15 Mar

3 Main Advantages Of Giving USB Chargers As Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 15.03.16 by John Meloche

G474BL-1024x1269In yesterday’s blog, we outlined the idea that there are many benefits of using USB chargers. In today’s world, it’s probably a “no brainer” to make such a statement. After all, as we mentioned, people use wireless devices, such as smartphones, all the time. That means that our society is pretty used to the idea of using USB chargers on a regular basis in order to provide additional battery power to their devices.

As we highlighted yesterday, Synergy Marketing offers a number of great USB chargers as part of its great promotional products catalogue. Both the USB Power Banks, which allow people to carry power along with them to charge their devices on the go, and our awesome USB Car Chargers, which enable people to plug their devices into their cars’ DC sockets to get charges, are widely popular gifts.

But what are the main advantages of giving USB chargers as promo gifts? Here are three:

1. They are compact. In our experience, we find that the small, lightweight, easy-to-carry-around gifs are the ones that have the biggest impacts. This is because they tend to stay with their recipients longer than any other type of gift. When your gift is kept on the person of its recipient, it automatically has much greater advertising power. Consider that your compact USB chargers are great ways to stay in the pockets and purses of your customers.

2. They offer quick solutions. In many cases, when a person is running out of battery power on his/her phone, there isn’t a lot of time to find a wall socket to plug it into. Having a power bank on your person saves you a lot of time and energy. As well, USB chargers are known for providing ample battery power in short amounts of time. As most business owners know, saving time means saving money.

G481BL-1024x12693. They are clutch power-providers. Your USB chargers will always be compatible with your wireless devices. This is true when the electrical outlets available to you aren’t compatible with your power cords. Keep in mind that not all electrical sockets are the same. People who are frequent travellers know this all too well. Ebay.com explains how your USB charger can come in handy when you’re not in familiar territory.

“The USB charger also has a compatibility advantage over the wall charger,” the website explains, “Since electrical outlets overseas differ from those in the United States, North American wall chargers for cell phones are useless in Europe unless the owner has a special adapter. The USB charger needs no adapter. It can use the energy from the traveler’s laptop or another personal computer.”

As you’re now well aware, Synergy Marketing provides the solution to all of your USB charger needs. Our USB Power Banks and USB Car Chargers make excellent promo gifts for the modern-day consumer. To place your order for the USB chargers of your choice, give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! And don’t forget to sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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14 Mar

The Many Benefits Of Using A USB Charger

Posted in Promotional Products on 14.03.16 by John Meloche

G481BLK-1024x1269We live in a wireless world. Each and every day, the majority of us are using smartphones, tablets and laptop computers that aren’t plugged into walls. This was unheard of just a few short decades ago, but today, it seems as if nothing needs a plug and a wall socket anymore. That is, of course, unless you need to provide your wireless devices with battery power. Yes, electricity is still needed in order to charge today’s most popularly-used pieces of technology.

This is where USB chargers come in so handy. At Synergy Marketing, we offer two types of chargers as part of our amazing line up of promotional products. The USB Power Bank is a portable charger that can be plugged into an electrical socket in order to sufficiently carry along with it enough power to charge your handheld devices. Available in black, red and blue, these awesome power banks are very popular in today’s world.

They allow for people to charge their handheld devices on-the-go and when there is no availability of an electrical socket to do the charging for them. Our USB Power Banks essentially allow people to store that electrical power so that they can charge their wireless devices whenever additional battery power is needed. We also happen to carry fantastic USB Car Chargers for those who need to charge their wireless devices in the car.

A cost-effective choice, our USB Car Chargers are available in blue, green and red and make charging smartphones and other devices a breeze while driving. Simply stick the charger into your car’s DC socket and then connect your device’s USB connection into the charger and you’re on your way! These chargers are very convenient as they are extremely compact, lightweight and easy to carry around with you.

G474GR-1024x1269There are numerous ways in which USB chargers provide convenience. No matter what type of business you own or how busy you may be during your day, they can come in handy. And this is true for your customers as well. Naturally, the people who support your brand come from all walks of life. Ebay.com presents a number of scenarios that highlight just how beneficial USB chargers can be to just about everyone.

“To avoid being caught without a cell phone during a hectic school day, college students may want to keep a USB charger in their backpack or laptop bag,” says the website, “Professionals will likely want to keep one in a drawer at the office or carry one in a pad folio or briefcase. Parents juggling multiple children and appointments could keep a USB charger plugged into the home computer at all times so that they always know where their charger is and can hook up their phone as needed.”

For more information about Synergy Marketing’s USB Power Banks and USB Car Chargers, please give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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23 Dec

Wishing You The Happiest Of Holidays!

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 23.12.15 by John Meloche

Holidays greeting card with abstract doodle Christmas ball. Vector eps10 illustration. Happy HolidaysOn behalf of the entire team, here at Synergy Marketing, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and the very best for the new year! Each and every year, at this time, in our last blog post before the holidays officially kick off, we also give thanks to the many customers who have helped for Synergy Marketing to grow over the past year. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them once again!

It means a lot to us that you would entrust our promotional products to help your company grow. For many years, we have been championing the use of promo gifts to boost small Canadian businesses because we know they work. Not only are they a lot more cost-effective than traditional modes of advertising, but promo gifts help to develop personal bonds between business owners and their customers.

In 2016, we hope to enjoy a continued growth of our relationships with our customers and also an ongoing ability to claim that we are helping small businesses to grow all across this great country of ours. One thing is for sure – the power of the promo gift will continue well into the new year and beyond! If you have not yet taken advantage of this tried-and-true promotional strategy, we strongly encourage you to make it part of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Here are just a couple of suggestions for you to consider in 2016:

USB Car Chargers. In 2016, one trend that is sure to continue is the frequent use of the smartphone. As a result, people will always need places to charge their phones. The thing is, people regularly forget their chargers at home. Our new USB Car Chargers are excellent gifts for just about everyone who has a smartphone – and that’s just about everyone! At only $4.50 each, they make very affordable ways to advertise your brand name.

Wrap Around Earmuffs. These promo gifts not only make for the perfect wintertime advertisements, but they are arguably the best kind of promo gift you can hand out. Why? When your customers wear these earmuffs, they become walking billboards for your brand. Wherever they go wearing them this winter, people will know of your company. Not to mention, they’re awesome!

They are adjustable click-to-fit earmuffs that are made with soft fleece fabric. They also happen to be water resistant and seam sealed so that moisture and wind is kept out. As well, they can be folded up for easy storage. The price includes the printing of your company logo on both the left and right sides of the earmuffs. At only $19.95 each, the Wrap Around Earmuffs make the ideal new year hand out!

The Synergy Marketing offices will only be open for a short time today and then we close until the new year. Please feel free to give us a quick call at 1-877-748-9884 to discuss the promotional gifts that we can get to you in the new year to help make it your best one yet. Our office re-opens bright and early on the morning of January 4th, 2016. Until then, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

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