-profit not only shows you’re a business who’s engaged locally, it adds to your overall value as an organization.”

3. Don’t forget to network. Even in this social media-crazed world, there are few things more effective than getting out there to meet people face-to-face. Especially when those people live in the area where your business is located, taking the time to popularize yourself among others can go a really long way. “Spend some time getting to know others in your area of influence, even if they are competitors,” advises Kadlic.

4. Keep a regularly updated blog. Talk about taking our own advice, right? Writing daily blogs has worked wonders for growing our reach online. They also help to showcase our extreme knowledge of our industry. As Kadlic affirms, “You’re likely an authority on the items and services you sell, so share your expertise with the public by writing a weekly blog post detailing the finer points of your small business. You can even expand your reach by writing on subjects you’re passionate about but don’t directly relate to your company.”

5. Provide discounts and giveaways. If there’s anything that customers love more than getting items at discounted rates, it’s getting them for free! “There are fewer ways to generate interest from consumers who are still on the fence about purchasing your products or service than offering considerable discounts or giveaways on your website and social media pages,” informs Kadlic. We couldn’t agree more!

This is what makes promotional products so effective. Learn more about the great promo gifts offered by Synergy Marketing by calling us at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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02 Feb

Super Bowl Commercials Continue To Have Big Impacts

Posted in News on 02.02.15 by John Meloche

Hand with TV Remote, Beer, Chips and footballEach year, the Synergy Marketing Blog takes a special look at Super Bowl Sunday. And, no it’s not just because it seems as if the majority of North Americans are taking in the NFL’s championship football game. It’s because the Super Bowl broadcast is very well-known for showcasing some of the most elaborate commercials ever made! Many viewers admit to tuning in for the commercials more so than for the game itself.

It’s no secret that big-named advertisers have spent millions of dollars on 30 second slots, knowing that the viewership of each Super Bowl game is enormous. And yesterday’s affair was no different. All of the major players returned. And we’re not talking about Tom Brady, whose New England Patriots captured their 4th Super Bowl championship in 14 years following their narrow 28-24 defeat of the Seattle Seahawks.

Among the advertisers with Super Bowl commercials were auto companies such as Jeep, Toyota, Lexus and Nissan; fast food chains like McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr.; junk food snacks including Skittles, Snickers and Doritos; beer brands such as Budweiser and Bud Light and web hosting companies including Wix.com and the ever-present GoDaddy.com. So what were among the most intriguing of all the ads?

Wix.com arguably actually had one of the most appropriate and respectful Super Bowl ads we’ve seen in some time. Naturally, it makes sense to appeal to football fans during the Super Bowl. And this company that offers website creation and hosting did just that with their ad starring a number of retired NFLers including Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmett Smith and Larry Allen. Each former pro was shown running a new post-football career business complete with website.

The ad could easily be considered one of the more “tame” commercials to appear during a Super Bowl. However, its use of highly heralded NFL superstars of the past leant itself to best resonate with the viewing audience. So just how successful does Wix.com intend to be following the release of this commercial? SuperBowlCommercials2015.com suggests that the company is about to become a major player in its industry.

“By investing in a Super Bowl spot for the first time, Wix hopes to turn themselves into a household name in America and to become the go-to website builder for small businesses and individuals in America,” says the website, “Founded in 2006, Wix now boasts over 59 million registered users worldwide.” It should go without saying that airing a commercial during the Super Bowl can have a major impact.

Insurance company, Nationwide has apparently planned on having a major impact itself. Its Super Bowl ad has been discussed as one of the most depressing in the broadcast’s history. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t effective, however. It depicts a young boy explaining that all of the experiences that young boys generally enjoy while growing up will be missed due to his own untimely death.

“Nationwide completely killed the mood at Super Bowl parties across the country with a shocking ad to promote the prevention of childhood deaths,” writes Nick Schwartz of USA Today, “After being kissed by a girl for the first time and flying through the air, a young boy reveals that he never had any of those experiences because he drowned in a bathtub.” Talk about a downer!

Which SuperBowl commercials did you like best? Feel free to watch them HERE and tweet us at @synergymkt!

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06 Feb

5 Networking Ways That Are Sure To Amaze

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 06.02.14 by John Meloche

handshake isolated over business  backgroundPromoting your business is a full-time job. And as you can tell from our blogs this week, your networking skills have a big influence on how well you’re able to promote your brand. Remember that when you’re meeting others, you’re not just representing yourself as a person. You’re the face of your company. And what people think of you is what they’ll think of your company.

Being good at networking doesn’t come easy. But the more you work at it, the better you’ll become. As a small to medium-sized business owner, this is important because it’s likely you won’t want to spend the type of money that is pumped into commercials that air during the Super Bowl. So perhaps focusing on some specific networking techniques is a better idea. In today’s blog, we’ll review a few that are listed on WikiHow.com.

Join local associations and groups. It’s important to get yourself established within groups that cater to the needs of your business type. You’ll want to surround yourself with like-minded professionals who may be able to help you get to the next level of your industry. “Choose those that are right for your business and worthy of the investment that might be required,” says the site.

Have a presence at community events. Being a big part of your community is every bit as important as advertising your company. Without the respect and admiration of those who live in your company’s vicinity, it will be difficult to gain a good impression. “Try to get space at local festivals, parades and other events that will give you an opportunity to promote your business,” advised WikiHow.com.

Ask for referrals. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want. After all, it has often been said that there is no better type of promotion than word of mouth promotion. And as the website points out, it’s generally free. Don’t expect handouts though. Referrals go both ways. Be sure to provide referrals to companies that you can partner with in exchange for the same favour.

Look for speaking opportunities. Are you confident that your brand is a cut above the rest? Be sure to show off your expert skills by taking part in speaking engagements that will provide forums for you to dazzle audience members. As WikiHow.com recommends, “offer your expertise to community organizations, charitable groups, small businesses, schools and industry groups.”

Develop relationships. This is what networking is all about. More than just advertising your brand, you are building genuine relationships that will require attention over the years. This is what will help you to build a strong and loyal customer base. At Synergy Marketing, our many years of experience have proven that promotional gifts are excellent ways to begin such relationships. Who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free?

Promo gifts, by the way, are not just free gadgets and tools. Sure, they are very useful and often come in handy on a daily basis. But the fact that they are branded with your company’s name and logo mean that they provide advertising power that literally lasts for years. Contact Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to discuss which of our promo gifts will work best to help you become the best networker in your industry!

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05 Feb

Becoming A Champion Networker With Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 05.02.14 by John Meloche

business people shaking hands against blue sky and modern buildingOver the past couple of days, we have been discussing the concept of good networking on the Synergy Marketing Blog. In our experience, good networkers are the best candidates for promotional product “hander-outers”. In other words, our incredible promo gifts work best when business owners spark new business relationships with their recipients. Is there a better way to make a first impression? We think not.

Promotional products provide personal touches to your interactions in ways that no other type of advertising can. This past Sunday marked the annual Super Bowl game. As most people know, the football game that decides the champions of the National Football League is known for more than just being a sporting event. It represents a television broadcast that is home to the most expensive commercials shot all year.

“They were awesome!” commented one of our Synergy team members and admitted football fan, “They were a lot of fun to watch. But, to be honest, they don’t exactly make me want to go out and buy anything. It’s impossible to connect with your customers through a television screen. I’m a big believer in making personal connections. And this is really important for small business owners who can’t afford big budget ads.”

Naturally, networking is a very important task to undertake if you’re a small business owner. Becoming a champion networker, however, has a lot to do with the connections you make and maintain when you’re given the opportunity to confront potential buyers in person. Hopefully, the tips that were doled out over our past two blogs have been of great service to you.

On the U.K.-based Marketing Donut website, Sarah Weller writes about a variety of ways that networking can help your business. She lists a number of tips that can help you to develop business relationships for the long haul. As mentioned, we’ve been reviewing these tips over the past two days, but there’s one more tip that we’d like to throw your way in order to help you become an expert networker.

Do not just stick with the people you know. Networking is all about building new relationships, right? So don’t spend all of your time catching up with the people you already know. Such interactions may help you to strengthen old relationships but not create any new ones. You have more to gain by learning about new people and their companies, believes Weller.

If you’re looking to make new friends and business colleagues, promotional products can definitely help you in that area. At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide variety to choose from. Pens, mugs, key chains, water bottles, rulers, markers, sunglasses, calendars and so much more are available! Don’t go to another networking event without high-quality promo gifts bearing your company name and logo.

Contact Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to place your order today. Our staff is comprised of friendly and knowledgeable reps who will only be too happy to assist you in making the right choice for your business. Networking requires practice. But, as you know, practice makes perfect. And having the perfect promotional product will help you make a great first impression!

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04 Feb

6 More Nifty Networking Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 04.02.14 by John Meloche

Business people shaking hands outside officeBeing a good networker is a key ingredient to the success of any small to medium-sized business owner. It is during your networking opportunities that you’ll be able to make the greatest of impressions. As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog, some corporations can afford multi-million dollar television commercials to be run during the Super Bowl game. We’re guessing you may not have such a budget.

On the U.K.-based Marketing Donut website, Sarah Weller offers up a bunch of tips on how to make the most out of your networking opportunities. We began looking at these tips yesterday, but would like to further our look today. With stronger networking skills, you’re bound to develop stronger business relationships that will build your brand without the need for expensive commercials.

Don’t give up if you didn’t win business the first time. Perseverance is key, suggests Weller. “Networking is about building long-term relationships locally, it is not a quick fix,” she writes. Take each networking opportunity as a lesson. Things may not always go your way each and every time. The more experience you get with networking, the better at it you’ll become.

Listen to others and show you are listening. This tip may sound easier than it really is. And that’s because we often don’t even realize the things we do when we’re not the ones doing the speaking. For example, be careful not to fiddle with your phone during an in-person conversation. “If you play with your phone throughout their two minutes they will be less inclined to listen to you,” warns Weller.

Follow up with personalized emails where appropriate, but do not spam. Networking is all about building new relationships, right? So it makes no sense to attend a networking event without the intention of keeping in touch with those you meet. Be sure to email your new contacts shortly after meeting them to simply express your pleasure in the meeting. Refrain from sounding sales-pitchy. Let the relationship happen naturally.

Tell people what you want. “You are not just selling to the people in the room, but to all the people they know as well,” informs Weller, “Be specific and it might ring some bells. So don’t switch off because you cannot sell to the person you are talking to, they will have a network of contacts and clients who may be useful.” Think about each of your meetings as presentations in front of groups of people. It’ll keep you on your toes!

Do not be scared if you happen to end up sitting next to a competitor. Hey, part of doing business is coming up with ways to outdo your competition, right? There’s no reason to feel intimidated in their presence. Instead, talk about your differences and determine if there’s even a possibility of building a relationship. You truly never know what may come from good networking. The possibilities truly are endless!

Be memorable for the right reasons. This could mean a lot of things. But at Synergy Marketing, we take it to mean that it’s important you leave your networking events having made a good impression. This, of course, is why we’re so proud of our promotional products. Unlike your standard, everyday business card, our gifts leave great impressions that are not soon forgotten. Order yours today by calling 1-877-748-9884.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll wrap up our look at Weller’s networking tips. Be sure to check it out!

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03 Feb

Networking Is A Small Business Owner’s Super Bowl Ad

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.02.14 by John Meloche

Mature Caucasion business male and female shaking handsSo how was your Super Bowl Sunday? All over North America yesterday, there were parties celebrating the culmination of the National Football League’s final game. And, just like every year, the Super Bowl broadcast showcased numerous big budget commercials to dazzle viewers. Many argue that the commercials give just as much of a reason to tune in to the broadcast as the game itself – if not, more.

As a business owner, we’re guessing that you often take special interest in the ways in which other companies advertise their products. Perhaps, you’ve considered such costly promotional tactics only to abandon those ideas after coming to understand how pricey they can be. Not to worry. Just because big corporations spend millions to advertise their brands during Super Bowl doesn’t mean you have to.

In fact, some would argue that you shouldn’t go to such lengths to build your brand even if you did have the budget. For small business owners, success is not measured by high-priced television commercials. The true testament to one’s business acumen is found through the ways in which he or she networks. On the U.K.-based Marketing Donut website, Sarah Weller reveals how there is no substitute for face to face meetings.

“Quite simply if people do not know who you are and what you can do they are never going to call you,” writes Weller, “Yes you can advertise but that does not give you the chance to find out about your customers, build long-term relationships and have a good chat.” This is what Super Bowl commercials miss out on doing. They’re unable to spark a direct and personal relationship between business owner and customer.

This is where being a small business owner really works to your advantage. By building relationships, you’re able to better secure customer loyalty. You’re also able to grow your business through the referrals that come from those loyal customers. Word-of-mouth promotion, as you’ve likely heard, is the best form of promotion there is. To help you out, Weller provides some useful tips on how to get the most out of networking.

Let people talk about themselves. Relationship-building requires a fair balance of back-and-forth speaking. Some business owners tend to get caught up in delivering their pitches and don’t give others chances to speak about themselves. Allow your new colleagues the opportunities to open up. Learn as much as you can about them. You may find listening will be your best pathway to meeting their needs and gaining new business.

Don’t tell people what to do. Many business owners get caught up in providing their expertise. Yes, today’s blog follows a long list of Synergy Marketing Blog posts that offer advice. But when you’re networking, you don’t want to come off as a know-it-all. Weller advises you to not use phrases like “the best/quickest/fastest/most efficient/most creative”. Instead, discuss what you’ve accomplished. It’s being honest, not arrogant.

Bring examples of your work. When you’re networking, there’s nothing wrong with bringing along a little pudding. You know…as in “the proof is in the pudding”. Bringing examples of your work is probably the best way to demonstrate it anyway. If you’re looking to impress those you meet, allow them to see for themselves just how good you are at what you do.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll review a few more of Weller’s networking tips. Be sure to check it out!

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