27 Jul

5 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers Without Paying

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 27.07.16 by John Meloche

Going along with our social commerce theme, we are now looking at another huge social media outlet: Twitter. Twitter is extremely popular and is still growing in size. According to DMR stats, 310 million people use Twitter and 100 million people are active daily users. What does that mean? Well just like Facebook, there’s a large crowd of people you don’t want to miss out on. Even with the enormous audience, businesses still struggle to expand their reach and connect with potential clientele. So today we’re looking at 5 free things you can do to increase your Twitter following:

  1. Post a lot. This is consistent across all social media outlets. You have to actively post in order to catch and keep the attention of new fans. Just make sure you’re actually posting consistent quality material.
  2. Connect with Similar Accounts.  Go out and explore Twitter and search for similar accounts like yours. Or even search for people who are interested in your industry’s work. Retweet, favorite, or comment on posts relevant to your company and start conversations. Not only is this a great way to bring people to your account, but it’s ideal for starting new relationships with fans over social media.
  3. Follow more people. This could be the simplest thing you can do. People take notice to new followers and occasionally you’ll get a follow back.
  4. Make Sure your Bio is good. Your bio is often the first thing a customer will see when they see your Twitter page. Not only that but it’s the first piece of info they will receive about your company. That little blurb of text is your businesses’ first impression. First impressions definitely matter, so make sure your bio is professional, informative, and intriguing. Don’t go on about your business; people don’t want to read a long paragraph and there’s a limit to your text.  Include all the info you believe is necessary for the twitter user to know. Again, I want to emphasize that a short bio is more effective; people have a short attention span and that attention span is even shorter on social media.
  5. Control your Hashtags. Although Twitter is the origin of hashtags, it’s not the most hashtag-friendly social media medium. It’s been proven that tweets with hashtags are more effective in terms of reach. however, too many can reverse that effect. How many is too many? Well according to Buddy Media, a tweet with one or two hashtags has 21% higher engagement than tweets with three or more hashtags. Not only this. but tweets with three or more hashtags have actually shown a 17% drop in engagement. It’s actually crazy to think that an additional hashtag can cost the reach of thousands of people. So your ideal tweet should contain one or two hashtags in order to optimize the reach on your posts.


While there is a lot of meticulous details with tweeting, it can open so many doors for your business. According to Jayson DeMers from Forbes, 36% of marketers say they have gained a customer by using Twitter. There is so much potential in social media and Twitter is just one of many social commerce opportunities for an expanded clientele base. So get on Twitter, follow these steps, and see your followers number and user base increase.

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26 Sep

5 Marvellous Ways To Market Your Brand On Twitter

Posted in Social Media on 26.09.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_35067017_xsWe write blogs. We tweet. And we post on Facebook. Admittedly, these are the main social media actions that we practice on a daily basis, here at Synergy Marketing. Far from social media specialists, we do know a thing or two about how to, at least, stay active and draw greater attention to our brand by utilizing the above mentioned tendencies. As a result, we have been gaining more likes and followers in recent weeks.

The key, we suppose, is to keep at it. The more interactions we have with others on social media – which is the whole point, isn’t it? – the more interest we seem to attain. With that said, we’d like to thank those who follow us on Twitter and welcome those who have just recently decided to do so. We’re happy to remind all Twitter users that whoever follows us will be followed back! That’s just one way we use this medium to grow our fan base.

On CIO.com, Jennifer Lonoff Schiff provides a number of other ways to use Twitter to your advantage. As a business owner, it’s important to know just how beneficial this popular social networking tool is in helping your business to grow. Schiff writes that there are hundreds of millions of Twitter users worldwide. And “that makes Twitter a potentially powerful marketing tool — if you know how to use it.” Here are five of her Twitter marketing tips.

1. Optimize your Twitter bio. It’s important to set up your profile in a professional manner so that it has the ability to shine a favourable light on your brand before you’ve even sent out your first tweet. It should clearly and quickly tell people who you are and include a link to your company website, informs Schiff. Ours reads: “We supply promotional merchandise to some of the largest corporations in North America. Call us at 1-877-748-9884.”

2. Get colleagues involved. There’s no one like your friends to get your Twitter game rolling. Make sure that your friends, co-workers and colleagues are all following your Twitter account. Encourage them to send out tweets that incorporate your Twitter handle, asking others to follow you as well. The more that people are immediately engaging with your brand, the more attention you’ll receive when your important tweets start going out.

3. Tweet regularly. Remember that it’s all about being social on social media. Having an account and not using it is no different than ignoring someone who is trying to talk to you. If you don’t tweet on a regular basis, people end up forgetting about you, reveals Schiff. Posting, at least, on a daily basis will keep you at the top of people’s minds. At Synergy Marketing, we make sure to post a link to our blogs every business day of the week on both Facebook and Twitter.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for some Twitter love. “Ask followers to retweet, mention or favourite your tweets — or to share content with a fresh tweet,” suggests Schiff. What we’ve started to do, here at Synergy Marketing, is thank our recent followers through our tweets. With social media, the more you mention others, the more inclined they will be to mention you. And that means more people will get to know who you are.

5. Retweet and favourite other tweets. Of course, to get love, you have to give love. That means that your Twitter account shouldn’t be used to strictly tweet information about your brand. Retweet your favourite comments made by those that you follow and be sure to “favourite” them as well. It’s as simple as clicking a little star icon. The more active you are on Twitter, the more you get noticed. It’s that simple!

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