25 Jan

The Dos And Don'ts Of Advertising

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 25.01.10 by John Meloche

As is common practice around here, we advocate good advertising strategies. A well-planned marketing strategy can mean the difference between a company's success and demise. Our promo items are, of course, a major part of what we consider effective and cost-efficient marketing. But there are obviously many more aspects to ensuring that you are promoting your business well.

But don't just take our word for it. California business lawyer, Steven E. Springer offers up a number of ?Dos And Don'ts? that can help business owners thrive in their respective market places. Just as importantly, these guidelines can help keep an entrepreneur out of legal hot water!

In an online article, Springer insists that resisting the temptation to falsely advertise or make claims that cannot be met is the first way to avoid legal trouble. Clearly, it is important to stand out and look superior to your competition. However, it is imperative that your product and/or services can actually live up to their billings.

In one of ?The Dos? that Springer outlines, he reiterates this point. He writes: ?DO your homework: if you claim your product is the 'fastest,' the 'cheapest,' the 'newest,' or anything like that, do your research before making the claim so that you know it is true.? Firstly, this will ensure that you are not making a false claim about your product. Losing the public's trust ? especially before you have even gained it ? can spell disaster for your company.

In addition, false advertising can mean legal ramifications brought on by dissatisfied and mislead customers. Springer also writes: ?DO plan ahead. Develop a budget for marketing that you are willing and able to stick to. Be prepared to spend money to market your product, but know your financial limitations and avoid over-extending your pocketbook.?

This cannot be stressed enough. Surely, all business owners want to be as successful as possible. But setting unattainable goals due to a lack of budget will usually only lead to a tapped out bank account and unsellable inventory. One of Synergy's primary goals is to assist businesses with the marketing of their brands through cost-efficient resources.

Not only do we recommend finding a source of marketing that suits your business, but we advocate ensuring that the advertising costs are manageable. A reminder, of course, that your advertising, no matter what you spend on it, should remain truthful.

One of Springer's ?Don'ts?: ?DON'T advertise in a misleading or deceptive manner. Consumer protection statutes in every state protect against these types of actions and if you are caught attempting to deceive consumers the punishment can be more than monetary — your business reputation will also suffer.?

Of course, it is important to believe in your product. Keep in mind that if you truly stand behind your company and what it can offer the public, you will not need to bend the truth. Focus on who your product is truly intended for and do your best to ensure that their needs are met in ways that no other company can.

Just as Springer says, ?DON'T fail to appreciate your target audience when seeking to market and advertise your products and services.?

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