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Talking About Your Perfect Marketing Strategy

Posted in Promotional Products on 13.12.13 by John Meloche

Call centre agents at work and smilingAt Synergy Marketing, we certainly enjoy a good chat. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps spend a great deal of time on the phones each day hamming it up with business owners from all across Canada. We have a pretty energetic group in our offices, and that ensures that the work space is always buzzing. These chats, by the way, are more than your average talks about business.

They are business-boosting ventures that we have proudly made part of the Synergy Marketing fabric. Our goal is to assist business owners from all across Canada to achieve higher levels of success than they did before they engaged in those conversations with our team. From experience, we know that the marketing strategy promoted by our company works.

Cost-effective. Promotional products are cheaper than your average marketing strategy. Not necessarily the most important aspect of what we do, the fact that it costs business owners a lot less to invest in our promo gifts than other promotional ideas is one that generally sparks their interest. Consider the fact that television commercials, radio spots and print ads can all cost a bundle.

These age-old methods may still be in use by big name companies, but are they the right choices for small and medium-sized businesses? Such advertising would simply get lost in the mix. The return on the sizeable investment would not be worth it. And that’s not just us saying so. Our daily conversations with business owners across the country have affirmed this stance for us.

Long-term Benefits. Promo gifts, on the other hand, have long-lasting effects. Firstly, they present a generous gesture that is not soon forgotten. Who doesn’t like getting something for free? When customers get promo gifts, they are getting useful items that cost them nothing. This adds value to the experience they have shopping at your store or doing business with your brand.

This helps to encourage them to become loyal customers. Often, this turns into referrals. Your promotional gift costs you less than the average commercial, but gives your business the chance to add value, garner loyal customers and encourage referrals. Consider, as well, the functionality of your promo gifts. They actually do something! 30-second TV ads , these are not!

Handy and Useful. Pens, mugs, calendars, key chains, sunglasses, rulers, markers and so much more – our promotional products are items that can be used on a daily basis. What that means is that they serve as daily reminders about your business. Every time they are used, they remind your customer about where to shop or about where to get the services that they need. The value they provide your business is truly far-reaching.

Every business is different. And therefore, getting the right promotional gift to promote your specific business is an important step to take in your marketing efforts. As you may have guessed, the members of our sales staff would love to speak with you about your choices. They’re always up for a call. Simply dial 1-877-748-9884 to speak with one of our reps today!

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