12 Nov

5 Reasons To Make Toques Your Promo Gift Of Choice

Posted in Promotional Products on 12.11.14 by John Meloche

HT-002-web-160x160In the City of Toronto – home of Synergy Marketing – we experienced some pretty decent weather yesterday. It certainly helped for the city’s Remembrance Day events to be celebrated in better comfort than in recent years. However, the cold weather is imminent. In fact, it’s a lot chillier today. And that brings an important thing to mind. Keeping warm during the winter season is of paramount importance, right? Of course! So why not help your customers to do so?

As a business owner, you’re always thinking of ways to impress your customers. And, at Synergy Marketing, we’re always thinking of ways to help you to do that. Our amazing 100% Acrylic Winter Toque with Cuff is the ideal way to both promote your business and impress your customers this winter. Naturally, they help to keep people’s heads warm. These comfortable winter hats, however, also serve to promote your brand to all who see them.

This point, naturally, is the most important reason for you to consider offering our 100% Acrylic Winter Toque with Cuff to your customers. Warm, cozy and comfortable, these toques are available in black, blue, and grey. They’re the perfect ways to beat the cold while promoting your business all winter long. Can you picture your business logo on a great toque? Here are five reasons to make it your promo gift of choice this winter.

1. They’re perfect winter attire. Okay, so it’s obvious that it gets cold outside in the winter in Canada. But, sometimes it’s not so obvious for people to put their winter hats on. Surprisingly, many people “forget” to bundle up during the winter’s coldest days. Your promotional toques provide you the opportunity to kindly remind your favourite customers to keep warm. In return, they’ll remind others of your business.

2. They are moving billboards. Of course, when people wear your promotional toques, they serve as advertisers of your brand. Wherever they go, your advertisement goes. Promo gifts that can be worn are arguably the most effective advertising agents for your business. This is because they have the ability to spread awareness about your brand in places you may never have visited yourself. At just $9.99 a piece, you can’t find more cost-effective billboards anywhere!

3. They highlight your status. So what does that mean exactly? Well, businesses that have branded clothing are often revered as top-of-the-line type of establishments. It says something about your brand when money is invested into clothing that carries its logo. When people where the clothing, it connotes that the brand is something to be proud of. Your toques, therefore, will also make great gifts for your family and friends who will surely enjoy wearing them for you.

4. They inspire loyalty. As with all promotional products, your promotional toques will further the customer loyalty you have attained. Firstly, people love getting things for free. So the gesture of giving itself will go a long way in pleasing those who receive your gift. Secondly, promo gifts often encourage recipients to speak highly of the brand giving out the gifts. In the case of toques, it inspires people to proudly represent your business for you.

5. They speak to your “Canadianess”. At Synergy Marketing, we are proudly Canadian. This is a trait that we share with our clients from all over the country. A toque is a uniquely Canadian item. Sure, winter hats exist in countries all over the world. But “toques” are Canadian things. Giving them out as gifts and wearing them yourself says a lot about your national pride. Your customers are bound to feel the same.

To order your custom-branded 100% Acrylic Winter Toques with Cuff, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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29 Sep

5 Things To Consider When Handing Out Your Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 29.09.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_7759171_xsSo what’s the deal with promotional products anyway? Do they truly work? These are questions that members of our sales staff hear fairly often from our nation’s entrepreneurs. Naturally, Canadian business owners are busy. And they often have questions about the validity of promo gifts and how beneficial they truly are in increasing sales and gaining more customers. The answer, we feel, lies in how promo gifts are used.

Of course, at Synergy Marketing, we know all about the power of promo gifts. For decades, they have been excellent ways to boost revenue and gain referrals, among other benefits. But, as mentioned, their success is most often found in the clever ways in which they used. Sure, you could use them to simply hand out to any random person that visits your store. But what is the strategy in that approach?

The key is to come up with a sound marketing plan that promotional gifts will help to make successful. That way, your gifts will be that much more effective. On TheMarketingGuy.com, Mark Blaney writes that there are number of things to consider when handing out your promotional items. Over the next two blogs, we’d like to discuss his list of ideas and add our perspectives on each point. Here are the first five.

1. The frequency clients purchase your product or service. As mentioned, you don’t necessarily want to hand out every promo gift that you have to offer to every customer you meet. Some gifts are best kept for those that frequent your business most often. The type of gifts you give new customers should be different. In other words, you want to reward your most loyal customers with high-end gifts but encourage new ones to keep coming back with practical items.

2. The season of the year. Considering that we have just begun our fall season, this is an especially important consideration. Obviously, our winter toques are bound to have greater impacts on your customers than our Frisbees will at this time. Clearly, some promo gifts are simply better for certain seasons than others. In fact, now that we are entering our fourth quarter of the year, you may want to consider picking up some 2015 promotional calendars!

3. Will it be left at the office or taken home? One of the best aspects of promo gifts is the way that many of them are able to travel with their recipients. Water bottles and key chains, for example, are excellent “take them with you” gifts. Mouse pads, on the other hand, are obviously meant for stationary locations. That doesn’t necessarily make one gift better than the other. It simply means that you must consider the types of clients you give your gifts to in order to have the biggest possible impacts.

4. Is it a novelty item or useful item of value? On the Synergy Marketing Blog, we’ve often discussed “usefulness” as a primary reason that promo gifts are so effective. Once again, it’s important to consider the type of people who make up your target market. What needs can you speak to by handing people your promotional products? Of course, you want to assist your business. But you will have a better chance of doing so if you assist those who support it first.

5. What is the potential return on investment? As we mentioned earlier, marketing strategies and promo gifts go hand in hand. So it’s important to remember that although you’re paying a lot less than you normally would to advertise your business (promo gifts are incredibly cost-effective when compared to traditional modes of advertising), you should plan out how you intend on profiting as a result of their dispersal.

Be sure to check out our next blog for more ideas to consider when handing out your promo gifts. But be sure to call us at 1-877-748-9884 to order the perfect promo gift for your business today!

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