05 Jul

The Declining Effectiveness of the TV

Posted in Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 05.07.16 by John Meloche

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve touched upon social commerce and the amplified importance of social media for businesses. We discussed how strategic social media can be when it comes to advertising. Not only that but we mentioned how it can allow your business to be more efficient with its spending. With this in mind, we’re looking at another big advertising medium: the TV.

TV advertising has always been used and has long be known as the most effective advertising medium. Its mass reach hasn’t ever been matched, until now. The effectiveness of TV advertising is definitely declining. It all starts with the deteriorating TV audience. Streaming media platforms such as Netflix, Crave, etc., play a large role in the dwindling TV audience. Alexis Kleinman, from the Huffington Post, wrote about the impact Netflix and other video on demand services have on the TV. She wrote that in the US, there was a 40% decline in TV ratings during the third and fourth quarters of 2014 and it’s all a result of people spending more time watching streaming TV online.

The TV was once a famed place for advertisements, however, times have changed and new trends have brought forth new norms and more reliable and effective advertising mediums. There are serious concerns about the mass reach TV ads offer. TV’s competitive advantage as an advertising medium is fading and it’s now becoming more ideal to pursue different advertising options. We have a rapidly changing business world and it appears as though the TV just can’t catch up.

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01 Apr

Word Of Mouth Advertising Brings Biggest Rewards

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 01.04.14 by John Meloche

secretAccording to Wikipedia, “the first official, paid television advertisement was broadcast in the United States on July 1, 1941 over New York station WNBT (now WNBC) before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.” So evidently, television commercials have been around for quite some time. It stands to reason that they work, right?

Well, it should go without saying that TV commercials do generate interest among the masses. After all, they cost so much to produce and to air, one would think that the rewards outweigh the costs. But according to Squidoo.com, most consumers are more greatly influenced by their friends and family than they are by what they see on television.

Is pouring money into a TV ad all that worth it? It truly depends on your type of business. Small business owners across Canada generally don’t have budgets that allow them to produce high-standard television commercials. Such entrepreneurs are better off using other methods to promote their companies. This is especially true considering that small business owners have the advantage of making direct connections with their customers.

Squidoo.com notes that people tend to not listen to advertising as they don’t trust the messages that advertisers are putting out there. “Advertisements are everywhere. They’re constant,” contends the website, “They say promise one thing, and deliver another. We’ve all become so numb to advertising, people for the most part ignore it!” So what’s the best bet for a small business owner looking to advertise?

Securing word of mouth promotion! As Squidoo.com points out, “when consumers make purchases, they most often are influenced by something someone said to them much more than any advertisement. Many people ask around about a product before they purchase to see if their friends or family have purchased the item, and to get their recommendations on who to buy it from.” So what methods should you be employing to secure word of mouth promotion?

Social Media. Arguably, today’s greatest way to get your word out for free, your Facebook and Twitter profiles, among others, are excellent communication tools. Also providing the easiest ways for you to engage your audience, social media give you the ability to drum up conversation, share your expertise, post pictures and videos and get people talking about your brand!

Blogging. Regular blogs not only make your website a lot more interesting, but your content encourages others to discuss your interpretations of the business world among other things. Whatever you blog about, be sure that it is relevant to the interests of your target market. Driving traffic to your website is an important step in getting people to discuss what it is you provide. Not to mention, blogging is fun!

Promotional Products. At Synergy Marketing, we have many years of experience that prove that giving out free promo gifts encourages brand loyalty among customers. It also inspires referrals as happy customers tend to talk about their favourite companies with their family members and friends. To order promotional products for your business, give us a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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