28 Jun

Utilizing Your All-In-One Communication Tool

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.06.12 by John Meloche

All week long, we’ve been blogging about Facebook. And why not? Everyone seems to be on Facebook. And those who log on usually log on each and every day – and several times a day, at that. Just why is this social media platform so popular? It’s all about connections, says our staff.

“Facebook is kind of an all-in-one communication tool,” explained one of our team members this week, “It’s an email service because it lets you send direct messages to friends. It’s a photo album. It’s a video blog. When it comes to social media, there isn’t much that Facebook doesn’t let you do.”

Considering this take on the social media platform, it’s hard to come up with reasons to not use it to promote your business. However, it must be underlined that there are right ways and wrong ways to use it. If every post is a blatant advertisement, followers may be turned off. So let’s focus on the right ways to use Facebook to your advantage.

We have been looking at a Business2Community.com article by Susan Payton this week to help us reiterate the benefits of Facebook. In it, Payton lists a number of ways that business owners can help to build trust with their followers. This takes time, but there are some specific ways to accomplish this.

Post links to relevant content. On our Facebook page, we post updates about industry-related news. For example, last week we posted a photo detailing the “evolution of pads” which included Moses (with the Ten Commandments) and Steve Jobs (with the iPad). This humorous look at the growth of technology over time was our way of engaging followers into a fun thought-provoking conversation.

Respond to followers’ questions and conversations. And this would be the whole point, right? Whenever we get a question through Facebook, we’re sure to answer it. After all, as our team member mentioned, Facebook is a way to communicate much like email. It’s also important to respond to what other people post. Your comments on their pages, after all, provides links to your page!

Photos. Earlier this week, we posted a photo of Synergy Marketing VP John Meloche’s car getting washed. The headline read “Support worthy causes!”. John was getting his car washed by those looking to raise charitable funds. This picture doesn’t just reflect kindly upon our business, but even more importantly, it showcases the support we have for our community members.

We also went so far as to post a picture of an ivy-covered van that advertised a company that we are not even affiliated with. We had to give credit where credit was due. The caption here read “Now that’s marketing!”. Be sure to read tomorrow’s blog as we conclude this week’s theme of advertising your business on Facebook.

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