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Taking Care Of Business…And The Kids!

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.06.11 by John Meloche

Summer is coming. And school is about to let out. For many business owners across Canada, that means finding new ways to run the company while entertaining the kids. With so many business owners sharing double duty as parents, running a business and raising children at the same time is quite the daunting task for a lot of Canadians. After all, no one said it would be easy!

And while we know you love your kids, we’re also aware that the summer season brings about certain challenges with being able to balance your time. So how do we make sure our kids are having fun and are safe while we take care of business? HomeBizWomen.com has a number of suggestions which they say are especially helpful for businesswomen.

One of the first suggestions is to try to organize a “babysitting swap” in your neighborhood. Chances are that there are other parents in your area who are facing the same dilemma. If each family could take turns being a “designated sitter”, you would be able to take care of your business needs while ensuring your child is in a trusted and safe environment.

You may also want to look into summer day camps for children. Not only do these camps provide great fun for kids, but they also allow for you to focus on work during the day. As HomeBizWomen.com points out, this tip helps to keep your children’s minds “fresh” as they engage in a variety of artistic and athletic activities.

Another bright idea may be to contact a local high school or college to let them know that you are looking for an intern. The website insists that someone majoring in early childhood education would likely be very happy to watch your children. They could work in exchange for valuable experience while you handle the tasks of your job as an entrepreneur.

Is there any way to get your kids involved with your business? Depending on their ages, of course, having them help you with work may be your best bet. As HomeBizWomen.com writes, “you can assign them various business tasks that are within their capacity to complete successfully. This can be great fun for kids and will help give them an understanding of business and increase their self esteem.”

We know that the summer time can present many challenges for parents, especially those who run their own businesses. There are, however, a number of ways to either work around this…or work with it! It’s all about finding a good balance between running a good business and being a great parent. We know you can do it. Good luck!

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