07 Dec

The Importance Of Website Design For Reliability

Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business Advertising on 07.12.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_48064213_sHere we are in the second week of December – deeply entrenched in the holiday shopping season. Undoubtedly, no matter where you are in Canada, the shopping malls are crawling with people searching for gifts for their loved ones. Don’t think, however, that just because the malls are crowded, there aren’t a lot of people shopping from the comforts of their own homes. Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, especially at this time of year.

Naturally, it makes sense to allow your customers to make purchases directly from your website. But just because you allow for your website’s visitors to buy from you online, it doesn’t mean that they will automatically be inclined to whip out their credit cards. It’s important to develop a reputation as a reliable business. After all, with all of the fraud that has occurred via online shopping, you don’t want to gain a bad reputation.

So how do you prove that your company is reliable? On ConversionXL.com, Peep Laja asks business owners to consider the following scenario: “Let’s say you’re walking down the street. A twenty-something dude comes up to you – ‘hey, are you interested in a new iPhone 5? I’ll sell it to you for $20’. He pulls it out of his pocket and it looks legit. What do you do? My guess is that you won’t buy it – even though the price is amazing and you know it’s a good product.”

Laja insists that a lack of trust is the reason that most people won’t buy an excellent product at a very inexpensive price. The idea that there must be something wrong with it or that the offer is too good to be true quickly arises. Your website needs to be designed in such a way that it is viewed as being trustworthy. According to Laja, web design matters because “people judge the book by their cover and your website by its design.”

“If you designed your website yourself and you’re not a designer, it sucks,” he insists, “Like many others before him, Dr. Brent Coker studied the impact of attractive websites on human behaviour. (He concluded that) websites that are more attractive and include more trimmings create a greater feeling of trustworthiness and professionalism in consumers.”

Does your website design give off a trustworthy impression? On Web4Business.com, Ivana Katz reiterates the importance of having your website make customers comfortable. “Unfortunately many people are still afraid to shop on the internet because they’ve heard horror stories from their friends and colleagues who have lost money in various online scams,” she reveals, “In order to convert visitors into paying customers, you need to prove your credibility.”

According to Katz, the more professional the design of your website, the more likely it is to earn the trust of online shoppers. So how do you pull this off? “Ensure your website is clean, easy to read and navigate,” she advises, “You need to make sure your visitors can find what they are looking for. Most websites either display their navigation bar on the left or at the top. And since most people are used to this type of navigation, it’s best to stick with it.”

At Synergy Marketing, we believe strongly in having a professional website for the purpose of proving a company’s reliability. Earlier this year, we had our company website revamped to showcase a cleaner, sleeker and more professional look. It’s very easy to navigate through pictures of the various promotional products that we have to offer. However, for more information on our products or to place an order, we encourage you to give us a call.

Just dial 1-877-748-9884!

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25 Aug

Enjoying Our Time In The Spotlight

Posted in Promotional Products, Social Media on 25.08.14 by John Meloche

SpotlightLast Friday, Synergy Marketing was featured in a “Client Spotlight” blog on the MeloTel website. It’s fair to say that MeloTel has been a Synergy Marketing affiliate company since its inception. Founded by our former VP of Marketing, John Meloche, MeloTel started out as an upstart VoIP telephone service provider. Today, his company is known as “Canada’s Hosted Company” providing a wide variety of services covering everything businesses could need!

From blogging to website design, logo creation to voice production, MeloTel is certainly a one-stop shop for companies looking to grow their prestige. We’re happy to say that MeloTel has been our longtime provider of our phone services as well as our website design and maintenance. We couldn’t be happier with their service and we’re only too proud to be acknowledged as one of their longest-standing customers in their recent blog.

Synergy Marketing’s President, Marshall Rosen had the following to say about MeloTel: “From the moment I contacted them, I have been completely astonished with the way that I am treated as a customer and I love that that when I call them, they are available fast, and do everything they can to help. They have helped us even on occasions when it was determined the problems were our fault. The call quality, and flexibility in their phone platform is incredible.”

It probably doesn’t need to be stated that we offer our full support of MeloTel and would recommend them to anybody. If you’d like to take advantage of impeccable phone systems that can have your entire office communicating with your company’s clients with ease, MeloTel is the company to call. Not to mention, if you want a business-enhancing website with all of the necessary features, we’re happy to say that you can’t go wrong with MeloTel.

We’re quite thankful to say that the feeling is mutual. In their blog, MeloTel wrote that “Synergy Marketing’s site (TheBestPromoProducts.ca) brings visitors into a world where they are able to choose from a vast variety of amazing promotional products. As the website domain name reveals, Synergy Marketing is known throughout Canada as the provider of the best promo products in the business!”

As you can imagine, there are a number of promotional products out there bearing the MeloTel name and logo. As they have affirmed, our promotional products help to shine an entirely new light upon the businesses that hand them out. Customers appreciate the “thank you” that promo gifts connote. But, just as importantly, promo gifts help to keep the names of businesses on the minds of their recipients on a regular basis.

Promotional products, as you know, are unlike business cards in many ways. Sure, they both have the ability to offer your contact information. But promo gifts are useful items that don’t get quickly thrown away. Instead, items such as pens, flashlights, key chains, calendars, water bottles and so much more remain with their recipients and get used on a daily basis. What could serve as better reminders to your customers about where to shop?

MeloTel has done a fantastic job of keeping our website in tip-top shape so that our customers are kept aware of this fact. Regularly updated, our website features a number of pages that display the various promo gifts that we have to offer. They can all be found listed under particular headings that direct our site’s visitors to the promo product styles of their choice. As well, the site gives easy access to our blog and social media pages.

If you’re looking for help getting your website in order or you’d like to improve your phone systems to the advanced VoIP-based services that are the wave of the future, contact MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL. And, of course, if you’d like to take advantage of all of the benefits that promotional products have to offer your company, give Synergy Marketing a call at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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11 Nov

Welcome To The New Synergy Marketing Website!

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 11.11.13 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_18177429_sWell, a new year is just around the corner. So, at Synergy Marketing, we figured we’d get the ball rolling early on making things “new” around here. It should go without saying that, these days, your online presence is very important. This is one of the reasons that we keep our Facebook profile updated regularly with links to our daily blogs. Those links, of course, direct friends and followers to our website.

So it only makes sense that it had to get a facelift at some point. As of last week, the Synergy Marketing website now boasts a fresh and new, cleaner design. We’ve brightened things up a bit by making white our main colour throughout the site to better balance with our company-blue colour. That way, it allows for our product pictures to pop a bit better.

Speaking of which, we’ve also revamped our home page to bring attention to some of our finest products. Synergy Marketing specializes in promotional products of all kinds. From the uber-cost-effective to the superbly high-end, our promo gifts are the best in the business! As mentioned, the new year is around the corner. So this is the perfect time to get your hands on 2014 calendars that promote your business.

Our website’s new home page showcases the “Exotic Cars” calendars, although there are many different designs to choose from for only $1.98 each. Calendars are arguably the most cost-effective and long-serving promotional products available. Obviously, good for an entire year of use, your promo calendars will serve as daily reminders about your business all year round.

The home page now also showcases some of our wonderful high-end products from Lamborghini. This illustrious company doesn’t just make fantastic cars, you know. From pens to key chains to money clips, Lamborghini’s amazing promotional products will make quite the impression on your best clients and colleagues. Feel free to peruse through these products to decide upon the right one for you.

The new website design doesn’t stop at the showcasing of new products, mind you. We feel that the new design does a much better job of communicating what our brand is all about in the most clear-cut way possible. It provides very easy access to our many different categories of products. It also presents easy-to-find information about our company, including contact information and location.

The site also encourages visitors to “Like” us on Facebook – yet another great way to utilize your online presence. A website change is no different than a renovation in your store. From time to time, it’s very important to communicate to your audience that you are on top of things and that your business is steadily moving forward. This is certainly true for Synergy Marketing.

We hope that you enjoy our website’s fresh new design and encourage you to take a look around. As always, we ask that you give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 for more information about our products or to order the ones of your choice. Perhaps it’s time for a change at your company. And that can be as simple as adding promo gifts to your marketing strategy. Let us help you with that change!

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