26 May

Toronto Blue Jays Enjoying A Red Hot Streak!

Posted in News on 26.05.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_38268603_xsDon’t look now, but our hometown Toronto Blue Jays are in first place in the American League and are on one hot winning streak! You’ll have to forgive us for getting this exciting this early in the season. Considering the dismal end to last season (a dead last finish in our division), you can’t blame us for celebrating the recent success being had by our Jays.

As sports fans in the City of Toronto know all too well, before the beginning of the 2013 Major League Baseball season, many moves had been made to significantly improve the Blue Jays’ roster. Many even predicted our new look team would win the World Series. Of course, that was not to be. Not even close. A host of injuries coupled with underperformances by some big stars made for a bust of a season.

But as of yesterday’s 3-1 victory over the Oakland Athletics, the Jays managed to pull off their second sweep in a row. The reigning World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox fell in all three games played with the Blue Jays last week. Is this a sign of things to come? Will the Jays be able to hang on to their lead of the American League East? Will this season become the one we expected last year?

“It may be a little early to start planning any parades,” commented one of our Synergy staff members yesterday, “The recent winning streak is great. But let’s not forget that the Jays had an 11-game winning streak last year and that didn’t do much to save our season. What’s working in our favour is that the rest of the A.L. East isn’t playing so well. So if the Jays can keep up their winning ways, we’ll be in good shape.”

Well things are certainly in good shape right now in Blue Jay land. Yesterday’s afternoon game was a sellout at the Rogers Centre. The large crowd was encouraged, in part, by a free jersey giveaway. The first 20,000 fans received replica jerseys of either Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion – two of the Jays’ biggest stars. See…we told you free giveaways work!

“Man, was it a fun day!” exclaimed our rep who took the game in live at the former SkyDome, “The place was packed, the sun was hot and the Jays did it again. There was a lot of energy in the building reminiscent of the days when we were playoff contenders, back in the early 90’s. I’m hoping that the Jays keep it up, because there’s nothing like putting a winner on the field to fill the seats.”

It certainly does help that the Jays are currently 29-22 and have a two game lead over the New York Yankees for top spot in their division. This is a place they have not held in five years. Expect the Synergy Marketing Blog to devote a bit of attention to the Blue Jays’ season as it did last year. Here’s hoping that this year’s blogs, however, will be filled with much happier news.

Tonight, the Blue Jays welcome their division rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays to the Rogers Centre to begin a three game series. It’s certainly a good time for our hometown heroes to keep up their winning ways as beating teams in the same division is the best way to secure a playoff spot. Yes it’s early. But we’re excited! And if you’re a Toronto sports fans, you should be too. Let’s go Blue Jays!

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24 Jun

Going For 12 In A Row

Posted in News on 24.06.13 by John Meloche

jaysSince April, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been following the Toronto Blue Jays baseball season. Being headquartered in Toronto means that our staff is comprised of many a Blue Jays fan. But the news hasn’t been so good for the better part of the past three months. For the most part, any blog dedicated to the Blue Jays has centered on the team’s disappointing performance.

Well, things have certainly changed! At present, the Blue Jays are enjoying an 11-game winning streak. This is not only a monumental achievement for the team this season, it’s a huge accomplishment for the history of the franchise. If the Jays win their game tonight, they will have pulled off the first-ever 12-game winning streak in the history of the club.

“It’s unbelievable,” commented one of our sales staff this morning, “So many fans had already lost hope in the season. Now, the Jays are playing the best baseball in the entire league. Tonight’s series is super important too. Beating the Tampa Bay Rays means that we would finally leapfrog ourselves out of last place in the American League East. If you’re not excited about tonight, you simply don’t like sports.”

Our staff member is correct. The Jays are now sitting two games above .500 for the first time all season. That currently puts them in a tie with Tampa Bay. Less than two weeks ago, the Jays seemed completely out of the picture. Today, they are just five games behind the first place Boston Red Sox – a team they will play after the series with the Rays concludes.

“This is definitely the most exciting part of the season so far,” mentioned another member of our team, “These series couldn’t have come at a better time. We just swept (the) Baltimore (Orioles, another team in the same division) and now we have a chance to do the same against the Rays and the Sox. We could end up in first place by this time next week!”

Another correct statement. Clearly, things are heating up in Toronto thanks to the newly invigorated Blue Jays team. The city, which is widely known for its love for hockey, has seemingly gotten over the sting of the Toronto Maple Leafs being ousted from the playoffs. Well, perhaps not completely. A Chicago Blackhawks win tonight against the Boston Bruins in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals may help.

The Bruins, of course, are the team that bested the Leafs in their opening round series. It took seven games and an overtime comeback for Boston to end the hopes of Toronto hockey fans. Perhaps, the Jays are setting the city up for a little revenge. “It would be amazing if the Jays knock Boston out of first,” said our first rep, “It would make all the pain we got because of the Leafs all worth it.”

Will the Jays be able to pull off a record-breaking 12th straight win tonight? Baseball fans all over Toronto – and arguably Canada – sure hope so. Here’s hoping our future Blue Jays blogs will be commenting on a first place team. At the very least, we’re hoping the Jays will be the competitive playoff-bound team they were expected to be at the beginning of the season.

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