20 May

4 More Ways To Develop Chemistry Among Your Team Members

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.05.16 by John Meloche

Successful business woman standing with her staff in background at modern bright officeAll week long, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focused on the concept of the team. Celebrating your team when it is successful and supporting your team when it has opportunities to get better is a huge part of your job as a business owner. There are a variety of ways that you can help to foster team building, as we pointed out in yesterday’s blog. In today’s blog, we’ll continue to look at ways to develop chemistry among your team members.

Here are four more ideas:

1. Get to know your team members personally. Your place of business holds a very important place in the lives of each of your team members. Consider the fact that your business name pops up whenever your employees are asked “What do you do for a living?” They should each be just as important to you as your business is to them. Do your part to learn about your employees personally.

Jennifer Britton of the UK-based Team Building Directory writes that getting to know your team members will help you to find out exactly what they are looking for to enhance their work and efforts. “One of the most common pitfalls of team building initiatives is that it does not match the needs of the team,” she writes, “Ensure you invest enough time before the event itself to assess what team members really want.”

2. Implement team-building activities in the office. Quite often, the activities that best help to build a team are the ones that are not directly related to the job. Giving your team members opportunities to grow their relationships with each other in more of a relaxed, social setting can go a long way in strengthening the team overall. Consider some activities that you can give your team that are fun and interactive to help encourage better chemistry between its members.

On Time-Management-Guide.com, Dr. Sergey Dudiy champions this suggestion. “Allow your office team members build trust and openness between each other in team building activities and events,” he recommends, “Give them some opportunities of extra social time with each other in an atmosphere that encourages open communication. For example, in a group lunch on Friday.”

3. Create an action plan. “Create an action plan to make the team building part of your everyday work or life,” writes Britton, “Often retreat days or team building programs have few links with everyday business or organisational objectives. Ensure that when designing the program you create links to the organisation or to everyday life so that participants can ‘bring the learning home’. This can be done by building into the program formal action planning time, and having managers follow up during regular staff meetings.”

4. Don’t be afraid to have fun once in a while. If you really want to develop a strong chemistry between the members of your team, allow them to have a little bit of fun. Whether inside or outside of the office, getting your employees to interact with each other in fun ways can really help to boost productivity. “Team building initiatives should be fun and engaging for all staff members,” says Britton, “They should be relevant and meaningful for the team.”

At Synergy Marketing, we always advocate for the giving out of promo gifts – not just to customers, but to your team members as well. Sending them home with great gifts that bear your company’s name and logo reminds them that they are important parts of your team. To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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19 May

3 Effective Ways To Foster Team Building

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 19.05.16 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_10825393_xsThe Toronto Raptors have a tough task ahead of them tonight as they prepare for the second game of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals. The heavily-favoured Cleveland Cavaliers, lead by all-star LeBron James, soundly defeated our hometown Raps by a score of 115-84 in the opening game of the series Tuesday night. Evidently, the Raptors will have to rally around each other and shake off the loss if they wish for a better outcome this evening.

All week long, we’ve been drawing parallels between the pro sports world and the Canadian small business landscape. Obviously, both worlds involve teams that must work together in order to perform to their best abilities and achieve success. And while it’s important to celebrate those successes, it’s just as important to work on team building whenever tough times are experienced. Much like the Raptors, you team is bound to go through hard days.

So what are the most effective ways to foster team building? Here are three ideas:

1. Clearly define each team member’s role. In many cases, people play positions that they are best suited for. Whether it’s on the basketball court or in the office, there are often particular team members who specialize in certain areas. Sometimes, it’s important to remind everyone on the team which position they are required to play. Working together means allowing each team member to fulfil the unique requirements of his/her role.

Dr. Sergey Dudiy explains the importance of making sure there is complete clarity in who is responsible for what on Time-Management-Guide.com. “Do your best to avoid overlaps of authority,” he advises, “For example, if there is a risk that two team members will be competing for control in certain area, try to divide that area into two distinct parts and give each more complete control in one of those parts, according to those individual’s strengths and personal inclinations.”

2. Give your team that confidence that they have your support. This past week, Toronto Blue Jays’ manager John Gibbons was suspended by Major League Baseball for three games. The reason? He returned to the field during a brawl after he had already been ejected from the game for arguing balls and strikes. Later, when asked by the media why he returned to the field when he had already been ejected, he simply replied, “That’s my team out there”.

It’s of vital importance that your team knows that it has the support of its superiors. “Supervisors and managers play a key role in ‘keeping the learning alive’,” says Jennifer Britton of the UK-based Team Building Directory, “Ensure that supervisors, managers and owners are following up with staff regarding what their needs are, and how team building efforts can be enhanced. Managers also play a key role in ensuring that the learning from team building initiatives is brought back to the office.”

3. Involve everyone on the team in important decisions. It’s important to make each member of the team feel that his/her contributions matter. And that’s because they do! Don’t neglect feedback. Each team member has a unique experience representing your business and based on those experiences, they can likely provide you with valuable information about how to best please your customers.

“For issues that rely on the team consensus and commitment, involve more the whole team in the decision making process,” insists Dr. Dudiy, “For example, use group sessions with collective discussions of possible decision options or solution ideas. What you want to achieve here is that each team member feels his or her ownership in the final decision, solution, or idea. The more he or she feels this way, the more likely he or she is to agree with and commit to the decided line of action.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to examine ways to effectively develop chemistry among your team members!

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14 Aug

3 Ways To Get Your Team To Rise To The Top

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 14.08.15 by John Meloche

Hands holding colorful rope forming arrow pointing upwardsAre the Toronto Blue Jays going to make it into the playoffs this year? Are they bound to win their third World Series championship? These questions have been on the minds of many a baseball fan throughout this great country of ours in recent weeks. Yes, the Jays are a Toronto team. But being the only Canadian team in Major League Baseball, the Jays are Canada’s team, as well. And for those thirsting for a championship, the Jays are our greatest hope!

We’ve been tackling this topic over the past couple of days because excitement over the team is at a fever pitch. And while the Synergy Marketing team remains huge fans of Toronto’s baseball team, it’s not lost on us that what the Jays have done can be pulled off in offices all across Canada. Does your team need strengthening? What moves can you make to ensure that your business is as successful as possible?

Here are three ways to get your team to rise to the top:

1. Make sure everyone is on the same page. In order for a team to be successful, its various players must be united by a common goal. The old “there is no ‘I’ in team” phrase rings true here. By ensuring that everyone is on board with your mission, you give your company the opportunity to work like a well-oiled machine. To achieve this, it’s important to have regular meetings that establish the outlook you have for your brand’s future.

On wikiHow.com, it is highly encouraged that you establish regular team meetings that require participation from all of its attendees. “Create an atmosphere that fosters open communication,” advocates the website, “Serve as an example by listening to suggestions, concerns and questions from all team members. Building trust in this way allows others to openly communicate their ideas and challenges.”

2. Show your team that it has your support. There’s arguably nothing worse than having a team leader who doesn’t believe in its members. Your staff needs your support on a regular basis. No different than the members of the Toronto Blue Jays, your team needs to know that you’ll go to bat for them when they need you to. Without your support, the members of your staff are bound to lose motivation and confidence in their abilities.

“As the leader of a team, your team members must know that you have their back and that you are their greatest supporter,” writes Eric Holtzclaw on Inc.com, “I see my primary job to remove obstacles that are in my team’s way and to be there to support them when issues arise with a customer or other internal groups. When you team members know they have your unconditional support, they can move forward with confidence.”

3. Reward your team’s top performers. Last week, Major League Baseball acknowledged the Jays’ new starting pitcher, David Price and their third baseman, Josh Donaldson as the American League co-players of the week. When the members of your team work hard to surpass expectations, it’s only right that you reward them for their efforts. There are few things that help to boost a team’s morale more than that.

“People love recognition, but are most appreciative of respect,” says Glenn Llopis of Forbes.com, “Take the time to give your teammates the proper accolades they have earned and deserve. I have seen too many leaders take performance for granted because they don’t believe that one should be rewarded for ‘doing their job.’…Being genuine in your recognition and respect goes a long way towards building loyalty and trust.”

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13 Aug

3 More Ways To Create A Championship Team

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 13.08.15 by John Meloche

Business team celebrating a triumph with arms upYou don’t need to be a baseball fan in order to get caught up in the excitement taking place in Toronto right now. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, our hometown Toronto Blue Jays appear poised to enter the playoffs for the first time since 1993. That was certainly a great year for sports fans in our city. It was the second year in a row that our beloved Jays won the World Series championship!

Will 2015 mark the third championship of its kind for our city? There are a lot of members of the Synergy Marketing staff that sure hope so. And we’re guessing that a lot of our clients are hoping so as well. On our blog, we love making the parallel between sports teams and in-office teams. They are similar in that teamwork is necessary in order to achieve success. In yesterday’s blog, we outlined some ways that business owners can make stronger teams.

In today’s blog, we seek to add to that list. Here are three more ways to create a championship team:

1. Get to know the players. It’s likely that you know the names of the people who work for you. But just how much do you really know them? Taking the time to know personal details about your staff members will go a long way in boosting employee morale. Your employees are people, of course, and they deserve to be treated with senses of dignity, respect and appreciation. They will appreciate you for it, in return.

“Much like you need to hold yourself accountable for your actions to assure you maximize performance and results, you must make the time to get to know your team and encourage camaraderie,” insists Glenn Llopis of Forbes.com, “Fully knowing your team means that you have invested the time to understand how they are wired to think and what is required to motivate them to excel beyond what is expected from them.”

2. Show them who’s boss. Contrary to the connotation of the phrase, you shouldn’t come off to your employees as brash, stern and…dare we say it? – bossy. Instead, it’s important to be firm and assertive in an approachable way. It’s always good to keep the atmosphere light-hearted within the working environment. But it’s also integral to your company’s success that you are clear about your expectations.

“Your team needs to know how you like to operate,” believes Eric Holtzclaw of Inc.com, “I’m a solution oriented manager. I am fine with talking about problems with a project or an approach, but I insist that everyone contribute ideas for resolution. When issues arise, and they will, I don’t want to get caught up in whose fault it is, or why it happened. I prefer to take time to do that at an established and appropriate time later.”

3. Be accepting of feedback. You’re not always on the front lines. That’s what you hired the members of your staff for. So don’t forget that, most often, the people who know best about what your customers want are the people who work directly with them. Be open to feedback from your team members. Listen to the various complaints that they report customers have and seek ways to improve things on the front line.

As well, don’t be afraid to give feedback of your own. After all, you are the boss. Let your team members know when they are doing great jobs and when they could use improvements in certain areas. “Feedback is the key to assuring any team is staying on track, but more importantly that it is improving each day,” writes Llopis, “Feedback should be proactive and constant. Many leaders are prone to wait until a problem occurs before they give feedback.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we conclude our list of ways that you can strengthen your in-office team. And, as always, to order promotional products to advertise your company, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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12 Aug

3 Ways To Bolster Your In-Office Team

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 12.08.15 by John Meloche

Business team in a meeting with their hands togetherCanadian baseball fans have been all abuzz with excitement over the past couple of weeks. And this is especially true for Toronto-area fans who are overjoyed at the prospect of their beloved Blue Jays entering the postseason for the first time since winning the World Series in 1993. With a number of big trades having taken place prior to the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline, the current Jays look to be a stronger team than ever!

So why are we only remarking on this now? After all, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been known to include a blog or two about Toronto’s hometown sports teams in the past. We always relate the success of sports teams to the productivity of teams that work in offices. Perhaps, it’s because the Jays have been on an excellent winning streak that we don’t want to jinx it. You see, the Jays haven’t been this close to first place in the American League East in a long time!

Having already secured a Wild Card spot (at this point, anyway), the Blue Jays seem poised to make a run for the playoffs. So here’s hoping that Canada’s team will go all the way this year! But back to why we’ve decided to blog about this topic today – it reminds us about how important it is to always work on strengthening your team at work. Taking a page out of the Blue Jays’ notebook, here are three ways to bolster your in-office team:

1. Allow everyone to play their positions. Each individual that makes up your team has particular strengths and weaknesses. It’s important that you allow them all to play to their respective strengths. When the Jays acquired Troy Tulowitski from the Colorado Rockies last month, they knew that they had improved their shortstop position. In addition, they bolstered their offense. Who are your team’s heavy hitters? Be sure to take advantage of each person’s best talents.

“You need to understand what each individual member’s strengths are and put each person in a place to shine,” says Eric Holtzclaw on Inc.com, “It is very rare that an employee can improve upon a deficiency, especially if that deficiency is a part of their nature. If a team member isn’t good at details, they will never be good at details. You need to decide if they do the rest of their job well and if so, partner them with someone else who can help shore up their deficiency.”

2. Be mindful of your leadership style. The Toronto Blue Jays didn’t acquire a new manager this year. But they did go back to an old manager in John Gibbons a few years back. It was felt that his leadership style would mesh best with the players on the team. As the leader of your team, it’s imperative that you consider the ways in which your staff members take to you. Some of your leadership techniques may not work with everyone.

Therefore, it’s important to diversify your style. “As the leader of the team, you must be extremely aware of your leadership style and techniques,” insists Glenn Llopis of Forbes.com, “Are they as effective as you think? How well are they accepted by the team you are attempting to lead? Evaluate yourself and be critical about where you can improve, especially in areas that will benefit those whom you are a leading.”

3. Inspire open communication. A strong team requires members that get along with each other. As leader, it’s important for you to encourage transparency. “Teams are a lot like families, and you need to let them work things out on their own,” says Holtzclaw, “When things start to go awry, bring together those who aren’t getting along and make them work through their concerns. Don’t let them put you in the middle of a he said/she said situation.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to look through ways that you can strengthen your in-office team. And, as always, to order promotional products to advertise your company, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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20 Jul

3 Great Employee Morale-Boosting Ideas

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.07.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_12131179_s-2015Last week, we threw some ideas your way to help boost both employee morale and productivity at your company. In-office competitions – done the right way – can go long way in helping to lift the spirits of your workers. It’s really important to have a motivated staff. It’s long been known by business owners everywhere that a happy staff is a productive one. So other than injecting some friendly competitiveness in your office, what can you do to boost employee morale?

Here are three great ideas:

1. Flip things around. Monotony can be a killer. One of the easiest ways to drain your employees of any enthusiasm is to force them into the exact same routines day in and day out. Flipping things around a little bit will go a long way in making work interesting for your staff members. Even the slightest alterations to things like work schedules, office music and lunch breaks can serve to improve the mood in your workplace.

“When an employee comes in at the same time, to the same place, and does the same things in the same order every day, you can’t blame them for feeling bored or discouraged,” writes Jayson Demers of Inc.com, “Changing up the routine can have a dramatic effect on morale, even if the changes are temporary or subtle. Make alterations to the scenery around the office, or rotate your lunch break schedules, or take impromptu company breaks.”

2. Don’t ignore employee frustrations. Every company has employees that are unhappy about something. And we’re sorry to say, that includes yours! Not to worry. There’s a way to better things around your offices. Listen to the feedback of your team members and use it to improve your company’s policies. It could be as simple as having more toilet paper available in the restrooms! Ignoring employee frustrations will definitely hurt your team’s morale.

“Even with well-deserved compliments and concrete goals to work toward, it’s completely normal for your team members to experience moments of low team morale,” says Ashley Fidel on TheMuse.com, “Proactively find out from your team members why they’re feeling down and what you could do to better manage them. These conversations can be awkward at first, but they’re also a great way to get honest and helpful feedback.”

3. Acknowledge special achievements. You may be surprised to know just how far a “thank you” and a pat on the back can go. Employees love to be acknowledged for their hard work. And they deserve it! Alternatively, not acknowledging jobs well done can work to demotivate members of your team. Consider different ways that you can publicly show appreciation to the members of your staff who have made special achievements.

This tip is highly encouraged by Demers. “When one of your teams accomplishes their goals, congratulate them and thank them for their contributions,” he advises, “When an individual performs exceptionally well, congratulate him or her personally and publicly. Your goal should be to create an environment where people realize their work is appreciated.” And do you know the best way to show your appreciation?

Give your deserving employees gifts! At least, this is what we feel, here at Synergy Marketing. For many years, we have been proving that when employees receive promotional gifts from their bosses, it greatly helps to strengthen team spirit and overall morale in the office. We proudly offer a wide array of amazing promotional gifts for you to choose from. Simply give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to order yours today!

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20 Nov

5 Ways To Create Fun Working Environment

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.11.14 by John Meloche

Leisure at workplaceThe end-of-year holiday season is a very interesting time. For most of us, it’s filled with joy and excitement. And for many others, it’s a time of stress and worry. To be honest, most of us actually fall into both categories! There’s a lot of money to be made for business owners, but it also requires a lot of work. At the same time, there’s a lot of money to be spent and a lot to prepare for. Celebrating the holidays can really be tough!

It’s important to remember that your commitment to growing your business during this time of year will take quite the toll on the members of your staff. Don’t forget that they have a lot on their plates as well. And adding stress to their lives due to added responsibilities and demands in the workplace won’t help for your company to thrive in the coming weeks. So what to do? Make work fun!

It’s often been said that a happy staff is a productive staff. And arguably, there is no better time of year than now to make your staff happy. They’re likely to be busier than ever due to an increased demand from customers. But since the holiday season is quickly approaching, your team members will also want to take part in all the joy that the holidays tend to bring. On AGCareers.com, Jody Urquhart provides steps to creating a fun workplace. Here are five.

1. Give up the notion that professionalism means being serious all the time. It’s not impossible to run a successful business and have fun at the same time. As we alluded to, keeping things light around the office will actually help for your employees to work harder, not less. “It’s possible to take yourself lightly and still be competent and productive,” writes Urquhart, “Start to promote the benefits of humour at work.”

2. Define what fun is in your workplace and what it is not. Of course, it all can’t be fun and games at work. It’s important to lay down ground rules to make clear to your team what is and what is not appropriate. You want your employees to enjoy their days at work, but you’re not looking for anyone to goof off. As well, you don’t want anyone to get offended. Urquhart writes that you should draw the line at sexual humour and other off-colour jokes.

3. Add fun to meetings. Business meetings provide great opportunities to relay to your staff all of the various tasks that need to be completed during each day. Meetings, however, also provide great chances to promote team-building and a fun working atmosphere. “Bring in fun things such as Nerf balls, a basketball and hoop, or party blowers,” suggests Urquhart, “Start a meeting with a humorous story or joke.”

4. Collect and share your favourite cartoons and jokes. There’s no way to help the fact that when people work together every day, they’re going to interact and get to know each other. Consider just how much time your group of employees spend with each other. Encourage them to get to know each other in fun ways. And make sure that you’re part of the action! You can even “create a Joke Board or a Humour Newsletter,” says Urquhart.

5. Let customers know you are a fun company. A big part of making sure that your employees enjoy their work days is how it translates to your customers. Involving your customers in all the fun will go a long way in shining a favourable light upon your brand. “Do something just for fun (organize fun customer events, dress for fun, share funny things with customers),” suggests Urquhart, “and give employees tools to create a fun relationship with customers.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to explore this topic and unveil more of Urquhart’s tips. Have fun at work today!

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12 Feb

2 Big Benefits To Letting The Games Begin

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 12.02.14 by John Meloche

Competition in businessThere are numerous benefits to creating competition in the workplace. As we’ve been discussing over the course of our past two blogs, there are many benefits to starting up your own version of the Winter Olympics at your place of business. People have natural instincts when it comes to winning – and that’s that they all love it! So have you let the games begin at work this week?

On TheHindu.com, Paval Chanania explains that friendly competition at work is a great way to inspire your staff members. It’s meant to boost morale while increasing productivity. And, of course, you don’t have to implement such ideas only during the Olympics. A competitive attitude should be encouraged all year long. He writes of the ways in which this will benefit your business.

Team-building. By creating teams at your business, you are obviously encouraging your employees to work together. Creating a unified, team-driven atmosphere will get your staff members talking and inspiring each other to achieve higher-than-normal standards on the job. Engaging your workers is bound to spark a more positive environment to work in, all the while boosting productivity levels at your company.

As Chanania puts it, “once employees start feeling the cohesion as ‘everyone wins’, they will inspire each other to excel and actually be motivated (instead of feeling beaten) by a colleague’s success! Now instead of just trying to outdo others, employees will try to enrich each other’s work thus bringing out the best in everyone.” Team building has the ability to satisfy your bottom line in more ways than one.

Firstly, you’ll be creating a “fun place to work” out of your business. In many cases, businesses fall into the same, regular daily routines that only promote mundane, boring days on the job. Inevitably, this will only cause your staff members to become complacent and unmotivated to achieve greater goals. Secondly, you’re bound to get greater production out of your staff. That means more money being made!

Team-strengthening. Although this may not be your number one reason for creating a sense of gamesmanship in the office, providing counseling to specific team members will help to strengthen your staff. Because you are creating teams and inspiring competition, you will end up discovering which staff members work best with others and which ones do not.

You may also notice that some team members may become overly-aggressive as it relates to their competitive natures. This too, will require some feedback. It’s important, as a business owner, to be able to counsel your employees on what mistakes they’re making and how they can learn from their shortcomings on the job. Hopefully, the entire experience will make for a better work atmosphere for all involved.

At Synergy Marketing, we know quite a bit about fostering healthy competition. Our staff is made up of some pretty enthusiastic individuals who love nothing more than to outdo their colleagues. It’s all in good fun, of course. But the fun is truly had in how successful they have each become. And, as you know, our success depends on your success. Call us at 1-877-748-9884 today and let’s work together on making your business a gold medal winner!

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16 Jan

3 Ways To Use Promo Gifts To Your Advantage

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 16.01.14 by John Meloche

competitive advantage conceptIn yesterday’s blog, we revisited the topic of using promotional gifts to advertise your business. No surprise there, right? At Synergy Marketing, we’ve been selling promotional gifts to Canadian business owners for many years. And our experience has proven one thing – they work! Promo gifts aren’t just mini-commercials. They’re problem solvers! Useful gifts are used daily while TV ads disappear within thirty seconds.

As well, we pointed out how relatively cheap promo gifts are when compared to standard methods of business advertising. So why wouldn’t a company want to place its name and logo on a promotional product? On BetterNetworker.com, Sherri Jones writes that there are various reasons to use promo gifts and various ways to use them to your advantage. We mentioned a few yesterday. We’ll continue to look at some more today.

Trade Shows/Vending Events. “Businesses large and small benefit from participating in trade shows/vending events,” writes Jones, “When representing your company, you should have promotional items as giveaways so that a piece of you goes away with everyone. Whatever you give away, make certain your company’s name and contact information is included on everything.”

One of the greatest benefits to doing this, she continues, is that you will be remembered long after the event. Trade shows attract countless business owners who all come equipped with business cards. If you solely did the same thing, you would literally become lost in the shuffle. Your promo gift is the perfect way to make a lasting impression any time you go to a vending event.

Employee/Team Recognition. Obviously your customers are important. But your employees must never be forgotten. Of course, you can’t run your company without them. So, they too, deserve “thank yous” now and again. Show that you appreciate your staff members for pulling off jobs well done by giving them unique and useful promotional products.

Be sure that you’re handing out items that your employees can use either in the office or at home. Believe it or not, this form of advertising can also work wonders. Firstly, it encourages your staff to continue working hard for your company as they feel that their efforts are of value. Secondly, your gift helps to spread the word about your brand to anyone who sees your employee using it.

New Product Introduction. Whenever you are launching a new product, you definitely want to put the word out so that people know about it. If you throw a special event at your place of business or even decide to hold a contest of some kind, it’s a great idea to hand out a promo gift to everyone who visits your place of business. You’ll not only be generating interest in the new products, but gaining more loyal customers in the process.

Synergy Marketing offers the best promo products in the business. Why else do you think we chose the domain name that we did? Feel free to peruse through our website to view the many different products that we have to offer. Of course, your best bet is to speak to one of our sales representatives. They’re experts at choosing the right gift for the right business. Just call 1-877-748-9884.

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