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True Success Is Found In Happiness

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.09.12 by John Meloche

Here’s an understatement for you: it’s important to be happy. Why would you do something if it didn’t make you happy, right? But, do you ever bump into friends, ask them how they’re doing and hear “same thing, different day” as a response? We feel sorry for those kinds of people. Who can live such a monotonous life?

At Synergy Marketing, we strive to be innovative so that our customers can experience different things on different days. In other words, we work to make sure that with a growing client base, each of our own clients may experience a new and recharged energy and sense of excitement when they go to work each day.

How can you tell when things are going well? Of course, you can look at your bottom line. If you’re turning a profit, then things must be good, right? But how do you FEEL about the work you do? Does it bring you joy? Or is it a nuisance to get up to go to work every morning?

On BeingABusinessCelebrity.com, Lucy Whittington writes that you really know that you are “doing your thing” when you are experiencing some tell-tale signs. We’d like to explore these signs in today’s blog. Because if you’re not feeling any of these signs, it’s time for you to change the thing you’re doing!

You’re excited! Do you love waking up in the morning knowing what you have in front of you each day? If you look forward to the “work” you have to do, it won’t feel like it is work at all! When you are excited about the work you do, you will excite those around you. Your work shouldn’t feel like work. It should feel your gateway to greater success and happiness.

You miss it. Do you ever feel a sense of loss or longing when you are not working? We all need vacations. And there is always a reason to take a break. Refocusing, recharging and relaxing are all important. But when you miss what it is you do, you know you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing in your career.

You want to tell everyone about it. “When you’re doing your thing, you can’t help yourself,” writes Whittington. Your blogger knows about this all too-well. A self-admitted blabbermouth, your blogger sure can talk up a storm about his business exploits. That doesn’t mean bragging is recommended.

But encouraging others to follow their dreams because you know how happy it makes you to do the same can be very inspiring to other like-minded entrepreneurs. Sometimes, your story is all that may be needed to push someone in the right direction. Moreover, talking about your business will remind you of your accomplishments and motivate you to continue moving forward.

We’ll conclude our look at these tell-tale signs that you’re “doing your thing” in tomorrow’s blog.

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