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Timeless Tips For Boosting Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 30.03.12 by John Meloche

In yesterday’s blog, we took a look at a Seth Godin article from OpenForum.com. In it, he lists a number of super simple ways that entrepreneurs can grow their businesses. Now, we’ve written about such advice in numerous blogs before. But this particular list highlights some simple tasks that we can all implement in order to be more innovative in our approaches to building business.

Keep a journal. This is an interesting practice that Godin believes will help business owners track their progress. He writes that they should “write down every single thing you do in a day to get new business (and) watch the list grow daily.” Hopefully, this will encourage you to grow the size of that list so you can officially document the growth of your company.

Do something remarkable. These days, people enjoy talking about things that they saw that “wowed” them online. If you can get people talking about you, the news will spread quickly. Especially with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter being used to disseminate news on a regular basis, you will want people on these sites to plug your company.

Ask for the order. In other words, don’t wait to drum up business if you can get it now. Don’t be afraid to ask clients if you can start on their jobs right away instead of putting them off for a month. Be sure that it is okay with your client to begin the work. Don’t assume it isn’t without asking.

Partner. There’s nothing wrong with working with a strong team. In fact, it’s practically mandatory. If you can find a business that will cross-promote with you, you will be able to increase your company’s reach without having to spend any extra money. It’s the old “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” theory. And it works!

Treat different customers differently. Contrary to popular belief, Godin writes that not everyone is created equally. In other words, some customers are simply bound to bring you more business than others. He writes that you should “pamper” and “cajole” your frequent visitors so that they know they are appreciated.

Monitor your drop offs. Keeping the last tip in mind, you also want to be mindful of the last time your customers bought from you. According to Godin, if you notice a “rhythm change”, it may be good idea to call that long lost customer to check in with him or her. Show your concern and be genuine. But do your due diligence in ensuring that you haven’t lost a customer.

Don’t panic. Writes Godin: “People need you. They believe in you. They want you to succeed. You’ve already cut your costs, you’re here for the long haul. Be bold, but don’t be obnoxious.” Hopefully, these simple tips will help you grow your business by becoming more innovative – not to mention, interactive with your client base.

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