29 Nov

Tapped Out Tuesday?

Posted in News on 29.11.11 by John Meloche

With yesterday being Cyber Monday, there were certainly a lot more people sitting in front of their computers than normal. Not that using a computer isn’t already a widely-popular activity, but the savings to be had by shopping online yesterday was well worth the extra time in front of the monitor.

Cyber Monday – the Monday immediately following Black Friday every year – is a day when consumers can avoid long line ups and simply go online to shop and take advantage of significant savings. Participation in these festivities is widespread, as both Canadians and Americans have been known to take advantage.

With Black Friday traditionally being an American tradition, many Canadians feel compelled to have to cross the border to save on some of the hottest products available. On Cyber Monday, however, one needs not leave the comfort of his or her own home. But where can the best online deals be found?

This past Sunday, Dana Flavelle published an article on Moneyville.ca that questioned whether or not American retailers were providing better deals than their Canadian counterparts. Wrote Flavelle: “A pair of triple button Ugg boots for just $209 at a U.S. online retailer looks like a better deal than the $285 price tag on Ugg’s Canadian website.”

Meanwhile, once the duties, shipping and brokering fees were added, the U.S. retailer was found to have the higher price. $309.49, to be exact. It should go without saying then, that Canadian shoppers should definitely not be too hasty when making purchases from an American website.

Comparing prices and taking into consideration taxes as well as shipping and handling fees should definitely be part of the Cyber Monday spending process. If not, it’s possible you may not be saving so much after all. Flavelle reveals that a visit to BingShopping.ca will help online shoppers to compare prices from various websites.

She also notes that recent surveys have concluded that at least of half of Canadians will likely do some of their holiday shopping online. Cyber Monday, as we know it, essentially marks the beginning of the online shopping frenzy that is associated with the long line ups and huge crowds found during Black Friday events.

Flavelle writes that “Cyber Monday sales last year topped $1 billion across North America for the first time, a 16 per cent increase over the previous year.” And according to ClearlyContacts.ca, an estimated 80 per cent of Canadian online retailers planned to participate in the event this year.

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