21 Jun

Welcome Summer

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 21.06.10 by John Meloche

Welcome back to the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog! Today is the first official day of summer even though a number of record-setting hot days going back into May, has made it feel like the summer has already hit many parts of Canada.

As always, we're here to help you and your business continue to promote year round. But there's no time like the summer to get your name out there. In previous blogs, we've suggested everything from outdoor events and barbeques to contests and special giveaways as methods that business owners can use if they are looking to make a mark this summer season.

Now, it's up to you. Take advantage of the awesome weather that the summer has to offer you and get cracking on those new ideas you have to grow your businesses. Here, at Synergy we are always excited to talk to business owners about their ideas about how to use their promotional gifts in the summer time to expand their reaches.

Golf tournaments. This is one of the biggest and best ideas that we've come across. Even if you don't plan on hosting one yourself, business owners love gathering at these events to mix and mingle…and, of course, play a few rounds with fellow associates in their line of work.

Of course, Synergy has a wide range of golf-related promotional gifts that work amazingly at these tournaments. Our happy clients often comment about how much more effective a leather fanny pack or gold divot repair tool is than a standard business card at these special events. Looking to leave a lasting impression at golf tournaments this summer? Be sure to check out the ?Golf? section on our products page.

Naturally, the summer is a great time to get acquainted with the great outdoors. Often, people take the opportunity to workout by going for a run when the weather is warm. Those who enjoy excersizing are pretty much guaranteed to have a water bottle nearby to keep themselves hydrated.

One of our most popular items, as of late, has been our resuable water bottles. These gifts are not only useful and well crafted but also work towards saving the environment from the pollution caused by the non-recycled bottles of water commonly sold in stores.

Promote your business while saving the environment. These bottles come with your company name and contact info in addition to a special slogan to let your clients know you care. Give us a call to get yours. And have a great start to your summer!

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