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The Four Categories Of Cash-Strapped Caring

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 14.12.12 by John Meloche

Yesterday, we offered a number of suggestions (as we often like to do in our blogs) on ways that people can provide some of the sweetest possible gifts this holiday season, without spending a lot of money. Sentimental value goes a long way when thinking of the perfect money-saving presents. It’s all about showing how much you care, even though you’re strapped for cash.

MoneyUnder30.com agrees completely. On the site, Amber Gilstrap writes that there are four categories of inexpensive gifts that people will actually want. The tie that binds them? They each carry strong sentimental value. The categories are Thoughtful Gifts, Handmade Gifts, Experiences and Love & Friendship.

Sound cheesy yet? You won’t think so when you see the looks on the faces of the recipients who receive gifts from these categories this holiday season. And if you’re looking to not go broke this year, the following suggestions may be well worth it to you. Let’s start off with the first category, shall we?

According to Gilstrap, “Thoughtful Gifts” are tailored to the receiver and can be just about anything that you feel the recipient needs or will make their life easier. This usually entails providing a gift that is specific to the needs, talents or interests of the recipient. They can be small, but still show that you have truly paid attention to what means the most to them.

Among Gilstrap’s suggestions are “an assortment of spices for a cooking enthusiast… fishing or hunting accessories for the outdoorsy people in your life, notebooks and pens for the aspiring writer, resume or job hunting self-help books for the recent college-grad, a scrapbook for a close friend (or a) fashion magazine subscription for the budding fashionista.”

“Handmade Gifts” are best left to the crafty types. But if you’re not much of an artist, Gilstrap recommends looking into Etsy or Pinterest. Etsy is an online entity that allows artists to sell their homemade creations via the internet. Naturally, these items will be one-of-a-kind and may hopefully mean a lot to your recipient.

Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their “online pinboard”. Gilstrap writes that you can find countless tutorials on how to make a variety of gifts including wall hangings, decorations such as wreaths and even desserts.

Presents don’t always have to be objects. Some of the best gifts are “Experiences”, Gilstrap notes of the third category. Babysitting for a friend, cooking a special dinner or going to gym classes with someone who may need the encouragement – these gifts all fall under this category. Just being with those you love doing just about anything falls under the “Love & Friendship” category. This way, you don’t need to spend any money at all.

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